Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I'M GETTING MY TEETH BACK---LOST AND DAMAGED ONES---I WANT THEM ALL BACK---NEVER MIND THE BRIDGES AND PARTIALS--I WANT SOLID IMPLANTS. I have 4 months each year to work on the project--Dec--March.  After that it's too hot to be in Yuma.  Step by step I hold on to my smile.

 I start here each year at this 360 degree imaging machine.
 Today's project is replacing a long ago post and crown
 Meet Dr Dominguez a root canal specialist who collaborates with the Rubio Dental Group.
That's Dr Rubio on the left with one of his associates. He has assembled a whole team of specialist to cover the dental spectrum---from cleaning to dentures to high tech titanium implants. On some days I have had as many as 6 of his team members work on me.
Dr Rubio specializes in implants and other difficult proceedures.   
The central number for all the associates is 928-255-0897(US) 
One of his offices.
Today I have a 2 hour wait while a post is being made---so I'll take you with me and show what grabs my attention. 
The busiest square in town is always alive with music---this guy playing the pan flute---beautiful. 
 Lots of these, carved of Ironwood----the ivory of the Sonoran desert.  A wood so hard and dense that it will not float---it is slow growing and getting rare--just like ivory.
I visit a bakery and surprise---this lady is an American citizen who emigrated to Mexico when she married a local guy.
Here's another surprise I didn't see coming.  Seemingly just another street vender.  When I saw the surprise, I retook her pict to let you experience it as I did:  head on and then------ 
Like this:  She's walking the streets with her baby sound asleep on her back. Is this a tragedy?  Yes---and every one of us is responsible for ending it.
 The infamous green door. (remember the song?)  I've been in there---a loud, sleezy, bar with what appeared to me to be prostitutes. No thanks!
You'd never guess what happened here: This small ditch is a tiny remnant of a giant flood in 1904/05.  The Colorado River broke through its barriers---created a new river and a new sea---The Salton sea. Here's the picts:
Walking on--I spot what I guess are fighting birds.
 This struck me too--the meeting place for Narcotics anonymous.
 Then I moved to the edge of the city ---saw this
And this---that's a man sleeping there---his doggie companions patiently waiting.
 Of course I engage him---It's what I do.  He sits up and chats with me---I can speak a bit of spanish.  He was amazingly friendly and open--and unashamed of his circumstance.  It was as though I bestirred a friendly farmer on his front porch.  I asked no embarassing questions---we chatted about funny things and told him I wanted to buy him coffee---gave him two bucks.  He melted my heart with his simple presence.
I loved him---and I won't forget him.  If I were Wayne Wirs (http://waynewirs.com/ I might believe this was an angel sent to show me PRESENCE. 
 I got my post installed---and a temporary tooth and head home. The crown will be ready in a few days.  This is the line of folks re-entering the US. Not a terrible wait--this one-- 32 minutes.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: Mexico is a sink-or-swim economy.  It will break your heart to see little kids, grown men and old ladies walking long hours selling trinkets to earn a mere pittance.  It is not a decent life nor a worthy use of human time.  I cross the border hating capitalism on both sides.  Given the state of our technology---no one on this planet should be hungry or unclothed or unhoused---or uneducated---or unchallenged with worthy aims.  And no one should work for a pittance.  It demeans humanity as a whole that we tolerate such cruel inequity.  I pledge to give my best thought to this subject. 


Joyce said...

About the woman carrying the baby..what was wrong/bad about that? Women carry their children similarly all over the world, including in the good ole USA. Was there more to this story that you didn't mention, or that I somehow missed?

wayne said...

" If I were Wayne Wirs (http://waynewirs.com/ I might believe this was an angel sent to show me PRESENCE."

I appreciate the mention, but what I find fascinating about this story is not whether I would have seen God/Her in this man... but the fact that you did. :)

The Desert Scruff said...

It is painful to see people struggling. A very touching post. It will be interesting to see where your thoughts lead you.

Susan said...

Joyce, I had the same question. :-) I think babies probably prefer being close to their mother's bodies versus a stroller although it is possibly harder on the mother's back. I actually this was endearing.

Thanks for sharing a glimpse of life across the border, Randy!


Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing what your dental work set you back? Thx.

Randy said...

Joyce/Susan: Perhaps you're right--a baby swaddled on her back is no wrong---Sacagawea carried her child in like manner leading Lewis and Clarke. So what upsets me so much? I guess it's the indignity of having to work so hard for so little. Someday, when, we have dealt intelligently with greed, religion and right wing politics---noone will live so desperate a life.

Randy said...

Anonymous: Right now, I'm facing an extraction---$65
add a bone graft--$160
an implant---$820
I failed to memtion that if a proceedure fails within 3 years Rubio will re do it for free.

1 More Mile! said...

Susan, well said.

Randy, you know that your ideologies of socialism have failed, time and time again, right?

What's your magic ti reverse this pattern of history?

Anonymous said...

Randy, your post is a good reminder for people to take care of their teeth. The cost of repairing 1 tooth can easily cost 2-3 thousand dollars in the states. This is not counting the pain and discomfort one goes through before heading to the dentist to repair the damage.

For the record, I am not a dentist - just a person who has spent many years in the dentist chair keeping my teeth cleaned and in good repair. I hear the pain and cost other patients have to endure on my twice yearly visits.

The $500 you may have to pay when you're young is nothing compared to the cost and discomfort one will pay when they're older - even if you do have the work done in Mexico.

Randy said...

Thank you Anonymous---and you're so right. Just a little more care in my youth would have saved all this agony and expense. Yesterday I hiked with a guy 50 plus who has NEVER HAD A CAVITY. He said when he was in grade school every kid was given a cup containing flouride and told to rinse his mouth thoroughly with it. Maybe that would be a good thing--incredibly cheap and effective when coupled with the steps you mentioned. I wish kids would be shown some rotten mouths to motivate them.

Rob said...

Fluoride or picking good grandparents?

Anonymous said...

For an interesting take on part of your question take a look at Sue's blog, not too far from the lady working to stay alive while carrying her child.


Somebody risking everything for a better life, someone looking to pick the apples and do the work in the fields no one else seems to want to do? Or are they criminals to be punished?

Should we set a guest worker system that actually works or should we hire the East Germans & Soviets to build us a wall (they did a fine job not too many years ago)?

Rob said...

Every time I come to this site to see if Randy has put something new up I see that picture of what looks like someone standing at a urinal..

Randy said...

Rob: That's me being x-rayed at a high tech 360 degree machine.

Rob said...

I know what it really is but with that first glance....

1 More Mile! said...

Good Lord Randy. You have not posted an entry in weeks. I know you are not cramped for time! How about a few Taco Stand Zreviews from your ast trip to MX?