Sunday, September 19, 2010


PORTLAND GOT HOT! Decided to go to the coast--only 65 miles---lovely drive through the forest. Found myself at a lonely picnic area midway---a carload of folks-- lop lopped in with a flat tire--and no tools to change it---- lent them my Jack and lug wrench----began to feel uncomfortable with this bunch of tattooed, spitting, pot smoking guys. So I quietly armed myself, stayed alert and pleasant, keeping a quick-draw distance. They had trouble--took an hour. I reminded myself of the truism---"every good deed will be punished!" have found it in general to be true; but also true that we need to give--for our psychological health---so I help often---and take my punishment---all in all worth it. Someone wrote a book detailing this anomaly--entitled: The Victim/Rescuer/Persecutor syndrome----showing how these three change roles as the drama plays out.
At Tillamook I found my regular campground had doubled its prices---so I parked on this city parking lot for 2 days without a problem. (soooo freeing not to need campground facilities--bless those who invented solar panels.
Visited Tillamook cheese factory--a must-see.
Engaged this nice motorcycle band--they told me their club name but I lost the note. Have you noticed that most supercycles such as these are owned by old folks.
Free sampling---my favorite are cheese curds--unobtainable anywhere but here.
And my favorite ice cream---Pumpkin--likewise unique to here.--(I think)
AAAAhhhhhh----how cute---father said it was comfortable---baby said mmmmfffff!
Went South along the coast ---at tiny Neskowin I persuaded this preacher to give me water---Nice guy. Wasn't even tempted to rattle his cage. When I step back and consider the religious person as a whole, I see a being who wants to be a good person, contribute to humanity, engage creative chalenges---like all of us---what skews his life and dilutes his good will is the delusion that he has ACCESS TO CERTAINTY----moral and metaphysical. (i.e. the Bible) (metaphysics: theories about the meaning of existence) He has surrendered his TOLERANCE FOR AMBIGUITY---he no longer participates in life's greater challenges: FORMULATING MORALITY AND SPECULATING METAPHYSICALLY. He really believes that God has given us a book with both challenges already solved. He really believes he knows what life is about----OBEDIENCE TO GODS WILL. If I could plant a notion in his head, it would be this: "Believe in God if you will---but DON'T BELIEVE IN MESSAGES FROM GOD----Consider that HE left ethics and metaphysics for US to work out. That both are an ongoing process--well short of perfection---and therefore we ought not pretend to have absolutes.---to be humble--tolerant, open to others' speculations. religious Peace would come to the world.
Chinook Winds Casino--Lincoln City, Oregon---right on the ocean--can you see it --fog-shrouded between the buildings---free parking. Oh I got cool here--too cool---wanted some warm sun. This may be the time to share one of my humerous poems:
Says every casino from Yuma to Reno:
"Free parking to all who ramble;
pull out your slide;come on inside;
lay down some dollars and gamble!"
For the freebie you'r getting , the casino is betting
you cannot resist their bait;
you're a weak-willed critter, sucked in by the glitter,
whose pocketbook they will deflate.
But if you choose---its a bet they will lose;
certainly for this wandering chap;
As slick as you please, I eat all their "cheese"
and scamper away from the trap.
Antique car show--see lots of them out west--it and the trailer were cherry.
Further south, I whiled away the afternoon here---lovely view all round.
No doubt the world's best view from a gift shop.
Oregon boast the world's most scenic coast. They may be right.
Consider this stretch
And lovely beaches such as---
World's largest insect---the stick bug.
Here's a hopeful sign that oregonians are serious about recycling. These are everywhere in Oregon. Seem well used! Setting the incentive price is the tricky part---currently 5 cents per unit.
RANDY EMOTES: Call me crazy, but I don't like the coast much--too often gloomy for my taste----and too cold. I'm drawn to sunshine and warmer weather. 5 days was enough---I'm going to my favorite city---Eugene!


Rob said...

The religious man does know, he has no doubts. You have a different belief system, is it any better or worse than any other man's belief system? I think not, just different.

I like Tillamook, great cheese at the factory (some I have never seen before) a great way to show you how the cheese is made and the town of Tillamook has an excellent farmers market.

Our last trip down the coast we stopped at all the farmers markets we came to. Fresh local food is hard to beat.
I found a web site that listed farmers markets, if was something to look for as we went down the coast.

Randy, that one place you stopped for the view looked like an old Coast Guard Light Station judging by the colors of the building.

On a nice day there is nothing like the Oregon coast... and as you have mentioned if the weather is not right for you just go inland a bit.

Anonymous said...

As one who does believe in god, I've noticed it hard to stop at not getting all sorts of things from it;god is god, after all.
Messages, intuitions, revelations...which I think is OK as long as I keep it to myself. (This comment is an exception)
It is private.
On the other hand, there is "public". In Ben Franklin's autobiography he writes about Virtue, and was big on Frugality, Temperance, many under the generalized subject of Diligence, all together 13 Traits - he always capitalized - broadcasting this publically, to 18th Century America with his Almanac and news paper.
With the coming catasthropy these three habits will come in very handy, if fact all of them will; this is public, moral, and would be progress. (Religion doen't enter as far as I can tell)
A Catasthropy presents a necessary change which can be a progress, or a regress. (The uptick in Haiti of Voodoo after the earth quake is a regress, in my opinion) The one thing that can't happen is that things maintain, that conditions stay the same.
Do you have ideas on how this will affect you as an RVer?

Michael and Louise said...

Sorry I posted this in your last post - should have posted in this most recent one.
I think it's great that you talk about politics, that defines you, and your experiences.
Randy, based on your experiences and understanding of the democratic pary what do you think about the 6 richest US Senators in 2008 were Democrats?
and why have all the major wars in the 20th century (tens of thousands died) WW1 - Wilson, WW2 - Roosevelt, Korea - Truman, Vietnam - Johnson occurred under democrats? Do you have an opinion on all those US solders deaths during democratic presidencies?
Not a flame - just curious

Randy said...

Michael--Louise: Didn't know that about the Dem senators. Not sure what it proves. Arguments like this--even if true-- do not address the central question (as I see it)of how to balance the twin philosophical impulses underlying our economy and our nation--INTERDEPENDENCE and INDEPENDENCE. Stress one of these and you're probably a democrat--the other and you're likely a republican. Your argument while interesting is not useful--I call it Pot Shot argumentation--each side shoots at the other---no headway is made.
Suppose you sincerely wanted to get at the truth or find common ground (if possible)--How would you go about it. I'm asking for advice!

Dixxe said...

Our nation has become so Polerized, its becoming taboo to even try to talk politics. I have voted for everything over the years from Democrats, Reps, Libertarian, Independent, Green..You name it, looking for---SOMEONE who really cares more about the issue than the fame or the money, & power. I am not in favor of out of control capitalism which is not working around the world--not just here!!
Our country is under a corporate coop and has been for some time..(fascism is where we are now! Corporations are calling the shots in DC) MONEY is not the answer and half the problems of the world are not even being addressed!! CLEAN & Plentiful Water is the most important issue facing Humans..yet we spend more money to elect Politicians? We debate abortion rights while half the children in the world have no clean water or food to nourish themselves...IT'S SO Backasswards!!
This system is NOT working its HUGE & Ugly and BLoated with bureaucracy & corruption, & too much power is given to Consultants who are in the background pulling the strings, special interest etc.. The question is how can we cut Govt back without cutting the legs off half the citizens? It will take a Catasthropy of some kind to make the broad change we need. (hopefully it wont be war, famine, hopefully it will be an enlightment that comes naturally) NOW there is this Tea Party, OMG they have no brians, or policy--Sara Palin's oil policy was Drill Baby Drill? My opinion is they are opportunistic GRANDSTANDERS, and they want power!
I think the answer to your question is Education! WE have an uneducated society--the majority, the Middle class had a good run of high paying jobs for skilled workers, (high shcool, technicians, manufacturing, etc) but now those jobs are gone, so there goes the middle class!!! Now those once Independent are becoming dependent-they paid their dues now they want the just rewards of a system that was promised them...
We have not fully embraced the power of knowledge in this country! I'm talking knowledge of how to be Independent...we have raised a society that "depends" on the government to led & show and stopped encouraging people to think outside the box!! THE GRID is TIGHTLY WOVEN... the "part of the team" mentality has killed independent & critical thinking!! IF you try to one up the boss or color outside the lines in the corporate led job market you get canned and suddenly you are DEPENDENT on the safety net that we have all been led to believe is there to catch us.
Sorry for the length of this comment!

Dixxe said...
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Dixxe said...
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Michael and Louise said...

I wonder if these elected officials and CEO's who are worth millions/billions understand that they can't take it with them. They are checking out just like they checked in - so how much do they need? They are dependent on us to make them the millions/billions and we are dependent on their products and services. I don't produce much of anything I'm a consumer like most of us, and use almost everything for daily existance that someone or something made for me, like gasoline, vehicles, clothes, food, etc. I'm more dependent than interdependent for sure. The 6 democrat Senators I mentioned were the richest in 2008 according to this NY times article.
Aren't these democrat Senators supposed to care about the working class and not fill their huge bank accounts off the sweat and tears of the little guy?
I am a little guy and I think you are as well. I am not political, but it really upsets me to think about the image these senators sell to the American public. Do you think they can ever empathize with us or is it just a game to them and we are their pawns?

As I see it the only way to find common ground is tell the truth and live an honest lifestyle.
When the gangster lifestyle and easy money (drugs and crime) lying to get some kinda gain (medical/social security/political/welfare/corporate fraud), ignoring laws and encouraging others to do the same (illegal immigration) are allowed in our society, common ground will never be found. These are wrong and these things are undermining our society. When we denounce as loud as we can these abuses then we will find common ground and live like we should. Truth is what will bring us together. Is that too simple?

Randy said...

Rob, Bushman, Michael, Louise, Dixie---WOW! Very thoughtful comments. Thanks. Bushman--re: change and the rv lifestyle--I find my rving style evolving constantly--in very tiny ways--electronics is the biggest change--air card for internet access has re ordered much of my time--have mixed feelings about it.

Michael, Louise, Dixie--I think you've nailed the major problems. (especially like: "out of control capitalism") Here's my suggested solution: A British style dole that is just enough to live off. Millions need not work--If they can live frugally--Artist can do art--adventurers can adventure etc. It will soon become a respectable and viable choice. It strikes me as the most effective way to spread the fruits of the industrial revolution without undercutting creative initiative. Those who value expensive toys would just have to work for them--and the get-up-and-go personalities would be rewarded for their contributions. Their taxes would be no higher than now--I speculate. The next thing I would do is digitize money and eliminate the underground economy with transparency. Finally I would make an appropriate Death tax that would recirculate some portion of accumulated vast fortunes.

Jim said...

" . . . INTERDEPENDENCE and INDEPENDENCE. Stress one of these and you're probably a democrat--the other and you're likely a republican."
That's an interesting comparison -- especially when one considers that independence is widely regarded (in professional mental health circles) as a juvenile mindset. It's the teenager who won't acknowledge he needs help. "I can do it MYSELF!" Only the more mature; the more actualized among us (and it's hardly a coincidence they always have higher IQs and intellectual capacity too) come to realize that we ALL need each other: more than we'll ever know -- more than we may ever fully accept. Interdependence is a sign of maturity and intellectual evolution to a much higher state of mind.
For the religious wing-nuts who claim to know ANYTHING for sure? They can't possibly know anything with that level of certainty. How do I know? Because *I* don't know. And they don't know either. Their supposed faith mirrors nothing so much as their desperate inability to accept that mysteries of the universe exist . . . and they were NOT created by their invisible sky god to confuse us.

Randy said...

Jim: All I can add to that comment is WOW! --well said. And thanks for focusing your mind on the subject.

mimi torchia boothby watercolors said...

good post!!!

the thing that disturbs me is that the religious part of my own family has gotten more and more intolerant as they distance themselves from others for sillier and sillier reasons. And they are raising lots of children.