Thursday, July 12, 2012



Boonie suggested a back road from Quemado, NM to Grants,NM(hwy36/117) so two of us took it.  Wow! I declare it one of the great roads of NM.

En route to Bluewater State Park, NM where we all converge---each getting a lakefront view.

Ginger let's her computer acquaint us with a radical new Philosophy.
On another day our group blends with another group.  

On still another day---a new friend Mary introduces us to drumming as a kind of harmonizing meditation.
And yeah, I got into it.

While collectively adventuring one day we drove across a bumpy field to investigate this tent.  Turns out to be an Indian Revival tent----we wangled an invitation---resolved to return that night for the service.
And we did----arriving early to see the preparations---band warms up---members pray for a successful service.

The crowd throngs in---music is lively---we find ourselves abandoning spectatorism---begin to clap, wave, sing, shout with the crowd---we caught the spirit---had a great time---AND THEN---AND THEN.

One of our number (who else but Laurie) felt moved to testify (the theme of the service).  She walked up on the stage---whispered to a guitarist---who surrendered his guitar to her---then stepped to the microphone and testified.  ( something about God's blessings).  Our jaws were still agape when she began to play and sing.
A great song (from her latest album).  The crowd joined in the chorus. Photography, I suspected was not welcome ---but how many moments are there like this.

Here is a very strange hobby caught on film.  Ginger---for many years---has been photographing roadside shoes----is composing a coffee-table book.  I'm told she will never pass a shoe without stopping to record it.
And if Laurie hadn't amazed us enough---one day she went into a small store---saw a guitar she liked---negotiated to own it by giving a concert on a Sunday morning at the local Diner.  Of course she dazzled us all---then persuaded me to do two of my poems--"The dance of Testosterone" and "The dance of estrogen"
Recognize this? It is a classic RV fron the 50's era---An Ultravan.  This one freshly rescued from mouldy Oregon---is scheduled for complete renovation. Mark and I stop to appreciate it.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  A tribe can sweep its members along--FOR GOOD AND ILL. I think you get the drift of this story---proof that my friends expand my world.  Each of us has a different set of fascinations and when we "knot up" (connect with the intent to enrich) we introduce each other to new experiences and ideas.  AND MORE---we embolden each other.  I count myself very lucky for my set of friends---individuals extraordinaire. 


Wayne (Wirs) said...

There is a balance, a harmony---and artists know this, indeed, require it---between solitude and society.

Ask Laurie if she could compose her works while entertaining others.

But what good her works if not shared with others?

I look forward to joining you soon.

Sondra said...

I am very familiar with the Ambrams tapes, I prefer the Secret its more precise,,,Im not so sure I believe in Channeling.
ITS awesome to share your talents with each other, its all part of the plan.
Love that old van ITs a beauty.

Boonie said...

I think it would benefit the Cause --building an RV tribe that practices non-routine interaction -- if you didn't conflate it with this "'s the dawning of the Age of Aquarius" crap. They really are two separate issues.

There is no reason why rational human beings can't see the benefits of group travel. No superstitious fads need to be added to the mix. And doing so just repels rational people.

CB Genrich said...

I agree with Boonie about not needing the Age of Aquarius type crap. Still, I think non-routine interaction is a really broad brush and allows for it at the margins.

I'm CB Genrich, having emailed about the caravan months ago. I mention it to people regularly, and have a strong interest in joining up. It's a really long way from GA/SC/NC/FL, where I have roots. I don't rule it out, but not this summer.

Keep posting, and I'll keep reading.


Boonie said...

CB Gengrich, I'm glad you took my comment right. I was afraid that somebody would think that I was ripping the Age of Aquarius; instead, I was just pointing out that it is irrelevant to Randy's overall mission.

But if I was a new reader I might get the impression that Randy was less interested in the serious and important mission of building a better RV lifestyle than in pandering to -- or evangelizing for -- the laughable cultural fads of California.

On the other hand it might take a New Age shaman, equipped with Ouija boards and tarot cards, to divine the right characters from the "Captcha" verification at the bottom of the comment box. Damn, Randy, get rid of these things!

Sondra said...

YES I agree I have to CHANNEL the powers that be to get these word verify things correct.. LETS all face it, this is not fort knox, who cares if a few robots sneek in...X nay the verify...become a verify free zone..
Meanwhile speaking of the dawning of the Age of Aquarian types mentioned:
to me its wonderful to stretch the mind, and the imagination beyond what we know and normally talk about-- what MAY be possible? Its a good topic to bring about discussions and get to know each other better, like playing a game of chess or checkers or go fish; SO long as you dont all drink atomic koolaide and ride away on a comet, I think you'll be A-okay!

Randy said...

Thank you Sondra--as always for your thoughtful comment---particularly alerting me to the verify obstruction to commenting. It was unintentional---a glitch by blogspot. Thanks to Boonie--I got it corrected.

Anonymous said...

A wise friend of mine, during a discussion of seeking "like minds" in community, said, "Why would you want to go somewhere where the spiritual community already exists in force? It seems a new clique is already formed from the spiritual seekers. You can make a more profound impact in a place where such a community does not yet exist."

The comments from Boonie reminded me of my friend. I tend to think there is something there. What do you think Randy?

Jim said...

You were doing so well with your Extra-Virgin Olive Oil diet thing . . . what happened? All that yummy SouthWestern cuisine or just an unflattering pose in the blue shirt?
You likely already know that belly fat is the host of last resort for Men? By then, our chest cavities are already filled with fat -- packed in around our heart, our lungs, etc. -- nothing has enough room to move properly. It's the biggest reasons folks who are overweight have trouble catching their breath and, at high altitude, they feel like they're gonna' DIE!
I'm not your doctor but I pedal my mountain bike 20 miles a day at moderate speed (8 to 12 MPH -- averaging about 10) which (according to the calorie burn charts I use) burns about 2,000 calories a day. I'm 58, 6'4" and about 195 pounds. With this level of exercise, I eat or drink whatever I want. If I'm not careful, I'll actually start to lose weight. I recommend it highly. The only thing lower impact is swimming.

Anonymous said...

"If I don't live for myself, who will? If I don't contribute to others, what am I?"
Rebbecca Goldberg
Sort of says it for me.

Anonymous said...

Make that Rebbecca Goldstein.

Sue said...

So, just wondering, did you bump into Francis?

castello said...


hatman said...

Agree, Randy has become very boring since taking on the mission of being connected. Maybe being connected is not such a good idea - leads to stagnation - not enough of a challenge. What happened to the philosophical, witty, cantakerous, whip wielding kodger that we used to know and love.

Ed said...

I agree that NM117 & NM36 is a great drive.

On September 30, 2011 I went from Albuquerque to Silver City via this route: Central Ave, Old Coors Rd/NM45/NM314, NM6, Old US Hwy 66, State Rd 124, NM117, NM36, US60, NM32, NM12 & US180.

Most of those early streets and roads were on the Old-Old US Hwy 66 to NM117.