Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Meet Jared, a would-be shaman. He’s young, 22, but quite serious about becoming a shaman, a spiritual healer and leader. I was wandering in the desert west of Sedona when I hapened across his camp,. At his invitation I settled in nearby–to get the story. He said his mother comes occasionally with supplies. He just “lives” letting the universe speak to him. Surprisingly, we’re both from New Orleans and reminisced a bit. He seemed glad to share his views and his fire; said he gets lonely but deals with it. I let him use my shower.

We walked the next morning and discovered an elderly lady sleeping on a cot–no tent–just wishing to sleep under the stars I presume. (didn’t get a picture or the story–we let her be)

Later as he was sharing his poetry with me, VISITORS dropped out of the sky. A sign from the cosmos?


Anonymous said...

Is Shamanism a religion you can handle?

Randy said...

No!---But they are nicer and more tolerant than fundamentalist or evangelicals.
Stand by for an upcoming blog on the whole New Age movement. I've just left Sedona, Az--their capitol where I "got the story".
And then--and then, I'm going to ambush a Mormon with proof positive of the fraudulence of his "holy book". Sigh! So many crazy religions--so little time.