Friday, February 22, 2013


The recent cruise ship mishap that stranded a few thousand on the high seas for a few days without power displayed to the world an apalling shortage of American Character.  3 or 4 thousand people Whimpering, whining, showing little or no courage or adaptiveness.  They were never in any real danger---there was sufficient food, water and shelter for all----everybody knew that help was on the way.  The bathroom challenge could easily be dealt with in lots of ways---most obviously by crapping in a trash bag lining a toilet---then tying it up and stashing them at some appropriate place on the ship. The heat could easily be dealt with by getting on the SHADY side of the boat and lying down on a blanket or in a chair. 

Was there no one on that ship who understood that STUFF HAPPENS?  Was there no semi-enlightened souls who could DANCE WITH CIRCUMSTANCE? ---Simply and calmly adjust to a new situation?

Where has American Character gone?  Are these whining crybabies the descendents of hardy pioneers----offspring of American revolutionaries---inheritors of can-do innovators?  You wouldn't think so to see to see those uncourageous whimps being interviewed afterwards-----describing their experience as "Hell".  A pox on all you  who embarassed us before the world--displaying very little fortitude.

Someday----somewhere----the news media will interview a bold and enlightened soul involved in a similar mishap---who will say:  "It was an interesting , memorable experience."

Saturday, February 16, 2013


An elegant pyramid covers the (supposed) spot--right behind the door  Laurie has hold of. 

Directly behind the pyramid is a huge man made hill and chapel.
It's beautiful inside!
Her heart soars---she declares this a house of love and suddenly sings her newest song.
From the church---looking down on Felicity.  See those walls? Stretching left and right----radiating from that circle? They contain a wonderful and awesome message.
Nothing less than an attempt to summarize the entire history of humanity---beginning with the big bang----
to the formation of planets in our solar system---
To a time-table for the rise of life
and the evolution of humankind
A tremendous intellectual effort that Jacque-Andre Istel has undertaken ----sifting out a comprehensive summary --OF ALL HISTORY---selecting appropriate pictures THEN hiring engraver/artists to infuse the story on these super expensive granite plates. Here's  the current engraver/artist at work.  Words are relatively easy--- pictures must be done free hand.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  I'm humbled by the size and audacity of Jacque's ambitious gift to humanity.  Only the Crazy Horse statue in South Dakota rivals this project. Perhaps all of us should "aim long" ---think of something we can give the world----THAT WILL KEEP US BUSY FOR A LIFETIME.  Surely giving is the finest way to generate meaning.