Wednesday, February 13, 2019


For 17 weeks now--in 5 different locations we have camped together enjoying the comfort, interests and fun that it provides.  We intend to continue on into the indefinite future.
Our goal is to create a culture out of our day to day experiences---a pattern of association that makes camping together fun, useful and repeatable by others.  A written version of our discoveries will be provided for others to consider.  Our founding fathers invented a new pattern of association for the separate states (the constitution) and we aspire to invent a new pattern of association for the million full timers on Americas highways.  Here's how it took shape{

From a sizable group of our friends at a major encampment,

 30 or so went with us to the Slabs again..  
Here we are on Super Bowl Sunday.
Had a great time--threw another dance party later.

About 25 of us decided to get serious about our new idea--moved to Yuma, Az and established camp near the American Girl Mine.  One of our people wrote an origional play and directed its performance right here.

The cast takes a bow after a very funny performance.
Another day we visited 2 ghost town--(Tumco and Gold Rock)  Met these guys who wear their political leanings on their flagpole.

In a flashback to January, I post this photo of an accidental meeting I had with this lady who is the central character in the NYT bestseller NOMADLAND and who was destined to help my book sales because she posted one of my poems on her refrigerator and a bit of it made its way into the book without attribution.  My editor caught the oversight and corrected things with the publisher. Future publications will carry my name and book title. (40 Years a Nomad)

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  We are really doing it--we have created a group around the idea of a mobile community with ideas at its heart and music is appreciated.  We are inventing a culture of connection and enrichment; discovering what works to bind individuals together while protecting their privacy and encouraging their aspirations.
Beginning Sat 2/16/19 our next stop will be in the Ajo, Az area: geo coordinates 32.439 and 112.8389
Camping is free--come join us and see what you think.