Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I LEFT MY COMPANIONS AT OAK FLATS TO TRAVEL ALONE FOR AWHILE----An amazing experience to be adrift alone in the world---without destination. If I wished, I could go to Alaska----or Mexico. I feel a pang of emptiness as I leave but I've done this enough to know some good reasons for doing so: To reacquaint myself with serendippity ---garner new experiences---challenge my courage---look into myself---embrace responsibility---wake up creativity. Thoreau understood: "a reason to get together is to share experiences----a reason to separate is to get some new experiences to share." On a whim, I decide to visit the old mining town of Miami, Az---a shell of its former bustling self--abandoned by all but the elderly and the visionless. A shrinking town is like a sinking ship---best to abandon it. I've seen lots of them---Modina, Utah (wrote a poem about that one)---Helper, Utah---Vaughn, New Mexico----Corona, NM.

Look what I found in an alley--a classic RV---an ULTRAVAN--a miracle for its day--weighed only 3000 pounds--powered by a corvair engine--aircraft construction-had no frame-manufactured in Witchita, Kansas--got 20 mpg. There are about 50 of them left.

I know all this because I almost bought one. Something like this is the future of RV ing.

Some are trying to reinvent the town as an antique mecca.

like this guy selling Indian artifacts.

I travel on---settling at a casino outside Globe, Az----So happy for the emptiness that I stayed two days savoring it.

A "posse" of Porsches? Rolled in for the night---turns out they do this periodically to celebrate their cars and themselves for owning so fine a vehicle.

Walked around an RV park----these folks paid money to plug in to electricity. If you find yourself yearning for an RV like this---better re consider---they are a major pain in the ass---they in fact own their owners---are horrifically expensive to own and maintain. I have a friend with one this size---he is selling it and building himself a small cargo trailer to camp in.

Walked the area a bit---enjoying the sunset--

I noticed this as darkness fell---will investigate tomorrow.

Aaahhh yes---Geronimo, I presume. Beautifully done statue.

I moved on to Safford, Az---changed oil--stayed 2 nights at Walmart---walked the town--got hot---checked the map for an accessible mountain. I need to get UP to get cool. Luckily, just outside town is Mt Graham---11,000 ft--and a road up it.

I drive up, up, up, till I feel cool---and settle in---at about 7000 ft elevation. Find a great place to park---even have internet service here. This fine road and the trails and campgrounds furnished courtesy the CCC in the 1930's.

And it's free---can you believe it?

I settle in for the better part of a week---hiking and just sitting with my feet in a cool mountain stream

One day folks came with two horses and two mules--stayed the night--rode the trails and drove away next day

Another day I detached and drove further up. There are houses and people up here.

And heroes----this guy rode up 9000 ft to this point and was on his way to the top. I stand in awe of great bicyclist.

Hot down there in the valley.----chilly here. Air cools about 4 degrees per 1000 feet you climb. I've wondered if an insulated pipeline could draw this cool air down to the city and cool a large portion of it--naturally.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: I URGE EVERYONE TO LIVE THE LIFE THEY HAVE IMAGINED! ( Thoreau) I believe it is the best way to be content--and ironically to contribute.

(and "all you ever wanted to do was contribute"---Werner Erhard )

I think I'm ready to share my take on the Meaning of Life.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


"TIME IS THE STREAM I GO FISHING IN" (THOREAU)----"TIME IS NOT MONEY---TIME IS EVERYTHING" (PAUL STYLES)Per some readers' requests---- Here's a couple of my days compressed. From the Lone Butte casino parking lot where I slept, parked among 15 others--I wake--make coffee (decaf), recruit a walking companion. We will walk the reservation fields. This spot is exactly where Phoenix ends and Indian land begins. To the left is a freeway.

Was glad to learn that this is reclaimed water put to good use. Briefly engaged the farmer who was very proud of his crop---a tad defensive of reservation land--but we charmed him with our listening skills.

Hay bales fascinate me---I've always wanted to stack myself a house and live cozily inside with the aroma. Once near El Centro, Ca I saw a guy do just that. These bales weigh 500 lbs each--alfafa.

Luke digs like mad for the rabbit--but he's wasting his time.

A Series of abandoned buildings to investigate. I love piecing together the story from the debris.

Back at the parking lot I notice this----Am I in the mood to engage a believer?--(one of my hobbies) welllll----yes. Here goes---

An hour later---we have "done the dance" ----a familiar whirl for me---but for this nice man from Holland ---a first. Most believers of whatever stripe rarely get to confront the "enemy"----a reverse missionary---someone trying to better the world by diminishing belief in religion. I offered those two books: LETTER TO A CHRISTIAN NATION and THE END OF FAITH--both by Sam Harris--for his consideration. To my surprise he took the former and read it overnight.

Next morning I think I detected a thoughtful soberness. I have no qualms about delivering the message of healthy doubt and skepticism to believers. (I believe everyone should question his indoctrination) Wanna know how I confront believers? click on this:

The genteman and his wife---nice people. We parted on a friendly note. Not always possible when "doing my work".

In the afternoon we took a short drive to witness this. The real thing still rolling.

Saw this on a shopping trip--Of course I had to stop and challenge them.

Turns out they are Catholics on a crusade. They are picketing a planned parenthood clinic---opposed to BIRTH CONTROL as well as ABORTION. Wow---do I need to say more about the damage that religion causes. Some of you may remember when I got serious into the face of these "believers":

Chatted briefly with this guy--long enough to remind him of the harm of an overpopulated world and unwanted babies. (It was as useless as urinating on a turtle)

It was hot---3 of us "saddled up" and headed for the cool mountains. Ahead are the infamous Superstitions.

We stop to experience an abandoned tunnel---wonderfully cool inside.

Beyond the old mining town of Superior, Az we arrive at the terrific campground of Oak flats---5000 ft elevation ---16 degrees cooler than Phoenix.

I wander around--meeting my neighbors---this couple from Canada. Their rig is unique--- home- built on the body of a minivan. (17 mpg) lovely inside.

I sense a story here!

Sure enough---I've met another vagabond poet. Has written hundreds of poems. Shared a few with me. Has wife and kids but gets away occasionally for solitary travel and inspiration.

He sleeps here. Stashes his stuff in cardboard boxes. A poignant reminder of the appeal of the open road experience----people will make do with scant accomodations to be "out here" adventuring.
POSTSCRIPT: Hopefully this will give you some idea of my unpredictable days. I stayed a few days in this campground with my friends, then detached to do some solitary wandering. Will pick up on that story next. I've not forgotten my promised essays on How I got to be this way and my guess at the meaning of life. They are simmering in my brain.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


1. We need him. He is the best congressional spokesman for the sensible single payer health care system. He has the cajones (pun intended) to stand up to the greedy health care moguls who are bankrupting the nation and call for a sensible comprehensive system--like Australia and other civlized countries.

2. He has injured no one (except possibly his wife) and has broken no laws. (a frank conversation with an intelligent --open-minded partner--would likely clear the matter up quickly)

3. What he's done is not perverted or wierd. He is seeking sexual gratification electronically---a new and wonderfully diverse addition to the sensual spectrum.

4. This is a seminal moment for America to move beyond its hipocritical naivete about male sexual wiring. Consider this fragment from one of my longer poems entitled WHAT EVERY MARTIAN NEEDS TO KNOW:

Men---like mighty studs and stallions
Have an inborn driving need
to charm a lot of maidens
and scatter lots of seeds.

But these ladies here from Venus
have a different agenda.
They only want a single mate
and a cozy hacienda.

So love and sex are apples and oranges
to us Martian males,
but women won't have them separately;
they insist on fruit coctail.

Nature has thrown us a cross-purpose curve;
the solution's still in doubt.
Couple's must find a way to work
this contradiction out.

5. And Modern--intelligent couples are doing just that: finding a way to work the contradiction out. Hillary Clinton is seemingly at peace with Bill's nature. It is not unthinkable that Mrs Weiner could come to terms with Anthony's little hobby.

6. A really bright female that I consulted this afternoon offered this insight: We don't really know the true nature of unfettered, unscripted female sexuality. Once freed of irrational social custom, the two sexes may find that their sex drives are ballpark-compatable.
She added: Custom constriction causes unmet needs---which cause apetite distortions---like promiscuity, perversion and prudishness.

7. Weiner's photos and e-mails are not out of the ballpark. I suspect that none of the people nagging him to resign could withstand sudden exposure of their predilections. Really wonderful people have had sexual tastes contrary to the conventional norm----Benjamin Franklin---Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy, Leonardo Da Vinci and a thousand others you admire.

8. What we need is to stop damaging our childrens natural impulses by unreasonable social
custom and shame. Unmet needs and raging frustration have headline-making consequences.

9. Early polling suggest that the majority of his constituents do not want him to resign. I'm hoping he rides this out---like Barney Frank did and even David Vitter from Louisiana.

10. I dare any woman in America to learn how the reindeer herds in Lapland were made tame (hint: they consistently killed off the feisty ones)----and to ask themselves if they really want tame leadership. Smart women will work with us to remove the shame---diminish the need to lie and preserve the glory of feisty "REINDEER".

Thanks for listening---wanted to get this off my chest.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Three readers of my last post have asked that I detail my living expenses for a month----because 4 to 600 dollars a month seems ridiculously cheap. So --OK--here goes---as best I can calculate.
Satellite TV programming----------------------27.00
Satellite radio-------------------------------13.00
Cell Phone-----------------------------------25.00
Park camping pass (amortized)----------17.00


I'm fortunate that I don't have to live this frugally---It's just that I can---while enjoying most of the amenities of modern life. I'm also fortunate not to have medical cost: (VA)

The lesson I hope these numbers impart is that it is now possible for millions to live the fantasy life. That millions are needlessly working-----they have enough money now---and don't realize it.
I also hope these numbers prove that it is the cost of HOUSING that is impoverishing America.
(here's my rant on that subject written years ago

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: Across America, I see BUTTERFLY SOULS-- fully morphed, wings spread, capable of flight----feeling the call of open skies----YET STUCK---in houses, jobs, conventionality, fear, dead relationships, old habits, crazy religion! I say to you all: "Come--travel with me---however sweet these laid up stores, however convenient this dwelling---We cannot remain here. However calm these waters, however secure this harbor---we must not anchor here. Together, the inducements shall seem greater---We shall sail wild and pathless seas---We will go where the winds blow, waves dash---and the Yankee Clipper speeds by under full sail.
Forward---after the great companions---and to belong to them---they too are ON THE ROAD. Onward---to that which is endless---as it was beginningless. To undergo much--tramps of days and rests of nights. To see nothing anywhere, but what you can reach it--and pass it. To look up or down no road--but it stretches and waits for you. To know the universe itself as a road---as many roads---as roads for TRAVELING SOULS." (Walt Whitman)

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


When citizens come to their senses---literally---we will begin to live like this:
1. The burden of food, clothing, shelter will be reduced to insignificance.
2. We will have all the free time we want;
3. All the adventure we can generate;
4. All the companionship we can attract;
5. Enjoy the weather we prefer almost all the time;
6. Live ridiculously cheap;
7. Move to new and interesting places whenever we choose;
8. Enjoy the full range of electronic connectedness;
9. Powering our lifestyle with the sun;
10. Free from most of the tedious distractions to discovering WHO WE REALLY ARE--WHAT WE WANT AND WHAT WE WISH TO SHARE WITH OTHERS.

Thousands already enjoy such a lifestyle and you probably can too. Here's how:
a. Arrange for an income stream of at least $600 a month. (some do it on $400)
b. Buy or build some kind of mobile domicile. (At a minimum, your car and a tent will suffice. A trailer or motor home is super luxurious)
c. Purchase a New Mexico parks pass ($225 per year) and enjoy any or all of 31 lovely campgrounds---scattered statewide---with amenities such as hot showers etc. (google New Mexico State Parks pass for details)

I found some of those thousands here at my first stop---City of Rocks State Park between Deming and Silver City.

Settling in among the stonehenge-like rocks for 10 days.

Trails everywhere---

And then one day I had a visitor:

Meet Glenn---Musician, Philosopher, Adventurer and fellow blogger. This is one terrific guy--If ever I were to envy anyone--it would be him. Check out his blog:

And then a phlock of Philosopher/Adventurer friends joined me for several hours of wonderful conversation. I believe everyone really wants to engage in- depth on meaningful subjects. Most have simply never tried. What we talk about is WHAT IS THE GOOD LIFE and how to achieve it.

And when they left -- Lucas came to visit me. My cup runneth over!

Then---moving on to Caballo state Park---settling alongside Caballo lake.

Then to this strange place----White Sands National Monument. That's pure white gypsum you're seeing--not conventional sand. Lucas came along---loved playing in the sand.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: New Mexico is leading the way for other states with its park pass system and in so doing is facilitating a new lifestyle. Slowly, slowly, it is dawning on folks that what they really want is sufficiency, freedom, simplicity and society----and all that---can be had for a pittance.

Slowly, slowly people are understanding that a house is a trap----a life squeezing, immobilizing trap that cost too much time and money. At our core, we are spiritual beings and nothing material CAN satisfy us. The "good stuff" and the good life are intangibles: a free and inquiring mind, the affection of others, learning, sharing, experiencing.

Myself and my fellow travelers are living proof that you need not live immobilized, in debt or in drudgery.

"Come---travel with us--together the inducements shall seem greater" (Whitman)