Monday, March 05, 2018



You can hold a rally here for free.  Here's part of the estimated one hundred rigs that responded to CB's invite to come experience the slabs.  
Early arrivals gather around a fire and plan things to do:  Mix with locals judiciously and non judgementally---hold a sunset ceremony each dqy--have a discussion group in the afternoons, tour the entire area--play golf--attend the sat night show at the Range--visit the hot tubs, the infamous "Hole"-
the art museum---have music sessions of our own--invite locals to play for us. CB eventually used his equipment to record about 20 amateur musicians--giving them (free of charge) a quality recording of their music.

A major wonder of the slabs is that its people have SELF ORGANIZED about 8 different clubs.  Most have built a facility like this one where its members meet.  The Oasis pictured here is probably the largest and best organized.  I estimate 30 to 40 people in this club.

On wednesday nights they hold a music session around a fire.  Pictured is the organizations lynchpin Builder Bill playing the guitar.

This is headquarters for the Traveling Pals--I estimate membership at 20 or so.  Couples are welcome here but not at the LOW's which is open only to singles.

This building houses the library--an amazing and unlikely tradition in so unlikely a place.  It has thousands of books people have donated and everything is free.  A loose group of about ten live in this area in their rigs and take turns overseeing the place.

And then one day this appears---an all day event--free--come one come all.
I went for  awhile in the afternoon..

One of the featured performers.

A picture of yours truly from my archives of two years ago performing poetry.

A hostel--can you believe it---fairly new--welcoming those who want to experience the slabs for a fee.

And for a small fee you can sip coffee here and do internet.

Another fairly new place--THE PONDEROSA--they serve hamburgers and feature musicians one day of the week.

EAST JESUS MUSEUM---surely the quirkiest museum in the US.  Google it for a detailed view.

One if our own---Dave Morrison --a singer songwriter with 3 albums out entertaining folks at the Oasis.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES;  DO YOU NOT AGREE THAT AN OFF THE GRID CITY OUT IN THE BARE DESERT IS A WONDER?   It is better than being alone--waay better---for here is company, possible connection, an audience--a place to be --a space to operate without the stifling grip of rent, work, mortgage.
It is more than that---IT IS A FORMIDABLE CHALLENGE--I WANT TO PARTNER UP WITH SOMEONE WHO HAS THE VISION TO SEE THE WONDER HERE AND THE PERSONALITY TO NAVIGATE---EVEN HERE.   Gentlemen--test your potential partners--bring them here and see what they are made of.  


Anonymous said...

WOW, the slabs are almost like an oasis...who could imagine people living in that dry & bare environment, amazing !!

Stuart said...

"Gentlemen--test your potential partners--bring them here and see what they are made of."
Then watch as Randy steals them from you!

mililani56 said...

Aloha, why do you call it "slabs"? Is the ground so dry and hard it is like a cement slab? Or is it a different kind of slab? Mahalo, mililani

Randy said...

Mililani: It is called the Slabs because of the hundred or so sconcrete slabs that were left when a military base was abandoned and the buildings removed.

Ariel Fornari said...

I've been living in the Caribbean for some years now, contemplating returning stateside. I've been searching on the Internet for these alternative lifestyles, including the growing movement of people living in RVs, etc. I plan to do some You Tubes, informing stateside folks of some of the advantages living where I'm at, so they can compare notes. I'd like to network with stateside folks, prior to leaving here.

Randy said...

Hi Ariel: Would love to hear about your lifestyle in the Caribbean--hope we cross paths when you give this lifestyle a go.

jon campo said...

Randy, I enjoyed your interview with Bob, and enjoyed your poems even more. I laughed, I cried, thanks for making my day! Jon in New England.