Thursday, June 15, 2017



People kept rolling in to join us in this free camping place.

for a morning philosophical discussion,

to  practice their flute playing

or create an impromptu band,

or help me put a hitch on my van,

or take a morning walk

to the very top of a nearby hill

Or take an archery lesson from Tracy

who is obviously very good at it.

As is Stephen with his air rifle.

One day we threw a pot luck.

Two nights CB hosted an outdoor movie.

Often we show each other our lifestyles techniques. Meet JR, a very efficient traveler

living very comfortably in this well engineered space; says he does not want anything bigger; feels splendidly free to move about the country.

One night we all went to open mike night at a comedy club.  That handsome performer is none other than CB our host with the most.

And to my utter amazement, that is our very own Debora on stage amusing the crowd.

Afterwards we went dancing.  Here's Laurie and Debora rocking the house.

And then one night we went to a poetry slam.
Here's Tracy reading her work.
And when the judging was over, this old man was declared the winner from a field of 12, 
performing his origional poems THE DANCE OF TESTOSTERONE and THE DANCE OF ESTROGEN.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  OH SWEET PEOPLE--HAVE I PERSUADED YOU THAT YOU TOO CAN  ESCAPE DRUDGERY AND DEBT TO LIVE A BETTER LIFE.  Freedom is possible and friends are available to play with.  If you have an income stream of $600 a month,  a paid-for car, some imagination and a bit of courage you can join the million of us already on the road enjoying the free life.  Mobile tribes are different from other tribes in their transitoriness.  They appear and disappear like whirlwinds but oh what a whirl.  For a period of time "mobilites" leave their solitude to :draw near to their fellows
engage at a more intimate level
play with more gusto
show their best selves
align their energies with others

Thursday, June 08, 2017


WHEREVER I CAMP---VERY QUICKLY--BECOMES THE CENTER OF MY WORLD.  Here is a particularly lovely, remote and somewhat mysterious campsite in the national forest of the highlands of Arizona.  When the temps reached 90's in Cottonwood, we hitched up and climbed up, up, up till we reached 6,500 ft elevation and a wonderfully cool environment.  So easy for us mobile people!  (we are keenly aware that "for every thousand feet you climb--4 degrees are left behind.  Keep on climbing and it for sure you'll reach the perfect temperture')
At first it's just CB and I

We invited more and more of our friends to join us,

and soon we  were a dozen strong temporary tribe.

Then one day these guys showed up nearby---assembling about fifty of these strange carts.  Can you guess what this was all about?

I knew instantly because I had pulled one  of them some years ago in Wyoming.

Soon, about 400 people showed up, most of them teenagers, camping in a nearby meadow. They are here to reenact a famous event in Mormon History:  the trek of the Mormon Handcart Pioneers.

It looked something like this as a caravan of approximately 100 carts traveled together.

About 3000 people in separate caravans of about a hundred carts made their way from Iowa or Nebraska (where the railroad ended) to Salt Lake City--a distance of about 1300 miles.  Hardships and bitter weather killed a few hundred.  Read about it here.

Each cart was pushed and pulled by a team of people.  Each individual ws allowed 17 pounds of personal stuff. The carts carried about 250 pounds each but were capable of 500 lbs when necessary.
I ran alongside several wagons asking questions like WHERE YA GOING?  They would answer: "Home" or "Salt Lake".  One group let me help push the cart.  I think these reenactors traveled about 25 miles.  (It cost $30,000 to pull it off---and they do it every 4 yrs)  

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  The Mormons  added interest to our stay here---2 weeks. 
Additionally we twice loaded up a group and went to town and did a bold thing--which I'll detail in a separate post.
Most people know nothing about Mormonism but I have made a point of studying this strange religion.  The strangest thing about it is that it is a scientifically provable fraud dreamed up by Josep Smith in the 1830's BUT DESPITE THIS, A STRONG VIABLE CULTURE HAS BUILT UP AROUND IT.  It claims 15 million members but experts suspect that only about 5 million take it seriously.  Twice I have addressed ex-Mormon groups in Utah.  Ex Mormons get together and discuss the harm of being indoctrinated in it--how it damages their lives and how happy they are to have escaped. The groups call themselves simply LDX. 
To see the scientific evidence that Mormonism is a giant fraud click here .
To educate yourself on the subject click here
To be honest with you, I believe the religion I was brought up in -Southern Baptist- is also a giant fraud.