Thursday, July 22, 2010


Below is todays mapping of yesterdays readers---and once again I note the reader on that 4x6 mile lonely Island of Annobon off the coast of Africa--or its near neighbors San Tome or Principe. Myself and my readers are very curious about you--give us a comment, please ,telling us about life out there. DEEP FREEDOM CAN ONLY BE APPRECIATED BY THE DEEPLY CURIOUS---It is the only effective antidote to the toxin of meaninglessness. The uncurious often fill up their lives with distracting and artifical obligations---like pets or gambling or status-seeking or money-making. Our real business here is to amuse ourselves---inexpensively. The following is me at my "work."
I begin my day testing whether Lama's really guard the sheep in their care. Several times I attempted to get near the sheep-----the Lama, amazingly, stepped in between--looking a bit menacing. The answer seems to be yes!
Early morning in a big Mall---stores not open--walkers welcome however--and I see this---an escalator cleaner--guy positions it, then lets the steps slide through a comb like device. Quizzed the operator--does this job several times a week--asked me to tell you to quit chewing gum (did you know it's illegal in Singapore)---and Ice cream----aaaaggghh such a mess!
A years-long set of friends, I learned---discussing vigorously as I walked past. Had a sudden inspiration: I stood silentely here till I had their full focus--they looked at me quizzically--then I asked without preamble: WHICH IS MORE IMPORTANT---FREEDOM OR EQUALITY? --then said: I'll be back next round for an answer.
Came back and was invited to sit. Sure enough--I had put my finger exactly on the dividing line of their political discussion. (and also on the dividing line of discussions across America). They seemed to appreciate the succinctness----I had instant friends. (have I mentioned elsewhere that PLAYFUL CHILD is the ego state welcome everywhere?)
Can you believe this? What if a store sign said WHITE SHOP. Had to see inside.
Owner was a bit touchy---managed to sneak this shot---typical of the products offered.
Ah---Barnes & Nobles Booksellers---a favorite way to amuse myself. I usually wind up buying one or more--guess they know that---and so let you sample the merchandise.
Spent the better part of two days here---A nature park at Ft. Collins, Colorado. This one a series of beautiful ponds with nice trails everywhere.
Like this boardwalk across a swamp. I've noticed that cities everywhere are doing wonderful things like this---art galleries--bicycle trails--nature parks---street art---festivals--music. Becoming people friendly and beautiful---I really think a quiet renaissance is underway. Denver is criss crossed with bicycle trails---and Eugene Oregon---my heart swells.
That's my favorite flower over there---California Poppies--growing in an old homested deep in the mountains along Hewlett Gulch trail. Hard to believe that two large families once lived in this remote spot. (Diana: take note---I have some foreground in this shot)
A harmless snake I almost stepped on--gave me a fright. Reflected on a poem fragment I wrote long ago: "If I could wish away danger, I surely would not----the evil in my world just thickens the plot.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: I'm tempted to jump ahead and tell about my exciting experiment--just concluded (tentatively titled--Waltzing across Wyoming) But I'm resolved to catch up with myself--reporting on my intervening adventures. I will try to blog every day till I'm current. I write this from the old mining town of Smelterville, Idaho.


Steve said...

I work in IT and have had to perform a few security functions in this industry. The hit you see from the island off Africa may not be a person at all, but could be a bot. An automatic account designed to act like a person to troll websites for email addresses which are used in something like those Nigerian email scams.

I could be wrong, but don't think so. I used to get a lot of hits from Africa when I ran a website/blog before.


Randy said...

Thanks Steve---you may well be right--punctures that balloon of mine. Hopefully, not all my foreign hits are sinister.

Steve said...

Sorry sir, that wasn't my intention. My folks always made it a point for me to see what's there and then see the good/bad in it so that I could make what I could of it.

Since neither of us knows for sure at this point. It's a good thing that someone outside of our borders is taking note of your adventures and/or we've informed others of possible mal-intent of their blogs.