Saturday, July 19, 2008



PART 2(Read part one first so this will make sense)

I went on a long journey with my lovely, eccentric oracle. While she drove, I did odd jobs like navigate and make sandwiches. Now and again an aphorism would spring from her mind and I would record it. When not in oracle mode the lady was still a fascinating companion. She loves music, especially Eagles songs with a heavy message. Her audio equipment was state of the art.

Here are a few more gems that should persuade you she is an oracle.

On Talking: When no one is listening, stop talking; Compulsive talkers delude themselves.
There’s more to life than speaking your mind–there’s cultivating relationships.
W.A.I.T. Is a useful acronym to remember and ask yourself: WHY AM I TALKING

Mind Clutter: When your mind becomes a pest, give it something else to do.

Maturity: is knowing where I can get my needs met.

Forgiveness: Is about moving forward; taking your energy off someone else; creating space for
something new.

Emotions: Pay attention to your emotional reactions, they tell you who you are.
Let the MOTION in emotions remind you that they should MOVE through you.
Searching for their explanation stops the flow.
You’re a civilized human being; No one needs to know you’re angry.

Relationships: Are about seeing another person for the gift they are; the other stuff is just detail
and not as important.

Hope and Permission: Ultimately we have to give them to ourselves.

One day I asked why she chose me. She said “because you showed interest in my journey.”

Oracles are not peaceful souls, perhaps because they have glimpsed a could-be world and yet must live in the world that is. Perhaps there’s no appropriate mate for them–only temporary companions like myself.

On our last night together, my oracle gave me my biggest surprise. Perhaps as a parting gift or as a mischievous demonstration of her power, SHE REACHED INTO MY HEAD AND TOUCHED MY G SPOT. I melted into ecstasy dramatically altered and still am. Now I know specifically where the male G spot is located and in a future blog will reveal the secret.

That experience so moved me that I went searching in my literary memory banks for an apt expression. I remembered these lines from Coleridge’s poem Kubla Khan where the guy is similarly affected, so noticeably different:

“That all should cry beware, beware,
His flashing eyes, his floating hair!
Weave a circle round him thrice
And close your eyes in holy dread,
For he on honey dew hath fed
And drunk the milk of paradise.”

She drove away into the West and I likely will never see her again. I grieved awhile then utilized the wisdom she left with me.

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