Monday, May 30, 2011


Conventional religion teaches: That there is a God--who loves us---sends prophets--inspires authoritative books or men--sometimes inspires us directly---establishes churches--has incarnated (became flesh)---expects obedience/adoration--will send us to hell if we don't believe.

Here's how I see the situation and what I recommend: We all wake up in the middle of a mystery---not really knowing any ultimate answers about ORIGIN or DESTINY. ( How the universe began and what is our place in it.)

Adults feed us their "take" on these two questions and most of us "buy into" their story. (or occasionally some other prevalent story.) And we then live our lives more or less within that version of reality.

I SAY IT IS A DISHONORABLE WASTE OF LIFE TO LIVE IT IN SERVICE TO ANY LOCAL MYTH. ( as inappropriate as grown-up birds still feeding on the regurgitation of their parents.) Here's my idea of a joyful alternative:

1. EDUCATE YOURSELF ON THE ORIGIN OF RELIGION. You can get the gist of it in minutes by googling the origin of religion. It becomes clear how it evolved from magic, superstition, animism, totems, traditional tales and finally into full blown metaphysical theories.

2. WAKE UP TO THE FACT THAT WE LIVE IN A MYSTERY. (Re:origin and destiny)

3. EMBRACE THE MYSTERY. Consider that it may have been designed that way--mysterious--as an intentional, possibly pleasurable, adventurous, growth producing, loving--gift to us. Get comfortable with not knowing any ultimate answers---develop an heroic tolerance for ambiguity.

4. USE EINSTEIN'S TECHNIQUE---THOUGHT EXPERIMENTS---to explore some possibilities. (he imagined himself riding a light beam and discovered a new "take" on physics.)

5. IMAGINE NEW POSSIBILITIES regarding our origin and destiny:

a. What if----God disappeared itself INTO THE UNIVERSE---condensing itself into matter--becoming galaxies, stars, planets, people---just for the grand adventure of slowly evolving matter back into spirit. Creation/evolution. (Hinduism? Pantheism?) Imagine your place in that scheme. (e.g., help push evolution forward)

b. Imagine that God bypasses Prophets and Holy books to personally guide each of us in our journey. (a subtle small voice within us) (Wayne's take on the matter?)

c. Imagine that there are not one but two primary forces at work in the world---at war with each other---each vying for your soul. (Zoroastrianism---my friend Gr?)

d. Imagine that there is no God---no human destiny. How would you spend your time?

e. Imagine that there is a God but he doesn't intervene in the world--no messages--no miracles--just watches the drama unfold. (Deism?)

EXPERIMENT WITH YOURSELF. Imagine a theory that appeals to you and try it on for size. Live for a time "as if" that theory were true. Does it feel right? Does it work for you? Does it need a bit of tweaking? Tweak it. If it doesn't feel "right" try another. Try living as if there were no God---How does that feel.

SHARE YOUR RESULTS: Share your experiences with your friends--with the world. Someone might have useful suggestions.

CONCLUSION: Believing is a cowardly cop out from the challenge of engaging mystery. The Joyful alternative to (conventional religion) is to create your own religion/philosophy. Join the rest of us freethinking/experimenters as we do for religion what wikipedia has done for data. We all join in the process of improving (or abandoning perhaps) metaphysics.
We have all been victimized by bad metaphysical/religious theories. Preachers, Prophets and Priest have lied to us with pretensions of certainty and "revealed" ethics. I say we can take these matters of ultimate concern into our own hands; that obedience to "Gods Will" is not as interesting a life as creative responsiveness to this dazzling mystery.

Monday, May 23, 2011


RELIGION'S GREAT WRONG IS THAT IT IMPEDES THE FLOW OF ETHICS. (It aso exacerbates the tribalization of humanity and stimulates wars) Follow this reasoning:

BELIEVING THERE IS A GOD---IS NOT THE HEART OF THE PROBLEM. Even sensible people sometimes suspect or hope there may be intent---even purpose --in the universe---AND NO HARM IS DONE.


Almost all religions believe that GOD SENDS MESSAGES: In the form of "Holy Books" or Prophets or other "revelations".

THESE "MESSAGES" OFTEN CONFLICT---generating wars, social tension, imposing cruelty, irrationality, racism, and restraining social and scientific progress.

Do I need to prove this to you? (Islam: 4 wives permitted/ Christianity: Only one--at a time)

(Judiaism: God gave Palestine to the Jews//Islam: God gave palestine to Islamist!)

(Islam: Believing that Jesus is God is idolatry---punishable by hell )
(Christianity: not believing that Jesus is God----punishable by hell )

IT IS POSSIBLE TO BELIEVE IN GOD WITHOUT BELIEVING IN "MESSAGES" FROM GOD----It is called DEISM---Its what lots of people believe---Thomas Jefferson for example. (the notion that God created the world and endowed humanity with the wisdom to guide itself.)

BELIEVING THAT GOD SENDS " MESSAGES"--FREEZES/IMPEDES ETHICAL EVOLUTION--Can you see why?--- If God sends books or prophets with messages (and rules)about how we should live---then they are eternally valid, absolute and unchangable. Yet human history proves that ethics slowly evolves--and needs to--as situations change--and as our moral sympathy grows. In just one lifetime we have seen our notions of right and wrong change. ( womens right to vote, sex before marriage, divorce, homosexuality etc)

Over and over---religious believers have to be dragged into the new ethical understanding. (The Mormons having to be "dragged" away from polygamy and racism. The Southern Baptist dragged away from supporting slavery. Catholics being dragged toward birth control--divorce etc. (Today in Malta--the people are voting whether Divorce will be legal---only they and the Philipines still forbid by law) Every religion eventually arrives at a fork in the road where its REVEALED ETHICS is in conflict with good sense and the current FABRIC OF AGREEMENT.

I say it loud and clear: ETHICS IS NOT REVEALED---IT IS MADE-UP/CREATED BY HUMANS--IT GROWS OUT OF OUR RELATIONS WITH ONE ANOTHER--AND IT SLOWLY EVOLVES. ---usually for the better---we are today far more sensitive to the rights and feelings of others than in the past. Holy book ethics---"REVEALED" ETHICS IS A CRUEL OBSTRUCTIVE FORCE. Nowhere is this clearer than in Islamic societies: How long will the civilized world allow fanatical sons-o-bitches to opress women.

RANDY EXPLAINS: There are about 27 major "Holy Books" purporting to tell us--among other things---what is right and wrong---and how best to live our lives. They are all a lie and a trap:

They lie about their authority---people wrote them all---out of their own imagination--and what they tell and prescribe is no more or less valid than human imagination. They have no divine authority!

They trap millions--even billions--into ridiculous belief systems that---inhibit progress--foster cruelties--waste time and resources---clash with each other---distract us from more joyful, interesting lives. Oh please sweet people---read THE END OF FAITH by Sam Harris. It is a work of Genius.

I close (for today) with a list and a promise: A list of some of the "Holy Books"--claiming divine inspiration---and a Promise to complete this essay with my notion of a joyful alternative to believing this---stuff.

The Bible, The Koran, The Bagavad Gita, The Talmud, The Upanishads, The Vedas, The Book Of Mormon, The Urantia Book, Science and Health with key to the Scriptures, The Avestas of Zarathustra, Kitab-I-Aqdas, Adi-Granth, A Course in Miracles, etc.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Picturewise, this is all I'm permitted to show. I think she enjoyed male reaction as she shopped wearing this slinky gown. We met on line---chatted our way past conventionalities and began to talk sex---but not what you might expect. This lady knew something about men that few know---possessed an incredible power to arouse--and had evolved her personal moral code to a new level. We became friends and she slowly yielded to my curiosity---how had she learned all that and what did she intend to do with her powers? Her response: Simply find my mate and be happy.

Now she says she has found him but graciously consented to answer a few pivotal questions for us. I will share that exchange with you after I have set it up.

She's 50, twice divorced, 2 kids and had no lovers while she raised them, never enjoyed sex with her husbands----but resolved to wake up her sensuality after reading the book: THE GOOD GIRLS GUIDE TO BAD GIRL SEX.

With the kids grown she began to enjoy on line connections with men. Patterns began to emerge and the mental side of sex became increasingly clear. And then one day she discovered that her special body exercises had yielded a pleasant surprise: She was multi-orgasmic. Almost at will she could climax herself. Then by phone and internet she began to exchange pleasures with men. She developed the skill of intuitive listening--especially for the hidden hungers buried inside men. Given the right "space" a guy will reveal his quirks. (we all have quirks) "Space giving" is trusted, non judgemental listening. Mix with this-- some playful, "scenario catalyzing" and ecstasy looms into view.

But wait!----there is more-- She also discovered by accident that men who suspect that their partner is not exclusive with them---- will experience an odd blend of powerful emotions---anxiety and super arousal. She learned how to skillfully "play this card" for maximum effect.
(google cuckold fantasy for a fuller explanation)(further research will explain how this wierd bit of evolutionary wiring into males makes sense from the genes point of view--their only desire is to replicate themselves)

With these --"pleasure powers" at her command--she could aim at almost any man and "have" him. And for a time she just enjoyed herself--pointing her pleasure beam at a lucky handful of men. (And yes--she bestowed the pleasure gift on me) (Ah, the things I do for my readers)

Then she turned her attention to mate finding--and apparantly succeeded.

One more thing before the interview: I say she's a hypersexual as a compliment---In the same sense that I would call a Navy Seal a hypersailor.


Q. Do you think that being Multi-orgasmic is just a lucky break--genetically speaking or did you train your body?
A. Not a lucky break. After all the years of celibacy, in 2010 I decided to do research on dating. During that research I found information that I could put to use---and trained my body to respond. I had the ability all the time---just wasn't aware.

Q. Do you think many other women could "liberate" themselves physically and mentally?
A It's not impossible for any woman to do the same thing. However, they have to be willing to make changes and have an open mind----And make the changes for themselves---not for the opposite sex. I don't believe I'm any more "highly sensual" than other women---but am receptive: know how to apply and use the knowledge.

Q. On balance, are your special skills a plus or a minus?
A. A plus--If you are open minded and know how to use them.

Q. Why did you tell your guys that they must share you? And did it surprise you when it had the effect of "turbo charging" sex talk.
A. My reason for saying that, was to find out exactly what I wanted, find out what type of men were available, not tie anyone down to a relationship, and not hurt anyone in the process. I also found, many men are jealous and possessive and looking for one woman (and I was looking for one man).

Q.Are you ready now for monogamy? Do you think you could be enduringly satisfied with one guy?
A. Monogamy was always my goal. But I cannot deal with male insecurity (in long term relationship), jealousy, or possessiveness. I've found the man I've been looking for. A woman who is 'turbo-sexed' realizes that every minute of her day does not have to revolve around sexual intimacy. It can be a touch, a smile across a room full of people at a party, arm around your waist, even just a touch of two hands. The right person will cause that shiver of pleasure, and he will she will.
Q. Do you think you've learned things that might be useful to other women in turbo charging their sex lives?
A. My favorite book and the one that got me started was...Good Girls Guide to Bad Girl Sex. Don't have name right now of author - Anyone can do what I did...but you have to have a different mind set, morals, and open to change.

RANDY COMMENTS: Kudos to this brave woman and friend for rising from celibacy to joyful sensuality----for breaking shackles of outmoded moral notions---blazing trail to new pleasures.

Monday, May 16, 2011


THE SLAB'S MOST INTERESTING CHARACTER DIES OF NATURAL CAUSES. Received word yesterday that this most colorful character died 5/5/11. His story astounds me and I think has something to teach us all. I've gathered from my archives this gallery of pictures--and as I show them will tell you why I am celebrating his life and contribution.
This shot is from a 2009 lecture/tour Charlie gave to a group of about 40. Behind him is the famous insulated container he had shipped from the coast and in which he lived for a long time.

Charlie was lost, in spirit, when he came to the Slabs---attached himself briefly to another Slab artist --but soon decided to stake a claim for himself and make a home here at the "end of the world"

Choosing a most unpromising spot---a one acre pile of trash---he began to build his base. Cleaning up the trash--incorporating much of it into an assortment of folk art pieces. Here's his kitchen in 2009.

A gaggle of visitors on tour through his house.

Two of his art cars.

Slowly he got physically comfortable and began his grand project of building an art museum around his house. This is the Eastern entrance.

In time various friends would donate unusual objects such as the whirlygig and geodesic dome.

He was smart--friendly and well spoken---here conducting a Q&A session.

I think he intended his pagoda as a never-to-be-finished project---forever changing.

I am hard pressed to know what Charlie wished to say to the world--but he had lots of definite ideas.

He was a spectacular accumulator---somehow acquiring this massive array of batteries---which he kept charged with a huge array of solar panels.



He was lost and he came to the Slabs;

Came to the end of the earth.

Lost souls cluster here:

Less lost for being together.

He staked his claim in a pile of trash:

Made art from junk.

Gave name --and even fame

to East Jesus Museum.

Morphed rubbish into spectacle

fashioned whimsey from his mind;

and thousands beat a path to his door.

He did no harm,

He had his say;

He kept his brain alight

in a very dim corner.

Forged an identity

Won respect.

Here's to Charlie:

He found himself in a pile of trash,

and found himself----in a pile of trash.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Casino parking lot--(Desert Diamond--Tucson, Az)--Campers roll in and claim their spot--(most prefer the edge)--We will stay the night--or perhaps 10 nights---We wish to camp free of charge---because we are self contained---do not need the services campgrounds sell---That's me up front---and behind me--a pleasant surprise---a lady friend from a northern forest---who, incidentally, found this rig for me and even negotiated its price. I hope to return a favor.

Lots of rigs roll in before dark and instant community is established. We walk the area and even a mile into the nearby desert for exercise.

Surprise guest drop by---the motorcyclist is Harlan--from Alaska--you've met him elsewhere on this blog and Doug, a member of my tribe---the WINs--( www, )

A beautifully restored bus from the 40's. They've been camping all over Mexico.

Some prefer whoppers---like this combo.

Trailer carries their car--a boat--and 2 motorcycles. The thought of maintaining all that--horrifies me.

This is a managable package---nice guy and his dog live full time in it.

A tougher way to go---not very comfortable---but doable. Long term living in a car--sadly--is increasing. With a few adjustments one can manage quite well. (remove 3 seats--platform in a bed---screen the windows for ventilation and use aluminum sun shields to block light and prevent overheating. I met a guy who'd lived many years in a carefully engineered falcon car.

Meet Frank---an alert, cheerful, parking lot camper--who--amazingly has lived 30 years in that van---He proudly showed us its gleaming 427 cu in engine.

Look more closely at him---can you see that he has his dignity--his independence. He has things to do places to go--books to read---He cost the taxpayers little or nothing. This may well be my future---and I will embrace it as a far better end game than nursing home care.

And this cheerful guy--is up and doing---skinned a rattlesnake--see it hanging---is making a leather jacket---has a tiny puppy for a companion--is solar powered--is excited about upcoming improvements to his modest home---WHICH HE BUILT HIMSELF.

This guy finds meaning relating in his head with an imaginary friend. No different , really, than James Stewart in the movie Harvey. He's straightforward, however, and when you relate with such as him--you know what you're getting.

This is a scary guy---notice the "boundaries" he has posted---that chair on the left and the motorcycle on the right define his space--he announced that no one should park near him.

Some loners like him are filled with anger and suspicion---I sense them with my radar and leave them alone.

I call it a night after an evening stroll with my lady friend. We celebrate our good fortune to be living so free and enjoying these western sunsets.

An early morning visitor---a roadrunner--very bold--and clear about its food preferences---no bread!---meat only please. It kills and eats rattlesnakes.

This guy showed up also--a Javalina---3 of them actually---didn't try to feed them.

This was my big surprise---a real live Gila Monster--right under my doorstep--lying still--and unafraid---the first I've ever seen in the wild--I've heard they are endangered and protected by law---are mildly poisionous if they bite you. It strolled away into the bushes. What a thrill!

As if I needed more attention from wild creatures, this little bird flew into my rig and sat on my couch for a picture-----then flew away.

RANDY RUMINATES----I love camping in parking lots----I'm totally comfortable at Wal-Mart , at Casinos as well as in the Boondocks. Solar power frees me to enjoy the serendipitous companionship of human and animal friends.

Monday, May 09, 2011


lIVING INTEFERES WITH REPORTING-----I'm waay behind in reporting by at least 9 essays---hope to catch up in a month or so. Blogging is a great hobby for me---gives me that extra bit of motivation to probe deeper---capture the moment with camera---ponder the principles. Conventionally speaking my life has been a waste---and I now stand like a man on the gallows with little to gain or lose---I might as well speak my mind---for whatever good or ill or humor it may provoke. Here--in no particular order--are my upcoming--SHORT-- essays.
1. INTERVIEW WITH A HYPERSEXUAL--- An exhilerating experience sure to disturb the moralist.
2. MY STORY IN A NUTSHELL---how I got to be this way.

Friday, May 06, 2011


I ASK YOU AMERICA: ARE WE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT WE BECOME?? SHOULD WE BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE?? Down there is a small town---and I've got a project in mind: Go engage some old people and see how I feel about the experience. This morning I found myself momentarily trapped in a grocery store behind a doddering old geezer. I got annoyed at his wheezing obstructiveness wishing he would get the hell out of my way---and out of everybody's way. As I passed him, I noticed that he was likely younger than me. I tried to talk to him and discovered he coundn't speak any better than he could walk. My irritation increased--- And the above questions flashed in my mind. ---Hence my resolve to do some first hand research.

My first stop is the senior center---having lunch with them ($3) and engaging several of them before and after the meal.

Not a bad lunch as you can see.

I took this surreptitious photo because I think it shows a general dispiritedness.

Try as I may, I could not find a sense of humor or a love of life. These souls are not polished---these personalities do not sparkle---I detected no reservoirs of wisdom.
Then I went to a nursing home----walked around---looked---talked--and came out quietly enraged.

RANDY RANTS-----HOW DARE ALL THESE PEOPLE ARRIVE AT OLD AGE WITH SO LITTLE TO SHOW FOR A LIFETIME OF LIVING. HOW DARE THEY COME GIMPING INTO OLD AGE, HARD OF HEARING, SLOW OF MIND, CRANKY, UNGRACIOUS, NEEDY---AND PLOP THEIR WRETCHED ASSES ON SOCIETY'S DOORSTEP TO BE LOOKED AFTER IN GRAND STYLE. I fantasized entering the nursing home with a whip---Jesus like--and drive most of them into the street. I am outraged at what it cost to keep these geezers in a nursing home---and even more outraged at what it cost to give them end-of-life medical treatment. They are evil for allowing this kind of money to be spent on them and we are morally blind for doing it. Collectively, they are bankrupting america. I think we all should live frugally and die frugally.
PEOPLE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT THEY BECOME. We all have a shot at becoming a well rounded personality--77 years on average--- to learn life's lessons---become---smart--alert--funny--wise---into our nineties and beyond. Buckminster Fuller, Frank Lloyd Wright for example and you probably know old people who have not lost their mind or their health or their dignity.

1. CREATE A FOSTER CARE SYSTEM FOR THEM. (google foster care for the elderly---Saves 2/3 the cost ---gives employment for many now unemployed and the added value of living within the embrace of a family-------see NY Times article 3/8/94)

2. Legally give people the right to die if they wish by assisted suicide. (Oregon law plus) (currently if the health care system gets you in its grip--it won't let go)

3. Change people's attitude toward death---seen as natural-or-a new adventure or Heaven, reincarnation or just moving on. (google near death experiences---note their insights.

4. Create Death Panels---yes!---for the tough cases like Terry Shivo--a body of experts who can assist families see situations rationally.