Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I'M GETTING MY TEETH BACK---LOST AND DAMAGED ONES---I WANT THEM ALL BACK---NEVER MIND THE BRIDGES AND PARTIALS--I WANT SOLID IMPLANTS. I have 4 months each year to work on the project--Dec--March.  After that it's too hot to be in Yuma.  Step by step I hold on to my smile.

 I start here each year at this 360 degree imaging machine.
 Today's project is replacing a long ago post and crown
 Meet Dr Dominguez a root canal specialist who collaborates with the Rubio Dental Group.
That's Dr Rubio on the left with one of his associates. He has assembled a whole team of specialist to cover the dental spectrum---from cleaning to dentures to high tech titanium implants. On some days I have had as many as 6 of his team members work on me.
Dr Rubio specializes in implants and other difficult proceedures.   
The central number for all the associates is 928-255-0897(US) 
One of his offices.
Today I have a 2 hour wait while a post is being made---so I'll take you with me and show what grabs my attention. 
The busiest square in town is always alive with music---this guy playing the pan flute---beautiful. 
 Lots of these, carved of Ironwood----the ivory of the Sonoran desert.  A wood so hard and dense that it will not float---it is slow growing and getting rare--just like ivory.
I visit a bakery and surprise---this lady is an American citizen who emigrated to Mexico when she married a local guy.
Here's another surprise I didn't see coming.  Seemingly just another street vender.  When I saw the surprise, I retook her pict to let you experience it as I did:  head on and then------ 
Like this:  She's walking the streets with her baby sound asleep on her back. Is this a tragedy?  Yes---and every one of us is responsible for ending it.
 The infamous green door. (remember the song?)  I've been in there---a loud, sleezy, bar with what appeared to me to be prostitutes. No thanks!
You'd never guess what happened here: This small ditch is a tiny remnant of a giant flood in 1904/05.  The Colorado River broke through its barriers---created a new river and a new sea---The Salton sea. Here's the picts:
Walking on--I spot what I guess are fighting birds.
 This struck me too--the meeting place for Narcotics anonymous.
 Then I moved to the edge of the city ---saw this
And this---that's a man sleeping there---his doggie companions patiently waiting.
 Of course I engage him---It's what I do.  He sits up and chats with me---I can speak a bit of spanish.  He was amazingly friendly and open--and unashamed of his circumstance.  It was as though I bestirred a friendly farmer on his front porch.  I asked no embarassing questions---we chatted about funny things and told him I wanted to buy him coffee---gave him two bucks.  He melted my heart with his simple presence.
I loved him---and I won't forget him.  If I were Wayne Wirs (http://waynewirs.com/ I might believe this was an angel sent to show me PRESENCE. 
 I got my post installed---and a temporary tooth and head home. The crown will be ready in a few days.  This is the line of folks re-entering the US. Not a terrible wait--this one-- 32 minutes.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: Mexico is a sink-or-swim economy.  It will break your heart to see little kids, grown men and old ladies walking long hours selling trinkets to earn a mere pittance.  It is not a decent life nor a worthy use of human time.  I cross the border hating capitalism on both sides.  Given the state of our technology---no one on this planet should be hungry or unclothed or unhoused---or uneducated---or unchallenged with worthy aims.  And no one should work for a pittance.  It demeans humanity as a whole that we tolerate such cruel inequity.  I pledge to give my best thought to this subject. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


IN YOUR HEART---DONTCHA WANNA BE ONE?   The Quest for Community Caravan rolls into Quartzsite, Az  to attend the 3rd annual Rubber Tramp Rendezvous.

I Arrived at Sundown---1/8/13---day one
 Each finds his special place.  "Lone eagles" choose their parking space carefully--usually scattering like this. That's Laurie and Tish on the left---CB snuggled up to that lovely saguaro cactus---Jeanne's rig is on the right. I'm parked some distance behind her.
 Here in the draw near Laurie is our new friend Joyce who drove more than a thousand miles to be here.
 And on the left is Sloan, who just flew in from Chile.  You already know CB--from Georgia.
A surprise visitor is Joyce--the aviatrix who flew Laurie and I over the area last year.
She is also the famous "bird Whisperer" ---see her in action: http://mobilecodgers.blogspot.com/2010/08/real-live-bird-whisperer.html
She is quizzing Keith --a Lone eagle from Marathon Fla---He's equally comfortable as an RVer and a sailor.
 Meet Ron--again--He is the Renaissance man I blogged about some time ago-- ( http://mobilecodgers.blogspot.com/2010/12/meet-renaissance-man.html )
--- showing off his latest creation: a mini trailer capable of being towed by a mini car. (that's a 3 cyllinder Geo he pulling it with)
Every day at 10 am the eagles gathered for a seminar related to our lifestyle: (e.g. how to establish residency in the state of your choice----Solar power---tips on frugal living---collective wisdom demonstrated----inexpensive dental, eye care and medicine in Mexico----workcamping----favorite gadgets---car maintainance---Earning income as a mystery shopper---stealth parking in the city, boondocking on public land----cooking tips.)
 Our host and leader--Bob Wells--Perhaps the most knowlegable man in the world on efficient living.  Author of an (inexpensive) on line book that can liberate almost anyone who wants to be free.   Learn more about him here: http://cheaprvliving.com/
 Laurie sharing her cooking tips.  Others told us how to cook in a thermos---In a solar oven---bake on a stove top etc.

 Laurie teaches a specialty seminar on the new smart phones.
 Interesting how the folks scatter themselves on the desert---much different from conventional rvers. (I Loved our mountain backdrop.)
 One day Laurie and I led a seminar on community building and on collective wisdom. 
In my trailer we had a session of "tea and topic".
 A social gathering of friends---my most guest ever---6. 
 CB threw a party---with purpose---gathering a special set of people.
Fireside fellowship most nights. Here, Laurie leads us in song.
 Of course we  enjoyed the doings in Quartzsite also.  Joyce poses in front of Hi Jolly's tomb---the most visited grave in Arizona.  Interesting that a Camel wrangler from the 19th century should command more attention than all it's govenors and outlaws. (I can't resist telling you that Joyce's brother is one of  America's most respected and beloved sports figures) 
One day our group visited the Women on the Fly---a club of spunky women who camp and fish together---they renovate old travel trailers and decorate them in interesting ways---like this.
 Meet Dori--a bold eagle from Michigan---being serenaded in a local restaurant.
Meet Tish--a caravan member living in a pop-up camper--she had a special difficulty raising it up after we installed solar power.  Fortunately, two clever guys solved the problem for her. 
Meet Andrew---a soon-to-be-famous photographer----drove here from Seattle to photograph  mobile personalities---for his book. 
Meet Brad---Philosopher from San Diego.  We had a great exchange---focusing on the question: what are you about? 
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  This was indeed a gathering of Eagles---lone eagles from the corners of America--assembled for comraderie and information exchange.
We know what everyone needs to know: That frugality, simplicity, ingeneuity can set you free.  We are houseless--but not homeless. We prove with the lightness of our being that low-road mobile living is not vagabondage----rather it is exquisite freedom.  
CARAVAN INVITATION: Our next stop will be in the Yuma, Az area. Feel free to visit us.  Who knows---you might get infected with the wanderlust.  E-mail me and I will tell you where we are camped: randythepoet@yahoo.com  

Thursday, January 10, 2013


"HERO OF A THOUSAND FACES" ---A CLASSIC BOOK BY JOSEPH CAMPBELL---says that every culture in the world has in its folklore one story in common---the story of a hero's journey.  With these components: a restless person---leaves his people ---wanders into the unknown----encounters difficulties----overcomes them----learns something useful----returns to his people---shares what he has learned.

Well then:  Meet Tim Lawson---a hero on a hero's journey.  I met him on this backroad near Yuma Arizona.  He has walked 1800 miles to this point and has 8000 miles to go.
He aims to take the long backroads route to Florida---then north to Maine and across the top of the United States to Portland.  He has about a hundred pounds of gear in that 3 wheeled baby carriage---clothing, food, water, bedding, shelter, books, computer, etc
---walks about 28 miles a day----said he didn't like his job---fantasized doing this----then---did it!  That's a hero by Cambell's definition.  He has a facebook account and is willing to answer your questions about his adventure.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: My friend CB asked challenging questions:  Is he really a hero?   Granted he is living lean--- is courageous---adaptive---harmless. But how is he serving others? Is he productive? Is he living sustainably?  I say he is an INSPIRATION.  That may be be the highest service. 

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


 The holiday season  finds me at this lovely casino in Tucson.
My friends and I will settle here for the holidays. That's Tish to my left, Laurie to my right and the whopper rig on the left is longtime friend Bill.
And then another friend comes in----remember our new friend Malinda from City of Rocks, State Park.
We take a walk and discover a tumbleweed---symbol of our lifestyle. 
 Who could not be happy with these lovely acres as our front yard.
 Malinda and I reinforce her trailer with bolted timbers.
Bill unloads his mighty steed for a day trip. 
One day Laurie serenades me with her new guitar. 
 Another day she sets up a sound system in the parking lot and practices for her upcoming gig.
 Sometimes stepping up to the plate of your life requires stepping up to the mike.
  En route to give an early morning concert. 
Laurie in action--entertaining and leading a church full of people in a songfest.  Amazingly, wherever we go, Laurie shares her gift of song with the community at large.  This day she's booked to give 3 "ONLY LOVE" concerts at 3 different spiritual centers in Tucson.
One major goal here is to bring Tish's rig UP-TO-SPEED---meaning boondocking ready:  Installing a solar panel and controller and inverter---also a new stove and heater--and some led lights.  We succeed and she is very happy.  
 One day, this stranger calls my name--said he reads my blog. (always a pleasant surprise)  Meet Alex and Helen--Canadians.
 Alex has a great hobby:  He flies this model heliocopter-- equipped with a camera--over interesting places---then post the results on the web.
 Of course I continue my "character quest" searching out interesting individuals.  This one I met in Wal-Mart and asked for a photo.  He took me to a semi-secluded spot and bared his chest.  These are his two kids!! Is that love?  Yes it is!
I ended the year dancing with Laurie---caught this shot of her twisting the night away.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  DO YOU NEED A BASE TO LIVE THE GOOD LIFE??  ---Or can we now just keep moving from one great camping spot like this to another.  I'm betting (a big chunk of my life) that you can----just keep moving---every month or so from one "HOME" to another----settling (temporarily) in---making friends, busying yourself with your personal passions---exploring--learning--connecting---contributing---AND THEN-----AND THEN---MOVING ON TO A NEW HOME---A NEW WEATHER---A NEW SCENE---A NEW CHALLENGE.
The whole human race was once mobile----and tribal.  I predict it will become so again.