Friday, November 24, 2006

Rendezvous Update

Folks are gathering. Many have signaled their intentions and offered good suggestions.

Directions: From Niland, CA, go east 3 miles into the Slabs. Look for a sign "Mobile Codgers Rendezvous" at LOW Road. Go right to it's end, then turn left, and look for us. (From Niland east, the roads are a bit dippy, so go easy.)

Our first get-together will be at 4 pm Monday.

I have compiled a list of subjects from which, at the group's discretion, we will discuss, including useful gadgets, mobile technology, camping strategy, security, money saving and earning tips, amusements, adventures, etc. Those who are willing will show off their adaptations.

If you have a special expertise, interest, or hobby, we would like to quiz you about it.

The Slabs are an acquired taste and a unique experience. Your first impression may not be good, but in time you can appreciate its virtues.
  • It is the only permanent free campground in America.
  • It is living evidence that ungoverned people will self-organize for the common good.
  • It is a sancuary where one can court solitude or draw near to others.

And don't forget: We will elect a King of Kodgers, as an inspirational icon for a year.

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