Thursday, July 26, 2012



Meet Mary---A professional counselor who'se work takes her region wide---into homes in far flung places---serving people in various states of  need.  She became a treasured friend---helping us navigate cross-cultural  situations:  Accompaning us to an Indian Revival---leading us in a drumming circle--inviting us to her home.  Here she plays the flute in her backyard. (And what a backyard view she has)
Indian families live all along that ridge back there) 

On Mark's birthday she brought gifts for all of us---here presenting me with a native art hiking stick.

Giving lovely jewelry to Laurie, Ginger (and Mark)

On another day, the ladies move through the campground ----rounding up "Kindred Spirits" for an impromptu get together.

Reaching out to our animal friends, Mark and I try to make friends with these wild horses.  The Stallion positioned himself to defend his harem.  We learned that anyone desiring a horse---is welcome to catch one of these and call it his own.  Few bother---because upkeep on a horse is considerable.

Laurie is our boldest "outreacher" ---writing a song for the locals---then performing a concert for them.
Often, I get to hear her creations first.
See her rig--hear her sing--here:
One day we hiked the canyon--all the way to the dam.  See the gushing water--it services downstream farmers in Bluewater village----onetime CARROT CAPITOL of the US-----till Uranium was discovered herebouts.
I engaged this guy in Grants, NM---hoping for a story.  Sure enough he lives in his car since he lost his electricans job.
Showed me how he stretches out catycornered to sleep. (His accomodations would be much roomier if he would stash that seat somewhere)  --He said yes---he'd thought of that.   Was a bit dispirited---I got my maps out and showed him places to camp--escaping summer heat--and winter's chill.  He seemed appreciative---taking notes.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  I'M CONVINCED THE GOOD LIFE INVOLVES "KNOTTING UP" AS WELL AS SPREADING OUT.  Our group has now moved on from Bluewater--to Albuquerque--to Santa Fe and are now "knotted up" at Lake Heron, NM.  Will update on those two places in my next blog entry.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I love all your interactions with people you meet. Glad you are okay...two weeks on "no Randy" is too long! LOL Linda

Sondra said...

Sounds like you guys are hanging in there..I love the Indian FLute...I learned to play greensleves on the small flute i have...
I would love to catch one of those wild horses and break him myself in fact its one of my bucket wishes...
I camped in my van (the Dixxeland Express) at the Beach last was a campground so I had electric otherwise it would be too HOT to sleep in it, a fan did the trick...I took out the extra seats and left those home....Plenty of space and it was quite comfy! Hope things look up for that guy soon.
Happy Trails.

Johnny Coughen said...

Hi Randy :)

Electricians that lose their jobs will be fine. They still have their skills. Same goes for most craftsmen.

Sondra: horses aren't meant to be broken... they're to be made friends with :)

Yes to Linda: more frequency is appreciated... but not at the expense of you living and loving your life. Keep it up! I look forward to reading each of your encounters and thoughts on them.

Anonymous said...

After visiting your blog I found it so interesting that I read it all the way through. It is a fascinating life you have made for yourself. Your wisdom and musings on various subjects and your willingness to engage people that you cross paths with are the most enlightening and satisfying parts of your story, for me anyhow. I can say I have a great deal of respect for you without ever meeting you.

I would occasionally snap out of my kodger nirvana only on those rare instances where you express your unwavering opposition to all things "God" or the political ideologies of the right wing segments of our society. It was during these instances that my escape to your stories of unbridled freedom felt limited by the divisive rhetoric of intolerance.

Being neither overly religious nor political I felt the need to write and express my opinion that you may alienate close to 50% of the population ( in America ) with your views on those two topics. Your collective writings on those subjects would make for a great second blog. Being that I don't think you will convert any Christians to atheists or republicans to democrats the question would be, Why put it out there?

your occasional tirades come accross like an aberration to your overall philosophy. Is there something deeper?

Randy said...

Thanks Anonymous---amazing that you read the whole thing. And yeah, I am a bit opinionated on those two subjects. Interesting that my closest companions in my current tribe do not share my opinions on those subjects but love me anyway. Wayne Wirs the enlightened mystic (and author) just joined us today: ---look forward to his influence. Have you read THE RIGHTEOUS MIND by Haidt that makes our political divisions suddenly clear as a bell? Hint: these six values in various orders of ascendency: CARE--FAIRNESS--LIBERTY--AUTHORITY--LOYALTY--SANCTITY.

Randy said...

Sondra: So the van was your new project awhile back. Welcome to the road--however temporary. We are waiting for you out here.

Bob said...

Interesting as always. But I must say the photo's have been getting better! I especially like the first one in this set. Awesome!

Me and My Dog said...

Hey Randy,
I was at Bluewater Lake for three 3-week periods this summer. The small group of 5 horses are owned by someone who dropped them off to free-range. I was also told they were wild, but later learned they are not. The large heard of 25+ horses are also free ranging from a nearby ranch. Those horses sure enhanced my camping experience! Loved the little foals. I have lots of great photos of them on my blog. :)