Sunday, June 13, 2010


LET'S SAY YOU WIN YOUR FREEDOM---(and I remind you that an income stream of $400 to $1500 is more than enough for my style of adventuring)---And you've made yourself comfortable in some kind of rig.----WHAT NOW? How will you fill your days? ----Well---here's how I fill mine. The following represents about 48 hours of travel. 37 miles east of Dodge I encounter this vast array of whirligigs---never seen them before but I recognize the style--I call Kodger art---have seen hundreds of examples of it---most communities in fact have an eccentric guy who expresses himself in some quirky artistic fashion like this. These whirl in the wind-each in its own unique rhythm--creating a line of frenzy across a peaceful prairie.
They stretch perhaps a quarter mile west of mullinville, Kansas. Considered finding the Kodger artist--but didn't.
Stopped in town for a sandwich, a walk and a nap. Later engaged the recycle guy who was deeply absorbed in working sudoku puzzles. This trailer cheers me up because it symbolizes the heightened environmental consciousness I encounter almost everywhere I go. Can you read the top sign? It says: WE HAVE NOT INHERITED THE LAND FROM OUR PARENTS--IT IS ON LOAN FROM OUR CHILDREN! (well said)
You may remember these windmills from an earlier post---I resolved to go get their story.
And I did---from this guy who is largely responsible for their being there. He is a top employee of British Petroleum. (what irony) His job is to purchase the right to place giant turbines on farmers land. Fully installed they cost about a million dollars--service about 400 homes. The farmer gets a royalty-- He wouldn't say how much, but I think it's about $500 a month for each turbine. (that's what my nephew gets for a cell tower on his land) He gave me a half hour of his time and lots of material.
Passed through a small town having a street party--so I joined in--had a decent high school band and gave away free pizza.
And they had a terrific oil museum. I remember all these companies--do you?
Called it a day at the Wal-Mart in Pratt, Kansas. This splendid rig pulled in beside me.
It carried this pretty lady--who was full of wonderful surprises---we walked together in the night and again next morning. The biggest surprise came after I was describing my ex. She reached into her wallet and pulled out one of Diana's art cards--saying--"you mean the lady who did this"? Small world.
The real thing! I did not know that there are half-breeds out there that look approximately like this but are half cattle. Kansas claims to have the finest grazing land in the world---and I believe it. Here are the flint hills at their finest.
Stopped for the night in another small town---walked all around "looking for my liking". Knew there was a story here. This guy's much more than a barber. He is the town collector---will buy anything of value and pile it up in his shop--ready to be sold for a profit. Let me show you.
looking left from the barber chair--He said he had a hundred guitars-
And lots of saddles---there was barely room to walk ---merchandise piled high everywhere. Couldn't help thnking he should watch the tv program HELP--IM A HOARDER.
This blew me away and I scrambled to get a picture for you---This kid---riding a bicycle--IS TEXTING on his cellphone. I swear we have lost this generation to the cyber devil.
I shuffled around a bit before carefully selecting this spot to sleep in. (It is in a SEAM--an area of visibly indistinct jurisdiction--not obviously trespassing on anyone; therefore harmless and for practical purposes invisible--I camped right downtown--free and undisturbed.)
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: Creative drifting is mindfulness in practice--letting the immediate situation impact you and if it invites you to dance--then dancing. I lie down after a day such as these with a sense of having done my job as a human being. I don't know the grand purpose--don't worry about it-- just enjoy.
There's a story here I mean to get after-the-fact-----telephone or however---have a few leads furnished by Darlene. Of course I stopped--walked all around--has a locked door--is made of 4 inches of reinforced concrete---has what appears to be a bed and furniture inside. It's located south of Cottonwood falls, Kansas, alone on the prairie, beside a country road. Who built this and why. Anybody out there know?


Rob said...

Nice post Randy, a perfect rambling! I especially liked the picture of the green grass growing in Kansas, I always think of Kansas as brown.

The hut/dome at the end, my guess is someone's 'get away'.

Boonie said...
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Dixxe's Doodles said...

Very interesting stuff there...the small town story is always of interest without it there would be no America! Wondering how can I get a cell phone tower put on my land for that price Id be quite happy, rambling money for sure!
IS that a for sale sign in the window of the ladies RV? Nice looking rig--Ive got my heart set on something similar, just waiting for my ship to arrive!! I want to join the ranks asap!
I always read Diana's blog, it was via her blog link that I happened up on your blog and I follow many of the blogs of other RV'ers. I always enjoy seeing what each has to contribute! Safe travels!!

Boonie said...

I'm happy for the Kansas farmers who have adapted to the Modern American economy by farming subsidies (wind, ethanol, carbon, etc.) rather than actual crops. Growing real crops for real customers was always such drudgery anyway.

But, say, you didn't mention anything about the farmers getting $100 per month for allowing chickens to go free range. That'll be the next program.

Nate Arnold said...

Randy you are an inspiration and I long to have the interesting adventures you do. I cant wait to get out there and see what there is to see!

Rob said...

The first sentence of this entry is about the $400-$1500 a month needed to "win your freedom".

There are several full time blog/sites that talk about the $$ needed for this type of traveling.
Food, gas, maintenance, insurance, Internet, phone & laundry are some of the needs that come to mind just sitting here.

I'll bet all of us who dream of hitting the road could sit down and come up with a budget in very little time. Multiply those monthly needs by 24 and you have a goal for taking 2 years off and seeing if that life is for you.

I know, that's a lot simpler than it really is for most of us, it's a lot simpler than it is for me. The big step is deciding to 'really' do it.

Randy, this was a great ramble, you touched on almost everything!

Anonymous said...

Hey Randy, you met my dad and step-mom yesterday, Ed and Deb, with their camper van. I can't wait for you to post your pics of them!


Anonymous said...

The dome at the end is a monolithic dome cabin. Check out