Thursday, April 09, 2009


Here are a few features and tricks I use to enhance my security and stealth; to make myself invisible or at least unnoticed. Hopefully nothing on the outside says "camper". I begin with the basics, concealing my septic plumbing. The discharge tube hides till it's needed.
Then it shows itself so I can attach my septic hose. A powerful mascerator then empties the tank in two minutes into a dump station within 25 ft.

This is one of my 6 windows in non stealth mode.

The same window in stealth mode appears to be a vent. I can still see through it.

I painted this letter to discourage theft, guessing that a thief would be afraid of being caught in his getaway attempt in a vehicle so easily spotted.
When I park in "iffy" places I often put this sign in my window. Who would steal a truck that needed an engine and transmission and had 214,000 miles on it?

In remote areas when I must leave my truck and trailer awhile, I leave a note on the door like
this hoping would-be thieves would think twice.
When I must park awhile on someone's property, I sometimes post a note like this to mollify the owner and explain my presence.
This is a motion detector which sounds an unmistakable alarm when someone comes within 35 feet of my rig. I stick it outside when I am in remote places. It comforts my sleep. (though once a passing coyote bolted me upright at 2 am)
This clever adaptation is useful in RV hostile parking lots, like some Las Vegas casinos. The long retractable eyebolt allows the door to open or close when in this position.
Then when it is withdrawn inside, it persuades any security guard that no one is inside. And I sleep undisturbed.
The palm of my hand is concealing a tiny piece of security which allows me to walk in otherwise dark and dangerous places with reasonable ease of mind.

I have other secrets which to reveal would destroy their usefulness. But soon I hope to photograph and share one of my cleverest---the wheel trick.


wisesongbird said...

Fascinating, all the tricks and you only began divulging the secrets. Wonder what is hidden under the hand. Happy to let you keep your security secrets. Keep writing, always of interest.

Bushrod said...

Good tricks; lately I've wondered how your safety will fare on the road? How safe the road is now?

I served in a homeless overnight shelter last week, and it filled up to capacity. People put up with dirty carpets as sleeping pallets; it was an impossible situation for allergic and asthmatics. The donated food was very good, though, and plentiful.

Most all of them were in some degree of desperation, social time after the meal and before lights out was tense for the 64 men and 6 or 7 women.

Many could have managed RV living IF they could have summoned the initiative, and foresight. The problem for you may arise when they embark unprepared. This shelter will close 4/25 due to lack of money.

Rob said...

I liked the fake lock trick on the stealth camper, all the ideas were great but that's one I'd never seen.

I just found this blog and really enjoyed it, I'll continue to read it.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love your blog, I just found it this morning and have been reading the entire time even though I'm suppose to be preparing for a RV trip to the Big trees. I love this lock tip and hope you will share more with your loyal readers. With much appreciation...Laurie