Tuesday, November 16, 2010


DOWN FROM THE HIGH COUNTRY---7000 to 1000 ft elevation---I'm readyto be warm again and ready for my next adventure. But I will not rush---a hundred miles in one day is more than I'm comfortable with---will "feel" my way down stopping to see what strikes me-- stopping short of re-entering civilization. Payson, Az to Phoenix is a lovely drive.

My first stop is at the tiny community of Rye---where this guy has assembled the world's largest collection of motorcycles, bicycles, and other odd conveyences. His team specializes in vintage parts and for about a thousand bucks will build you almost any motorcycle ever made---guaranteed running condition.

Then down, down, down--till I see this famous spire. Recognize it? ----Its Weavers needle---the starting point for the unending search for the Lost Dutchman's mine. To this day--lecture halls fill up to hear experts tell the facts about Jacob Waltz's fabulous find. He died not revealing its wherebouts . I think I'll camp somewhere here, becausing I'm nearing civilization.

So I just picked this spot in the nearby desert---but as you can see, I'm not level---and my propane powered fridge insist that I do better. Pay attention newbies--I will show you how to get level almost anywhere.

On the high side, dig holes for the tires to settle into---takes about a minute.

Then on the low side put boards into position. Now, carefully pull forward---Presto---

You're level ---side to side.----front to back is done with the tongue jack---a few twist and a glance at your level and you're ready for the evening show. I pause almost every day to appreciate sunset--especially colorful evening skies. Till now, I'm all alone in this desert---expecting no one----AND THEN---AND THEN.

This pretty lady drives up , walks up and asks to join me for sunset. I shook off my astonishment and said sure---got her a chair---together we photographed---the sky and each other. Perhaps in Cleveland tonight she is showing her half of this whimsey shot. (Asked that I not show her face)

Here's my shot--I'm no great shakes on photography---Diana has yet to give me a promised lesson. I most enjoy the deep reds preceeding dark. My guest is named Debby---she stayed another hour enjoying the night and trading stories.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: So many wonderful surprises come to me that I'm tempted to believe "somebody up there likes me". My friend Pia says that open hearted travel is like pushing a button labeled SURPRISE. And then life --sure enough--surprises you--over and over. Some don't like surprises--but I do. One metaphysical philosopher---Redfield---declares that odd "coincidences" are the Universe's way of communicating deep truths to us. Need to think more about this.


Wayne (Wirs) said...

Just more evidence isn't it Randy? "The less there is of you, the more there is of Her." (For those not familiar with what Randy and I are talking about: The less we as individuals try to control our lives, the more Nature/Universe/Tao/God naturally does--often leading to wonderfully synchronistic events).

Events like this ARE significant in their uniqueness, few women today would stop to view a sunset with a lone man on a remote and isolated road. A real blessing.

Your story reminds me of my own recent run in with the fairer sex on a long and empty stretch of highway.

Run with it, my friend. Run with it.

Anonymous said...

1) That's a great sunset photo. Don't sell yourself short.

2) It amazes me how long it can take some people to do really simple leveling.

Rustedgranny said...

Fridges want level?! Maybe that is why mine melted the ice cream..

mattc said...
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mattc said...

Hi Randy,

I think you posted a while back that you can "eat well" on roughly $2 per day.

Would love to see a post discussing some of your strategies. Prefer organic whole foods and fruits and vegetables.

Love your blog.

Cheers, -mc

Dixxe said...

I think one could eat easily on $2 a day with Fresh foods!! NO Problemo..Love the sunset you got a great shot with that low light. I took that drive down from 1-40 to Payson this past spring..Beautiful drive!!
Enjoy the Desert!!

(M)ary said...

There is an R in the bottom right hand side of your photo almost like you signed it. Is that on purpose or is it a 'coincident'?

Randy said...

(M)ary: The R at the bottom of that pict is on my truck door. Note two picts up in daylight.

Boonie said...

If only the King of the Kodgers would get back into philosophy mode, and delegate "how-to" tutorials to blogs that need to make a little money off advising RV newbies. Leveling an RV! What's next? How to dump tanks?

Sigh. How have the Mighty fallen!

wisesongbird said...

Redfield is right.

Your sunset photo is spectacular. Even without the lessons.

Wish I had known the leveling trick a few years back - but truth, don't recall pulling into a soft desert terrain. Caleche may have been more like it. Or mud.

How grand to have a visitor to share the beauty. Your attitude leads you in a charmed life.