Sunday, January 10, 2010


BELIEVE IT: 50 or so rigs parked in quiet luxury---living rent-free in paradise--a lovely tree and grass lined parking lot, far from traffic but near to every conceivable convenience, with all RV services free (dump, water, trash), and unlimited stay. Of the hundreds of free camping places in the Southwest, this is the finest. So perfect that I doubt it will last---Too good to be true? Yeah, seems that way to me---but here I am for a 5th consecutive year at Americas 2nd best free camping place. (#1 is Valley River Mall in Eugene, Oregon) I choose not to reveal its location--but many of my readers will instantly recognize it as one of their favorites also. I will say that it is a gift to the RVing world from the first Americans----much appreciated.
below: My rig and Paul's--my solar panels raised.
Someone, for some reason keeps the place clean and manicured---asks no questions, entering or leaving---charges nothing!
below: I have a very bold visitor--right outside my door---does not want bread---wants meat--demands meat--I throw weiner bits----aaaahhh, that's better it said---stayed awhile--posing for its dinner. For the unfamiliar---this of course is the famous and fearless roadrunner--killer and eater of snakes---eternal nemesis of cartoon character, Wiley E Coyote.
below: Surprise! A long-time friend Ranger Brad is sharing paradise with us.
Guy buzzes by on this---we give chase on our bikes---he explains his $150 easy to install engine that gives 120 mpg.
below: always wanted to see one of these (wickieup?) in construction. I think I could build one if need be.
Completed, they are a servicable, breeze allowing, rain shedding, sun blocking shelter. The mud layer on the roof was news to me---nice and cool inside.
Bicycle trails along both sides of a lovely canal. Free boat rides in it if you wish.
Not sure where they get all this water--but there seems to be no shortage.
And if all these perks weren't enough--check out this magnificent art work entitled dinnertime.
But wait! There's more. A stone's throw away is free entertainment--a really good western town. P.S. Notice I'm losing weight. I'll be skinny as a post by summer.TO ALL YOU WANNABEES out there--yearning to breathe free: Take note: It is possible to live rent-free----once you achieve SELF CONTAINMENT (turtle-like self sufficiency)---a movable rig with bed, bath, water, power, holding tanks, lights-----NOT THAT DIFFICULT to buy or build--as I have done.
The North American plains Indians are generally credited with being the freest people who ever lived---How curiously ironic that they now give so generously to the race that took their freedom away.


Brian said...

We took their Freedom?... I'd argue we took their land, we took their lives (Neither honorable things on the part of OUR society)... But I hold with the philosophy;

"They can take my property, they can take my life... but they can NEVER take my Freedom... I will DIE a FREE MAN!"

... and THAT is maybe why the people you speak of behave the way they do... maybe they're working hard to not allow Us to change them from what and who they choose to be? To NOT become... us?

Maybe a lil' 'Romanticized' ... but not a bad way to be, just the same...

Boonie said...

Charley Coyote? Don't you mean Wile E. Coyote? Anyway, that was a nice close-up of el correcamino.

I approve of you not revealing the location on the internet.

Randy said...

Thanks Boonie for the correction and Brian for the insight. Would you say by extension that every individual is responsible for his (mental) freedom---even those who've been indoctrinated or dispossessed or enslaved. Can we therefore hold those North Koreans, Iranians and Afghans, to some extent, collectively responsible for the tyranny they suffer under? I say yes we can--that we are individually AND collectively responsible for our freedom.

Rick Brentlinger said...

Louis L'Amour loved to point out to native Americans who complained that "we" stole their land, that their ancestors were not necessarily the original human inhabitants of North America.

Tribal warfare among native Americans involved killing one's perceived enemies and dispossessing them from "their land."

"Stealing" someone's land was going on long before white folk arrived on these fair shores.

Interesting places you find Randy. Thanks for telling us about them.


Patty McMorrow said...

Are you still on the olive oil diet? Is there any special time of day or amount of oil? You sure look thinner in that picture. Fun to actually see progress.

Brian said...

Hmmm ... collective responsibility? as in are we responsible for what those "above" or "around" us do?

To some degree I'd have to say yup!

at least... if we silently tolerate what they do... If, however, we physically resist as well as speak out loudly... when "Wrongs" are committed "In our name"... I think we honor that responsibility...

I'd also have to say, and maybe it's a lil' hard nosed but... If a man accepts Tyranny... without resistance... He pretty much gets what he has earned...

I'm not saying everyone has to go out and be martyred, but if you silently accept "things" as they are... you don't have much room for complaint.

and Rick; Don't misunderstand me... I don't hold with the "Noble Red Man" fantasy... I guess my real point there is that WE are no better than anyone else... They are no better than anyone else... but every once in a while... in all cultures...there's a flash of possibility and honor...

Randy said...

Patty: Yes, the olive oil--shangra lai diet is what I'm doing--a tablespoon swig of olive oil (extra-light virgin) an hour before I eat cuts my appetite down--I eat all I want of anything--just don't seem to be terribly hungry. You might punch it up on the internet to see what is being said about it.

Rick/ Brian---points well made. The Indians did take land from each other---with no reservations--to make a bad pun.

Rob said...

Human history is one looong line of one people displacing another people who then displaced another & so on.

The reasons for the displacement are endless. What happened in the Americas was neither a new thing or a unique thing, it was just more of the same old story.

I didn't know the roadrunner was a meat eater, watch out coyote! Beep-beep.

Randy said...

Right you are Rob---And we've dealt with the easy part of the question. The hard part is: What is the proper, right, ethcal way to acquire land. Can it be done without using force. What if one person lands on a huge Island and claims it all. Why did we pay Russia for Alaska instead of the natives. I think there's a book entitled "Takings" that covers this --hope to read it.

Rob said...

Randy asked, "The hard part is: What is the proper, right, ethical way to acquire land. Can it be done without using force."

Looking at the long line of history it looks like you take the land the easiest way you can.

If a chest of glass beads and colored cloth will get you what you want why fight?
If force is all you have (or it's what you like) it will work too, it doesn't always but it has often enough to be a proven strategy.

Desert Diva said...

I'm so jealous - it looks like you're having a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...



Randy, found your blog from Rojo (Red) We have been helping Belle Starr and he & Jeanie came down to do some work also.

Sandee said...

I enjoy reading your blog very much. I love the bits of insight and honesty you include. I have lived full time in a small 24 foot RV in Monterey, Ca for the last 9 months, parking where ever I can find. (Thanks to the solar panels I had installed)

In Feb I am driving to Yuma to meet my dad for a couple of weeks. I am going to use some of your blog entries to guide me in seeing the sites along the way.

Now, the real reason for my contacting you, I REALLY want to know the location that was the subject of your last blog. I promise I won't tell any one.

P.S. Any chance you will be any where in that vicinity between Feb 19 and March 8?