Thursday, January 10, 2013


"HERO OF A THOUSAND FACES" ---A CLASSIC BOOK BY JOSEPH CAMPBELL---says that every culture in the world has in its folklore one story in common---the story of a hero's journey.  With these components: a restless person---leaves his people ---wanders into the unknown----encounters difficulties----overcomes them----learns something useful----returns to his people---shares what he has learned.

Well then:  Meet Tim Lawson---a hero on a hero's journey.  I met him on this backroad near Yuma Arizona.  He has walked 1800 miles to this point and has 8000 miles to go.
He aims to take the long backroads route to Florida---then north to Maine and across the top of the United States to Portland.  He has about a hundred pounds of gear in that 3 wheeled baby carriage---clothing, food, water, bedding, shelter, books, computer, etc
---walks about 28 miles a day----said he didn't like his job---fantasized doing this----then---did it!  That's a hero by Cambell's definition.  He has a facebook account and is willing to answer your questions about his adventure.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: My friend CB asked challenging questions:  Is he really a hero?   Granted he is living lean--- is courageous---adaptive---harmless. But how is he serving others? Is he productive? Is he living sustainably?  I say he is an INSPIRATION.  That may be be the highest service. 


Boonie said...

Did you ask him if what he is doing is a Heroic Lifestyle or a Vacation project?

(Are you sure you need those nasty little Captcha words that the blog is making us type in. They are quite troublesome.)

Randy said...

Boonie: He did not call himself a hero---I did!----because he had the cajones to actually do what he dreamed about.

Re: the captcha words: My spam was getting totally out of hand---20 or thirty a day.

Anonymous said...

There's too many Tim Lawson's on Facebook. They could all be heroes or a bunch of lazy good-for-nothings playing FarmVille2. None of them Lawson's care to identify themselves properly. There's not yet a way to filter for mythological figures pushing baby carriages on Facebook. So much for inspiration.

2 CooPs said...

So sorry but I just don't get it. What has this man done that is heroic?

Anonymous said...

noun \ˈhir-(ˌ)ō\
plural he·roes
Definition of HERO
a : a mythological or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great strength or ability
b : an illustrious warrior
c : a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities
d : one who shows great courage
a : the principal male character in a literary or dramatic work
b : the central figure in an event, period, or movement
plural usually he·ros : submarine 2
: an object of extreme admiration and devotion : idol

Rex J. Covington said...

Anybody know the link to his Facebook account?

Anonymous said...

Great. I agree with Randy. Just getting out there and doing something like this changes your life for the better. It pays dividends for the rest of your life. It builds confidence, changes perspective, opens new doors and opportunities etc.. it's an internal as well as external voyage. Anyone who questions it seems to be missing the point. It is heroic in the same way Homer's Odysseus is heroic, all such journey's internal and external are fraught with danger and discovery and unknowns, that is why most people never do take the first step and those who do are natural heroes.

Owl said...

Why all the negative comments? Try being positive, you're the one who'll benefit! Good work Randy, keep it up.

George said...

If you are going to quote Joseph Campbell, please don't misquote him. You have not told the whole story and that is a misrepresentation. A mythologically grounded life (meaning you follow your bliss) is different for different folks, and THAT is according to Campbell. For some people, it is living THEIR good life to follow a more conventional role. Would you have them go off on some 1800 mile walk across the country when it is not who they are?
Jeez, slow down, man. I know you are filled to overflowing with your dreams and it seems to be right for you but after awhile you get to sounding like some sort of a crazy cult leader.

Randy said...

George: Of course you are right regarding the meaning of the Heroic life---it may well be a life not involving extensive travel.
(Kant and Nietzsche come to mind for inner journeys)
The HERO'S JOURNEY that Campbell describes, however, involves travel.

Randy said...
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Anonymous said...

I would say he's on a heroic journey or a Vision Quest if you will. I did the same thing five years ago. I don't consider my self a hero by any sence of the word but I had a vision of myself taking a huge leap of faith into the unknown world of wandering.

George said...

Yes, Randy, it involves travel. And as you say that travel, i.e., journey, can be an inward one. So the hero's journey refers to those who live an involved life, an engaged life, in whatever form that may be.
I have no problem with your lifestyle. I do have a problem with you misquoting Campbell in an attempt to give strength to your personal preferences. That doesn't strike me as "heroic."

Anonymous said...

I walk barefoot in my apartment because I choose too and sometimes even out in the street. Yippee I am a hero too! :)

Anonymous said...

Seems when people dare to leave the confines of what may be considered normal, many others are triggered.

If one follows their heart and they are happy, that's great! For we all impact each other by the thoughts we think and the dreams we dare to dream. That's physics!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a generous post.

I should begin by saying that I do not deign myself a hero, though this might be looked at as a hero's journey. We must remember, however, that the hero's journey appeals to us because it is our own story; status quo, disruption, call to action, conflict, climax, return to a higher level of status quo. The greater epochs inspire our own miniature journeys though we may never be a Beowulf, Jason, Odysseus, Luke Skywalker, or Catnis Everdeen.

There are those who find my journey inspiring, and I am humbled by this, for I believe inspiration to be one of the greatest gifts a person can give.

This journey is not for others, but for my own edification and experience. I am painfully aware that I am far too ignorant to even understand the extent of my ignorance, but that does not mean I should not try to learn. This journey is also about finding my place in this world and how I might best effect positive change. There is a quote by Richard Dawkins:

"Yes we are going to die, but that makes us the lucky ones. Most people are never going to die, because most people are never going to be born. The number of people who could be standing here in my place outnumber the sand grains of Arabia, and no doubt include poets greater than Keats, and scientists greater than Newton. We know this because the set of possible humans allowed by our genetic code vastly outnumber the set of actual humans, yet in the teeth of these stupifying odds, it is you and I in our ordinariness that are here."

In pondering a thought like this, I feel an obligation not only to those that are and are yet to be, but to those that will never have a chance, to do something positive and meaningful, that I might show myself worthy of the great honor of being.

I am simply a guy in his 20's, feeling his way through this world, and trying to live his dream. On facebook, I am /multiday.tim

Rob said...

You pulled the posting... did the stealth trailer find a buyer or is it on it's what back to Calif?
Just curious.

Randy said...

Rob: It's not sold yet---still here at Quartzsite at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous--Anyone interested should call her or write me.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, slow down, George. I know you are filled to overflowing with your sophistication and it seems to be right for you but after awhile you get to sounding like some sort of a neck-out-of-joint crazy...

Thank you Randy for going to the effort to post all you've done here. You're more accepting of differences than they'd be of you if they were putting their thoughts out in public like you.

Lainey Wright said...


Myself and a couple other commenters here want to follow this guy on Facebook but you didn't give us enough information. Too many Tim Lawsons. DO you have something more like an email address? Interesting story. I'd like to hear the long form version.

Randy said...

lainey: Check the comment above, written by Tim. At the end he gives his facebook address as /multiday.tim .

Red Meador said...

Any one who cant admire this guy can't possible understand the feeling of peace,love, self satisfaction and manifestations of the vibrations put out to the universe coming together.

Brad Maybury said...


Having just met you at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, it's obvious to me that you too are a great example of a person living the Hero's Journey.

What you’re creating is exceptional! You’ve taken a way of life that is very attractive for lots of obvious reasons; freedom, travel, nature, low stress, etc, and are enhancing it by creating an intentional community.

It was my honor to be a participant in a conversation with you and several of the Quest for Community Caravan members, and through that to get a taste of what you're all about. Really great stuff!

For those who may be contemplating trying this out - all I can say is go for it. You have everything to gain!

I look forward to getting out there full-time, and hope to connect with you again.

All the best,