Sunday, August 05, 2007

Amazing Discovery

Here it is! The stone that didn't roll. It is hidden in a quiet nook of a lazy stream near Tillamook, Or; the very stone that gave rise to the famous proverb. And its true what they say--The stone that did not roll gathered a heap of moss. It is rich in hoary moss.

The proverb suggest that it is a good thing not to roll--to sit and gather moss.

Well judge for yourself! This stone, rich as it is in moss is BORING. It has lived a boring life. It is self absorbed, fat, unloved. It is dying and doesn't know it. It has been nowhere, seen nothing, risk nothing. We can only pity it. We are not impressed by its load of moss.

So half the quest is over. I'll now go find and photograph the ROLLING stone; the one that gathers no moss.

No, not that rolling stone.

Nor these, though they are sliding stones in Death Valley, but that's not it either. When I find the origional "rolling stone", I expect it to be lovely, smoothe, charming, wise for all its travels, but moss poor. If you find it before I do, e-mail a photo to me.


bushrod said...

The thing about 'rolling stones' is paradox. A stone sits, and rolling => movement, so which is it?
Both. A paradox. Every since quantum mechanics, there is 'superposition' where one possible event sits on top of another possible event. For very small events!
To say 'rolling stone' is about like saying life in death, or vice versa.
So, how to stay put and move at the same time is the question. I think it's probably a lot of fun...but just movement is meaningless, and just staying put is stupid.
There are certainly degrees of emphasis. Preferences. According to Ken Wilber, approximately, one can't deal with paradox on the level of paradox. One goes to another larger set that includes the paradox and necessarily adds a bit more information...just like a scientific theory.
But it doesn't need to be 'rational'; science hasn't really been rational since quantum.
Finally, I would say a 'rolling stone' may resemble a poet...who deals in long term feeling and present day eperiences.
There must be others.
I think this is a good topic; you're good at picking topics!

roamingbarbara said...

Personally, I always thought the proverb was telling us to keep moving so we don't gather any moss, rather than the opposite. I guess it's all in your interpretation. Interesting post.