Saturday, May 04, 2019


FROM THE MOUNTAINTOP---where our little group was camping---
about 60 miles north of Phoenix, I drove down to the VA Hospital and signed in for a knee replacement operation. Parking my trailer and van in their parking lot, ( thanks to their Police department)
On the morning of 4/8/19 this was done to my right knee.  Of course I don't remember a thing.  Within 30 hours, 4 fellow patients who also had this operation had gone home.  You see, they had a home to go to---but my "home" was in the parking lot and it was much too hot to recuperate out there.  So they placed me in an air conditioned ward for 2 weeks while I got used to having a titanium knee.  The first week was a booger--but the pain was managed with pills and physical therapist soon had me up and walking.

Then--to my amaement--I drove to Cottonwood, Ariona settling in with my friends near a RC model airfield.
Here we are all gathered for our morning meeting under this tree.  We have focused sessious and terrific discussious about meaningful topics.  We also "check in" on what is on our individual minds.
Sweet people you are looking at the critical difference between meaningful and meaningless travel.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIES:  I'm now almost completely healed---pain free and ready to plan an interesting summer.  I hope you already appreciate the wonders of modern medicine.