Wednesday, February 19, 2020


WE BEGAN TO COALESCE IN OCTOBER, reaching full strength around New Years. Scatterpoint is planned for 6 months later or sooner if we feel like it.

Here we are at Earp, California--a lovely free spot just outside Parker, Az. , about mid point in our winter travels.

Headed there, I paused to appreciate these famous guns which mark the entrance to Yuma Proving Grounds where they test parachutes, desert warfare equipment and God knows what else.  Often I have seen dozens of men falling gently to earth.

About 30 miles further North, I found myself right here at game time when my team, LSU was about to play Clemson for the National football championship.  I settled in for the night, focused my TV satellite,  called my relatives in Louisiana to help me celebrate the greatest LSU team ever.  We won a terrific victory.  This was my view the next morning.

Some of our rigs at Earp. (and yes, Wyatt Earp once lived nearby --just after he fled Tombstone, AZ.)

Our rigs parked west of Yuma near American Girl Gold Mine.

Where Shobba and Bill threw a dinner for us featuring Indian food. (terrific)

And where Allen and Julie celebrated their anniversary.

And where C.B. hosted a movie night from the back of his truck.

Superbowl day--gathered for the game.  I won the money pool---$40.
And where we made several trips to Algodones Mexico.
This is the waiting line to get back into the U.S. A passport is usually required.
The waiting time for this line was about 30 minutes.

We moved on to Holtville hot springs---It's a terrific, concrete encased, hot pool--temp carefully regulated and carefully cleaned weekly.  It's located at the left end of this foliage.

Now we are located at the infamous SLAB CITY, CA.  Google it to find out what it's famous for. About 125 people live here full time ---about 500 are here now.  Is this the LAST FREE PLACE ON EARTH? I don't know but it is truly free.  You can come here, pick a spot, build yourself a camp and stay as long as you like.  It is filled with interesting people. 

 Two giant tanks once provided water to this one time marine base.  Now artist regularly display and re-display their work on its walls.----(The tank holds more than a million gallons but has been empty since 1947.)

 Yesterday this frame supported a livable house--carefully engineered and balanced on the tank's edge.  Last night someone firebombed it--the owner was away.

 More artwork on the tanks. Artist often paint over others work to display their own.
A few years ago this entire tank displayed the full spectrum of positions of the Kama Sutra.
If you can't imagine the art, google the name.

And still more artwork.

This is the second tank. An ambitious fellow has claimed it, gathered up a pile of scrap steel and welded up a makeshift stairway up it's 17 foot walls.  I climbed up and had a sentimental look inside.
Curious what's inside?  So was I many years ago!  

Here is the guy who built the stairway.  In polite society he would be a shocker, but here at the Slabs he fits right in.  Note that he wears mouse ears and a tail.  I chatted awhile amiably with him.  That's his trailer behind him that he will fix up for himself.  His girlfriend was nearby in her school bus.
He will build stairs going down into the tank and hopes to gather a community to live inside it.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  OUR PEOPLE ARE SCATTERED IN THREE DIRECTIONS AS OF TODAY: Holtvill hot springs, Slab city, and Fountain of Youth Spa. We will regather in 3 days at Joshua tree national park for a few days then move to Palm Springs then to Borrego Springs and scatter again---perhaps for the summer.  Here is what I have noticed during our winter travels.
  1. That a group of about 20 seems optimal for our purposes.
  2. We are together for the joy of being together; all free to come and go.
  3. Becoming the best of friends by knowing and being known,
  4. Inventing new and interesting ways to accomplish this,
  5. Among which are:  focused, facilitated discussions,
  6. Becoming a facebook group for easy contact and notifications,
  7. Creating an entirely new multifaceted culture
  8. With no fees
  9. And with floating, flexible and voluntary leadership.
  10. With one of our goals to document our learnings for others to use.