Thursday, July 26, 2012



Meet Mary---A professional counselor who'se work takes her region wide---into homes in far flung places---serving people in various states of  need.  She became a treasured friend---helping us navigate cross-cultural  situations:  Accompaning us to an Indian Revival---leading us in a drumming circle--inviting us to her home.  Here she plays the flute in her backyard. (And what a backyard view she has)
Indian families live all along that ridge back there) 

On Mark's birthday she brought gifts for all of us---here presenting me with a native art hiking stick.

Giving lovely jewelry to Laurie, Ginger (and Mark)

On another day, the ladies move through the campground ----rounding up "Kindred Spirits" for an impromptu get together.

Reaching out to our animal friends, Mark and I try to make friends with these wild horses.  The Stallion positioned himself to defend his harem.  We learned that anyone desiring a horse---is welcome to catch one of these and call it his own.  Few bother---because upkeep on a horse is considerable.

Laurie is our boldest "outreacher" ---writing a song for the locals---then performing a concert for them.
Often, I get to hear her creations first.
See her rig--hear her sing--here:
One day we hiked the canyon--all the way to the dam.  See the gushing water--it services downstream farmers in Bluewater village----onetime CARROT CAPITOL of the US-----till Uranium was discovered herebouts.
I engaged this guy in Grants, NM---hoping for a story.  Sure enough he lives in his car since he lost his electricans job.
Showed me how he stretches out catycornered to sleep. (His accomodations would be much roomier if he would stash that seat somewhere)  --He said yes---he'd thought of that.   Was a bit dispirited---I got my maps out and showed him places to camp--escaping summer heat--and winter's chill.  He seemed appreciative---taking notes.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  I'M CONVINCED THE GOOD LIFE INVOLVES "KNOTTING UP" AS WELL AS SPREADING OUT.  Our group has now moved on from Bluewater--to Albuquerque--to Santa Fe and are now "knotted up" at Lake Heron, NM.  Will update on those two places in my next blog entry.

Thursday, July 12, 2012



Boonie suggested a back road from Quemado, NM to Grants,NM(hwy36/117) so two of us took it.  Wow! I declare it one of the great roads of NM.

En route to Bluewater State Park, NM where we all converge---each getting a lakefront view.

Ginger let's her computer acquaint us with a radical new Philosophy.
On another day our group blends with another group.  

On still another day---a new friend Mary introduces us to drumming as a kind of harmonizing meditation.
And yeah, I got into it.

While collectively adventuring one day we drove across a bumpy field to investigate this tent.  Turns out to be an Indian Revival tent----we wangled an invitation---resolved to return that night for the service.
And we did----arriving early to see the preparations---band warms up---members pray for a successful service.

The crowd throngs in---music is lively---we find ourselves abandoning spectatorism---begin to clap, wave, sing, shout with the crowd---we caught the spirit---had a great time---AND THEN---AND THEN.

One of our number (who else but Laurie) felt moved to testify (the theme of the service).  She walked up on the stage---whispered to a guitarist---who surrendered his guitar to her---then stepped to the microphone and testified.  ( something about God's blessings).  Our jaws were still agape when she began to play and sing.
A great song (from her latest album).  The crowd joined in the chorus. Photography, I suspected was not welcome ---but how many moments are there like this.

Here is a very strange hobby caught on film.  Ginger---for many years---has been photographing roadside shoes----is composing a coffee-table book.  I'm told she will never pass a shoe without stopping to record it.
And if Laurie hadn't amazed us enough---one day she went into a small store---saw a guitar she liked---negotiated to own it by giving a concert on a Sunday morning at the local Diner.  Of course she dazzled us all---then persuaded me to do two of my poems--"The dance of Testosterone" and "The dance of estrogen"
Recognize this? It is a classic RV fron the 50's era---An Ultravan.  This one freshly rescued from mouldy Oregon---is scheduled for complete renovation. Mark and I stop to appreciate it.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  A tribe can sweep its members along--FOR GOOD AND ILL. I think you get the drift of this story---proof that my friends expand my world.  Each of us has a different set of fascinations and when we "knot up" (connect with the intent to enrich) we introduce each other to new experiences and ideas.  AND MORE---we embolden each other.  I count myself very lucky for my set of friends---individuals extraordinaire. 

Sunday, July 01, 2012


OR CONNECTED??---WITH ONE OTHER??---WITH SEVERAL OTHERS??---TEMPORARILY?---PERMANENTLY??  -------We are experimenting to find the best blend of options.  Here's  a look at some highlights of our recent stops---to illustrate how connection---of some kind---can enrich.

One member of our tribe knew where the free/beautiful/cool was----Boonie----and he led us to the mountains---at 9,200 ft elevation---Here's what happens to frito bags at that altitude.

Then other members drifted in.  Here's Laurie driving in from some distant solitary adventure.
And from Yuma/flagstaff--this whopper of a rig rolls in. It's Mark and Ginger in their classic BLUEBIRD.

One of our traditions is a 6 o'clock walk together.

And tea time together--afterwards. Wanna see inside the Bluebird?
Begowned and booted ladies-----preparing---

This!! Life is good.

One day Mark shares his electricity so I can cut my hair with my FLOW BEE.
(you know---that device advertised on TV.  Sucks your hair up into a precisely calibrated cutter)
Another day Boonie and Lyn invent a brand-new table. (She had no decent place to work or eat)
Here it is completed---they let me try it out---it's perfect--good job guys!
On another day I need medical attention---need the stitches removed from my recent surgery---(these were the permanent kind) --certainly not willing to drive back to Mexico.  Peg handles the job like an expert. 
On still another day Laurie while wandering alone in the woods---finds this local historian ---and brings him back to us---he has stories----we draw up our chairs and listen.
On still another day Ginger plays for us a philosophical/metaphysical CD---as a springboard to discussion.

I remind myself that (almost) the entire animal world clusters temporarily together for the assortment of benefits it provides. 

Are you beginning to get the drift of this entry?  Life can be infinitely richer when we connect in a meaningful way. And speaking of which---here is a brand-new connection initiated by Boonie---the beginning perhaps of a new tribe--- focused on adventurous exercise. I'm delighted that so soon--we have our first spin off tribe. If our vision holds true---then many other special interest groups will "spin off." My ultimate hope is that our modest project will prove so satisfying that it will go viral--and evolve. For more info on Boonie's idea:

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  I believe that we all want to belong to some sort of tribe.  That a mobile/frugal/free/smart/temporary/caring/evolving one can deliver ENORMOUS benefits to its members as I hope I have illustrated above.  Our "people" wander off on solitary journeys and rejoin us at will.  I remind my readers that you are welcome to connect with us wherever we are and to consider joining us.  We are now at Bluewater Lake State Park, NM

P.S. Thanks to Wayne Wirs: for helpful insights: