Monday, March 05, 2018



You can hold a rally here for free.  Here's part of the estimated one hundred rigs that responded to CB's invite to come experience the slabs.  
Early arrivals gather around a fire and plan things to do:  Mix with locals judiciously and non judgementally---hold a sunset ceremony each dqy--have a discussion group in the afternoons, tour the entire area--play golf--attend the sat night show at the Range--visit the hot tubs, the infamous "Hole"-
the art museum---have music sessions of our own--invite locals to play for us. CB eventually used his equipment to record about 20 amateur musicians--giving them (free of charge) a quality recording of their music.

A major wonder of the slabs is that its people have SELF ORGANIZED about 8 different clubs.  Most have built a facility like this one where its members meet.  The Oasis pictured here is probably the largest and best organized.  I estimate 30 to 40 people in this club.

On wednesday nights they hold a music session around a fire.  Pictured is the organizations lynchpin Builder Bill playing the guitar.

This is headquarters for the Traveling Pals--I estimate membership at 20 or so.  Couples are welcome here but not at the LOW's which is open only to singles.

This building houses the library--an amazing and unlikely tradition in so unlikely a place.  It has thousands of books people have donated and everything is free.  A loose group of about ten live in this area in their rigs and take turns overseeing the place.

And then one day this appears---an all day event--free--come one come all.
I went for  awhile in the afternoon..

One of the featured performers.

A picture of yours truly from my archives of two years ago performing poetry.

A hostel--can you believe it---fairly new--welcoming those who want to experience the slabs for a fee.

And for a small fee you can sip coffee here and do internet.

Another fairly new place--THE PONDEROSA--they serve hamburgers and feature musicians one day of the week.

EAST JESUS MUSEUM---surely the quirkiest museum in the US.  Google it for a detailed view.

One if our own---Dave Morrison --a singer songwriter with 3 albums out entertaining folks at the Oasis.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES;  DO YOU NOT AGREE THAT AN OFF THE GRID CITY OUT IN THE BARE DESERT IS A WONDER?   It is better than being alone--waay better---for here is company, possible connection, an audience--a place to be --a space to operate without the stifling grip of rent, work, mortgage.
It is more than that---IT IS A FORMIDABLE CHALLENGE--I WANT TO PARTNER UP WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS THE VISION TO SEE THE WONDER HERE AND THE PERSONALITY TO NAVIGATE---EVEN HERE.   Gentlemen--test your potential partners--bring them here and see what they are made of.