Wednesday, August 05, 2009


WHEN YOU ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, WANT TO STAY OVERNIGHT! The Oregon coast highway---generally conceeded the loveliest in America. Late evening catches us somewhere south of Cannon Beach.
BINGO---We happen upon this terrific spot. RIGHT HERE is where sensitive souls want to linger---indeed--to spend the night. RIGHT NOW is when I need to pull the trump card from the boondocker deck and play it---takes only 3 minutes--the card is played! With one clever move I have guaranteed that we can camp in this primo spot, or ANY primo spot, unhindered. Can you guess without looking what the trump card is? I play it sparingly and I hope you will also----lest it lose its "trumpness." I will reveal the card in a moment---but first---

As darkness envelopes us, Paul (my Georgia--lawyer friend) and I toast this wonderful life of freedom on the road--(and our cleverness)
A new day! We have camped where few have camped before. Only the keenest eye can see in this photo the trump card.
And here it is: The boondocker trump card--do I need to explain? I am immobilized with wheel trouble---help is on the way.
I lower the jack , stash it, and go my way. (P.S. In extreme cases, I take the wheel off and hide it)
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: OK, it is a bit of deception not unlike an O'possum playing dead or nature placing owl eye patterns on butterfly wings. I make no apology because the laws that restrict harmless boondocking are made by campground owner associations--who wish to coerce us into their "corrals"--selling us services we do not need or wish to purchase. Our rigs are self contained, requiring only a place to park---and it is unjust to demand $20 to $50 a night from us. The great outdoors belongs to all of us. We fight unreasonable laws like Ghandi and Thoreau and Martin Luther King--by peaceful non compliance.
William lloyd Garrison, I think said it best: "With honorable people I will be honorable but when I must deal with the dishonorable you can expect the worst from me." (or words to that effect--I've forgotten the exact quote)

A final point: I would not have you think that cleverness like this is often required. It is not! Millions of free places to park await you in our National Forest and BLM (Bureau of Land Management) lands. Join us--we will show you.


Angelica Levreault said...

Hi Randy, My boyfriend and I are vandwellers too, and we are actually on the Oregon coast now! We stayed in China Creek state park right on the beach last night. It was beautiful! The cops came by but they let us stay the night after they ran our ids. Oregon is our favorite so far, and we are happy to finally see the Pacific. I love your blog!

Randy said...

Right on Angelica: Amazing what we can get away with when we try. Last night we found a terrific spot just east of the Museum in Astoria on the Columbia river. Your experience proves that it's easier to get forgiveness than permission.

Dixxe's Doodles said...

Hey thats a cool trick! I must remember that one.

Rik said...

Randy: good to run into you and Paul at Cannon Beach. I like your stealthy style. And I've enjoyed what I've read of your blog too. Keep on 'docking.

Rik (of the Road Toad):

wisesongbird said...

My laugh for the day!! Of course we all need those. So I thought, Randy has added much to my life - ferreting out stories I would never have known, makes me consider, seriously, his philosophical stances, sharpens my own, shares wonderful sights and poetry and sometimes even a laugh. Thanks, Randy.