Saturday, February 27, 2010


HOLDING ON OR LETTING GO-----KODGER KING AT THE KROSSROADS---DECIDES TO SELL -----RESISTING THE HOARDING INSTINCT----PUTTING "STUFF" BACK IN CIRCULATION. Switching rigs has been agonizing for me---and revealing---part of me wants to hang on to it--still be perfect for long trips--like Alaska.----And what if I'm not happy with the larger rig?--I could hedge my bet by just putting it in storage. yadda---yadda---yadda. Finally, this morning, I gained clarity---a voice inside said:LET IT GO RANDY! Then I yammered about how much to ask-----A call to the dealer I bought it from (ph 888-657-4910) said it was worth $3,000 to $3,500 as a cargo trailer---so that's what I'll ask--never mind my work and the goodies inside. But I will only sell it to someone who wants to camp in it and with the understanding that they (at least yearly) tell me its travel story. I know I will miss it's splendid sufficiency and simplicity.
A buyer will have to come to Quartzsite, Az to get it. The following pictures show what is inside and on top. A few details may be helpful--Featherlite is considered by most as the premier trailer because it is far lighter than steel frame versions--a difference of 500 pounds. Empty, it weighs only 1200 pounds---fully loaded with my stuff, it weighed 2,500 pounds but can handle a thousand additional pounds---has torsion axels---6 foot headroom and 6 foot 3 inches inside-width.

These rear doors were my joy--they have opened on a world of wonder.

I've left two solar panels on it---removed the rest for my new rig. The ladders are hinged supports for additional panels. Note the two large hatches for light and ventilation (18x24 inches) Also left in place is the wiring. If you look carefully you can see the spring tension system which allows the hatches 360 degree opening.

My friends know that I carried 60 shirts in this closet---my new one can only handle 30.don't know what I'll do with the surplus.

This is the couch/bed in couch position---It is held couchlike by a chord which when released--

makes into this 3 foot wide bed. There is room for a 4 foot bed should you need it.

Here is the stove and sink--both stainless steel--work beautifully. Below are 4 large storage compartments containing cooking stuff, gray and white water tanks, Propane and room for 3 big batteries and a good inverter. The space beneath that seat contains water and food storage. All wiring has been left substantially intact.

Here's the potty---it is mounted atop a large holding tank. Below that platform is a mascerator--simply flip a switch to empty the tank via a (provided)garden hose.

A padded lid comes down to cover the potty and make a convenient seat.

Here's the 4 cu ft fridge---has served well. Thus ends the sales talk---I dearly hate selling things--so if it proves too much of a hassle, I will store it or try craigs list. Here are some final numbers about my 5 years living in it: Total cost of everything: $8,000--if sold for 3 then my cost of housing was about $5000 for 5 years---about $85 a month. It required no repairs at all--has only 2 moving parts---the wheels. (Never needed the extra wheel bearing set I carried.
Interested in carrying this experiment forward to new adventures--contact me by e-mail: or phone 602-402-9511.


Boonie said...

You are undercharging for this trailer, which dishonors it. It is the best custom trailer for a serious boondocker that I have ever seen.

Of course everyone's personal preferences and camping habits are slightly different. The beauty of a cargo trailer is that the new owner could grab a portable drill and screw driver and easily make adjustments to this trailer, which would be fun, as it was for the original owner.

But you didn't mention whether, along with the trailer's title, you will also transfer the title "King of the Kodgers" to the new owner. I think you should, now that you've sold out to the Establishment.

Rojo said...

Best of luck to you Randy. I am going to miss the trailer. I showed my stressed out, high dollar,high position, full of self importance sister,your trailer and Blog several years ago. Her comment was" Why would anyone want to live like that?". My answer was " why would anyone not want to live like that". I guess it is true some folks cant see the Forest for the trees.
60 shirts. OMG thats more than I have owned in the past30 years LOL. Not counting pocket TEEs of course.


Anonymous said...

I hadn't thought about that but Bonnie is right.
In that new rig you are like hundreds of others parked for the night at Walmart or some casino.

This blog is different but is it different enough to separate you from all the others living in someones parking lot?

Randy said...

Thanks Boonie, Rojo and anonymous for your insights---all seem on target. Yes Boonie, I'm undercharging---deliberately so as to attract a specific personality type---another frugal and philosophical soul who will range the earth as I have, giving thought and expression to his or her experiences. I have wished that Thoreau could have found a worthy replacement to occupy his cabin by Walden Pond when he left it. Changing rigs has not changed my mission: To boldly go where I am drawn to---look deeply--ask probingly--experience widely then share with my readers. And No. I shan't abdicate my title King of Kodgers---it remains in force till the next Kodger Konvention perhaps later this year.

Anonymous said...

Randy wrote:
>>Changing rigs has not changed my mission: To boldly go where I am drawn to---look deeply--ask probingly--experience widely then share with my readers<<

Good answer, thank you.

david h said...


From the first time I saw your Stealth Cargo Trailer on I've tried to glean as much as I could about its layout, I have poured over the photos at cheaprvliving and you blog, but never got the full picture. Until this entry.

With your permission I want to memorialize this blog entry on my group,, so others might learn from it, I also hope that you will give Bob permission to add the additional information and photos to to complete the discription there.

Thanks, david h

Randy said...

David h--No problem--be my guest and use the blog as you like.--Glad you thought about adding it to cheaprvliving.

Tony in Vegas said...

Hi Randy. I found your blog through Glenn's blog and I've been enjoying reading chronologically from beginning. So forgive me if this is a question on an old blog entry. I didn't see any shower arrangements in the trailer so I was wondering how you managed personal hygiene without it. Maybe that's another reason you upgraded. I haven't dared peak ahead yet since I'm savoring every post!

Randy said...

Tony: I eventually engineered a convoluted shower system that required me to stand outside on a mat in the space of the slightly opened rear doors. Turnsout however that washcloth baths were far easier and quicker. To wash my hair I simply heated a pot of water and soaped up outside.

Tony in Vegas said...

Thanks for the reply and explanation, Randy. It shows how well you've been able to improvise when necessary to have freedom.