Monday, May 15, 2017


HAVEN'T POSTED IN A MONTH. Here's what I've been doing:
Tooth troubles drew me back to Yuma and to my Mexican dentist-Dr Rubio and his team. They have worked with me for years to save my teeth.  This visit required some heroism on their part and I'm happy to say that they came through-- and saved a tooth for me. I'll tell the story in a future blogpost.

While in Yuma, I camped as usual in the Paradise Casino parking lot.  That's my trailer across the way on the left.  This gentleman and I had the lot almost to ourselves.  Of course I engaged him. He is an artist, fresh from several months in Baja California.  We had fascinating talks.  He lives in the mountains north of Taos in a cabin.

Here's a sample of his work.  
Headed East, I camped again at  exit 119 near Gila Bend an excellent mid point place to pause and consider my options.  I have no urgency.  

How wonderful to while away a day thinking and walking the very road where Butterfield Stage rumbled by in 1857-1861.
That sign says: Travel caution
Smuggling and Illegal Immigration
May be encountered in this area.
Nearby, a small forest called to me and I went inside.

Try responding to your "calls" sometime and expect as I do to be surprised by something.
This day I am surprised to find baseballs scattered all around on the ground.  Don't know why, but I gathered an armload of them to give away to kids.  (There are plenty left--stop and get yourself some: Left side of the road; southeast side of the forest)
Here's a whopper of a surprise at exit 102: The largest solar power plant in the world.  About 4 square miles and more than a million mirrors. Read about it here.  
Better pictures here
Here's what's amazing about this plant:  IT CONTINUES TO PRODUCE POWER FOR 6 HOURS AFTER THE SUN SETS.

I decided to go to Tucson--for the Folk music festival.  Settled myself at the Desert Diamond Casino.
This pretty lady who lives in that Van rolled in to join us.
She completes a happy trinity.  We have discovered that three people can be very satisfying socially.

At the festival we were mesmerized by this group; The Saguaro Sunset Trio.
After their performance I invited them to be recorded at CB's ROLLCHORDING STUDIO.

Also invited this charming old cowboy singer/songwriter.

The Folk Festival was terrific fun.  Amazingly it is held  in downtown Tucson.
And is free to the public.
Sure enough---on Monday night the Trio shows up at our rigs in the Casino parking lot.

And for several hours they played their hearts out--recording 10 songs for CB to work his audio magic with.  CB's Airstream trailer is sound friendly because of its curved construction.

Next up was the cowboy singer/songwriter and his sidekick.
Check out CB's Rollchording studio here  or or just Google "RollChording". Be sure to click on "WATCH VIDEO".( CB has outdone himself)
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  To be comfortably mobile is wonderful----BUT IT ISN'T ENOUGH!!
YOU'VE GOT TO BECOME A MEANING MAKER or you will descend into depression.
It's easy enough:  You start by surveying your fascinations. (some things fascinate you--some don't)
  I've already covered the subject of how to make meaning:: Click here .
CB has found one of his fascinations:  RECORDING MUSIC.