Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A dazzling display of alternative values and art.
The evolutionary apex of new age practices.
Hippies are doing what you do in your better dreams; They live in leisure, express their emotions, unleash their sexuality, costume their bodies, give themselves new names, sleep till noon (on occasion), connect without fear, scramble their minds (on occasion)for new perspectives.
Here's the King of Kodgers , dressed too conservatively for the occasion, but seduced into the spirit of things by a "contact high." Yes. I'm playful and loose but have much to learn from the hippies who've shucked their egos in pursuit of worthier aims---like aliveness.
Have you heard that straight line architecture is masculine and curvey is feminine--and inherently more interesting. This arbor/sculpture persuades me.
Yeah, here is an issue that Hippies are passionate about. They are winning this battle with the hard heads in Washington. A certain number of hemp plants can now be openly cultivated. A wedge in the wall--sure to topple it in our lifetimes.
And they will have our clothes off or minimal--without shame--also within our lifetime.
And dancing like nobody is watching.
Letting our children be playful in a hundred new ways. Hopefully NOT INDOCTRINATING THEM with religious crap.
And we will dare to try on new personalities. How else would you learn what turns your crank or gives you wings.
A new "thing" with a brand-new sound. I think he invented it.
One of many open air restaurants--straw covered floor--hay bale seats for Paul and I.
Did I mention--there were 973 booths and exhibits--I saw perhaps 300. Many themes you would expect--back to nature--recycling--save the earth--solar energy and cooking. Of particular interest was a new kind of stove called a rocket stove--extremely cheap to manufacture--cooks with tiny twigs for fuel---thousands are already in Haiti and 3rd world countries. (Sorry--didn't get a picture)
He's wearing those new high-tech feet that lets him run like a gazelle. Springy. fun to watch!

Final comment: Some may remember the movie: I love you Alice B Toklas where the hero, destined for a good, prosperous straight life gets sidetracked for awhile into the Hippy Lifestyle.
He is "rescued" by determined parents and set back on the straight path and is preparing to marry the right lady---while the wedding march plays, he reflects on his hippy experience and goes running from the church shouting: THERE'S SOMETHING WONDERFUL OUT THERE.


Anonymous said...

'aliveness, leisure, express, unleash, new perspectives.' Those are the words you use to describe the hippies.

But if they accurately applied to them, why would hippies be so easy to stereotype? Why is it a stale, dated, and laughable formula?

And why do they become hangers-on at college towns? Doesn't that imply that they were brainwashed by the culture of a university? Or that they are people whose brains froze at age 20, and never became adults?

Anyway, enjoyed the post. It was, like, far out man.

Joyce said...

Interesting that a simple life style is construed as resulting from brainwashing by a university culture. It would appear the converse is true -- that our whole educational system works hard to brainwash us away from our natural state.

Anonymous said...

Is this an annual event? Would like to put it on my list of things to do...someday. You provide a great perspective and I enjoy your writing / photography. Thanks!


All risk said...

Country fair is indeed an annual event. 40 years now. Always the weekend after 4th of July. Love your perspective. I had a wonderful time too.

Bushman said...

If it's a Fair, fine.
If it's a camp out, fine.
If it's and art show, fine.
If it's a dance, fine.
But, if it's a life it is not so so fine (as the very first post detailed).
A lot of us learned this in the 60s after disaster after disaster.

Randy said...

Thank you Anonymous and Bushman---You've given me something to think about. I ache to ask you: What's your version of a life well spent? When my thoughts come clear, I'll blog on it. Admittedly it's a huge (but answerable)question that everyone could well ponder.

Rojo said...

My version of a life well spent.

To spend or have spent your life in a manner that has caused you to feel contentment, fulfillment and peace within yourself. For me it is not a 40 hour week job. It is not pushing a cart with my lifetime accumulation in it. It is not a ball and chain mortgage or BMW. IT is .......