Friday, December 02, 2016


HOW DOES THIS VAGABOND SPEND HIS TIME?  Here's a reasonable sample of my activities for the past two months.

The road toward Show Low, Az--these high meadows are about 8000 ft elevation.

My companion and I agreed to meet waaay over there in this belly-up would-be subdivision from the 30's called Show Low Pines.  You can buy a  big lot here for about $4000--or get it almost free by paying the back taxes.

We have a friend here-- who lets us camp on his lot.  We stayed two nights.

Then we split---He went to Texas and I to Cottonwood, Az , one of my favorite places.  You can camp free here indefinitely if you'll move every two weeks.

Another of my favorite places FR525.  Almost every day visitors drop in from the sky.
Spent happy days at the Library and Cottonwood Recreation center.

One day I took a friend on this lovely hike along Oak Creek Canyon.

She's quite a photographer--got some good shots.

The guy playing the flute is Richard--a man after my own heart.  He plays Piano for high end restaurants--lives in his car quite comfortably---preserves his freedom by living simply.  The couple in the truck is Jessica and Abram.  They built this splendid wooden trailer.
One night Kat and I went dancing.  She is the wisest and most dedicated citizen I've ever met.
And a great dancer!
Then I went to Prescott for a night then on to Yarnell, Az. Along the way was struck by this brilliant white steel fence.  I estimate it ran for 10 miles.  A huge overkill for fencing--made no sense to me.  So I quizzed the locals and learned that a very rich man just likes the look of  it defining his property--pays   A full time crew to keep it this way.

Stopped in the next town--Yarnell to browse in an antique shop.  Look what I found:  The biography of a guy from my hometown:  Sam Wyly--who really made good.  How good? Well he and his brother are both billionairs---and we all owe him a big debt of thanks----because it was his bright idea to dot America with cell towers.  I am now using his bright idea to send this out to you.

Then I went to Quartzsite, Az--one of my favorite places--settling in at the freebie campground named Hi Jolly

One day I walked by this trailer and the guy suddenly said to me: "I got this idea from you." 
Meet another Randy.  He explained that he read my blog and borrowed the idea of living in a cargo trailer..

Showed me the interior---nicely done.  He has so much solar power and battery power that he can operate an air conditioner.

and even a washing machine.  See it sitting there on the left?

And then one day who should appear but Hollywood Bob, Who made those terrific movies of me quoting my poems. Check them out here. We sieze the opportunity to make another one right here in Quartzsite.
"HI Jolly Returns to Quartzsite"
I'm not happy with it--He promised to revise it.

Nearby is the grave of Hi Jolly--the most visited grave in AZ.  He was a camel driver who engaged in that 1858 experiment to test the viability of camel transport in the Southwest.

And then I went to Phoenix---determined to find a camping place near downtown for easy access to the VA hospital.  I succeeded---here I am parked at the downtown American Legion.

This is an iffy area, I discovered as I walked around my neighborhood.  This sad lady shuffled along on a dreary Sunday Morning.  I followed her discretely till I found her lair.

Turns out she lives in a nearby park.

This crude mural celebrates the defeat of the notorious sheriff Joe Arpaio in the recent election.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  I don't know if this life that I lead means anything at all.  I know that I love it.  Perhaps that is enough.