Tuesday, November 03, 2015


IF YOU THINK YOUR CUP IS FULL OF GOOD THINGS---If you think life couldn't be better. I invite to join me in early october at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival

and see a whole sky filled with wonder.

This generous casino and this wonderful town will make your cup overflow.

AND IT'S ALL FREE---Yes you heard me right it's all free---for all these folks who've joined me in the casino RV parking lot.  And that's not all--the casino gives away free soft drinks, coffee and hot chocolate--all you want--24 hrs a day. Also $5 Buffets on occasion.  And they will give you $25 of their money to get you started gambling. (clever Laurie showed us how to guarantee yourself $10 take home cash:  Simply bet $10 on black and $15 on red at the same time--one of them is almost sure to win--then pocket your cash)

Back outside we are treated to this astonishing sight---a flying cow and stagecoach.

Sometimes a balloon will visit you right outside your door.  You may want to know that ballonist who bring their balloons here are given free propane to power them, free hotel rooms and free meals.  I'm guessing that the town somehow makes its money back from the tourist.

Remember Kat and Carol from Salida this summer?

And up from Sedona these two old friends Laurie and Lisa--Singer and Drama coach.

Invited them to stay the night with me--Laurie on the left couch--

Lisa on the right.
Kat at the end

Next morning I make breakfast for all of us.

Friends make living worthwhile.

Next day featured special shapes: Pigs flew, Boots lifted into the air--and much much more.

When those guest left---bingo--a new one arrives.
Her readers and fans will instantly recognize the wondrous wagon of  Kimbopolo.
Check out her blog here.
None other than the editor of my soon-to-be published book.
We have a week together to iron out the details.
We selected a hundred of my best poems and we will produce a Kindle/Amazon download book.
Here's a teaser:

How to Beat the Casinos

Says every casino from Yuma to Reno,
Free parking to all who ramble.
Come on inside, pull out your slide,
Lay down some dollars and gamble.

For the freebie you’re getting, the casino is betting
You cannot resist their bait.
That you're a weak-willed critter sucked in by their glitter,
Whose pocketbook they will deflate.

But if you choose, it’s a bet they will lose,
Certainly for this wandering chap.
Slick as you please, I eat all their cheese,
And scamper away from the trap.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  Consider this view of Judgment day:  Every person will be made to see life as it really was----will be overwhelmed with wonder---and will be inwardly compelled to admit that it was worth it to have been born.