Sunday, February 13, 2011


75 MILES BEYOND THOSE MOUNTAINS IS THE MEXICAN BORDER. WHO WOULD OR COULD WALK THAT FAR TO ENTER THE US ILLEGALLY. With a companion, I hiked in this desert today. Those are the Sand Tank mountains on the horizon--about 25 miles southwest of Casa Grande, Az. We've been told that illegals pass through here.
We find one of their footpaths.
And this curious pile of stuff nearby.
A good backpack and coat.
And an assortment of abandoned gear----a great opportunity to see what border crossers carry with them.
In the backpack is a Mexican flag--we will keep it as a souvenir.
And these curious husks we could not identify---but assumed they were some kind of food.
And these items---I'll give you a close look at them.
A black water jug---specifically manufactured in Mexico for border crossers---the white version --we learned--made the illegal too easy to spot.
Electrolyte liquids to replace what the body loses in long desert walks.
Dont know why they left their Jesus and Mary watch. Good luck charm?
An electrolyte bottle with oatmeal bits inside. We wondered if they had a child with them.
A packet of medicine, I presume. Anybody know what PROTEHEPAR is? ----just one more mystery on top of the obvious one: Why did they leave their stuff here? We left the scene more or less intact in case they were coming back---took only the watch (wasn't working) and the flag. For my tech-savvy friends who might wish to visit the site, I record the precise location----N 32 degrees---50.240 minutes---W 112 degrees---07.133 minutes.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: My view on the overall illegal immigration question.
1. Clubs, cultures and nations have the right and responsibility to controll access to their "thing".
2. The US has failed its responsibility for reasons of greed (wanting cheap labor) and sentimentality. (unwilling to do what would really stop the llegal flow --Snipers on the border or some meaningful punishment)
3. Reasonable changes in current policy would include biometric identification system---easy to get work permits---with strictly enforced limits (Like Switzerland) when the worker must return to his native country. Severe penalties for hiring illegals. Severe penalties for abusing illegals. Those already here must get legal--work a specified time and GO HOME (for a specified time before being allowed to return for more work)
4. We alone should control the number and qualifications of who may become a citizen---based on OUR needs--not theirs.


Steve said...

Hi Randy,

Protehepar is basically an herbal extract mixed with a vitamin. Think of echinacea mixed with vitamin c.


Anonymous said...

You think "snipers on the border" is "meaningful punishment" as solution??! That isn't even Draconian... that is murder. Most of your commentary is reasoned and thoughtful. That solution is absurd.

Steve said...

Actually Anonymous, I think snipers on the border is a grand idea. Instead of bullets they can be electronically painted for pickup by the BP.

Not everything draconian has to end in violence.

Rustedgranny said...

Virtually everyone I communicate with is in agreement with you. Something needs to be done about the illegals. For some reason (probably money) our leaders do NOT WANT to fix this problem. Maybe we need to follow the example set by the Egyptians and get off our TV watching behinds and March so our leaders listen to us for a chance.

Matthew said...

Hi Randy,

Love you blog but have to agree with Anon here. Snipers? Really?

After checking that stash you speculated that maybe there were children in that group. Are we gonna shoot those kids or just their parents?

Violence is never the solution. I can only assume this comment was tongue and cheek...


Randy said...

Ahh sweet people, you're right--snipers on the border is something our ethics won't permit---though it would certainly be the most cost effective way to get the job done (after appropriate warnings etc) The billions we spend in our current fruitless efforts could be better spent on services for our kids. But the most logical approach is National identity cards, generous guest worker policy coupled with stern penalties for hiring those unwilling to be documented. The important point most often overlooked is that we should require guest workers to GO HOME periodically---just like Mexico requires of us. We cannot bully our way into Mexican citizenship and we should not allow them to do so here.

Randy said...

Thank you steve for telling us what protehepar is. Apparantly this illegal was health conscious---body and teeth.

Steve said...

Your Welcome. My mother is spanish, my father chinese. That makes me somewhat tri-lingual.

I still think a sniper with a non-lethal weapon which simply marks illegal's (with an electronic signature like they do with tanks) who are crossing the border isn't a bad thing.

I even go as far as deducting that cost from the aid the US is providing Mexico as a way to recoup the catch an deportation costs.

Anonymous said...

You seem to have moderated a bit from your original comment about snipers. National ID cards seems reasonable, so long as they are not abused by our government (I'm sure you can see the scenario here). Holding employers more responsible also seems reasonable and a generous guest worker policy would indeed help. More importantly, we should look to the systemic elements that contribute to immigrants from Mexico. This country's hands aren't clean. Our corporations take advantage of cheap labor and nonexistent environmental regulations to exploit the Mexican people. Our weapons manufacturers share no responsibility for the majority arms brought into Mexico. The demand for drugs in this country fuel the drug battles in Mexico. Obviously these aren't the only issues, however it is little wonder Mexican families seek employment and refuge in the U.S. What is sad is the hostility some in this country exhibit towards Mexicans and how a economic recession serves to fuel their hatred and bigotry.

Rob said...

Good suggestions, as a matter of interest the East Germans did a bang up job of wall building and keeping the West Germans out, I'm sure that those with that wall building experience could be found.

I suspect that the cheap labor is really too much to pass up, like the recreational drug trade that it causing massive problems in Mexico. Just too much money moving around for any American official to do anything to cut the flow.

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

When a policy seems to make no sense, you have to follow the money. Obviously this current silly policy of our government is making some folks money, while the rest of us get to pay.

You are correct in stating that it is the USA which should decide who should enter the country and not those who think they somehow have a right to enter for their benefit.

john patrick said...

Hi Randy. Thanks for the writeup. Always enjoy reading about your travel adventure.

On illegals... I prefer the worker I.D. card. Then enforce it. Regarding a better "wall," I'm not sure I want to be trapped in this country (USA) with some of the nutjobs that are legal citizens ;)

1 More MIle! said...

You are only 50% right on labeling greed as the main problem behind illegal immigration. The other factor sure isn't "sentiment" it's nasty politics from the left that largely if not near solely gain votes through subjugation of the weak and needy.

Anonymous said...

We have made it very difficult to get temporary work permits for aliens. In the past, there was a procedure that, while not the complete answer, did allow workers to come to the USA for seasonal labor and then go back.

Changes in that policy encouraged these people to stay rather than risk going to their homelands and not being able to return.

I lived on the Texas border for many years, leaving 25 years ago, and, at that time, there was more going and coming which proved mutually beneficial for the most part.

Illegal labor is no different from illegal drugs: If there is a demand, there will be a way to deliver, and it will obviously be delivered in a criminal manner.

Ironically, loosening crossing restrictions with temporary work permits and effective in-country tracking would go a long way to easing the problems creating by illegal immigration.

This country cannot economically withstand a severe clampdown on low-level immigrant labor. Not to mention the cost and consequences to our own people of creating a non-porous border.

Randy said...

Thanks Anonymous and Anonymous for insightful analysese on the issue. My readers may be interested to know that the next day after this blog went up--a host of SWAT team members(nine trucks) showed up at this campsite in the night and stayed till morning---They have done so for 3 straight nights and will only tell us that it is related to illegal border crossing. Coincidence? Probably! Anyway we went looking for more illegals "nest" and found a major one at Interstate 8 exit 151--south side of highway just beyond the fence at the exit sign.

Sandee said...

That Jesus and Mary watch is probably a tracking device!

Jim said...

It is the rich and powerful landowners who benefit most from low-cost labor. Visit Sun Valley, Idaho to see up close WHO benefits most from illegals. Many of them drive two hours each way to work as gardeners, cooks, waiters, etc. Each restaurant has a token white guy/gal to greet the customers but ALL the work is being done by immigrants.
Of course these are the same folks who make the laws -- finance the campaigns of others -- AND decide which laws get enforced and when. Don't look for systemic change any time soon. It's NOT in their best interest to pursue it.

Paxie said...

I've never been a violent person in my life, but over the past few years, I have become angrier that our laws are being ignored. Seems everyone is adopting an "anything goes" policy and I'm not in agreement.

I'm okay with the sniper. It's come to that. Nice is not working.

Jim said...

It's interesting how willing we become to endorse our government's use of violence as our manipulated desperation increases. As long as those bullets are aimed at those we perceive to be of less value than us, that is. Violence NEVER solves anything; it only begets more violence. The great guns of government have been used against our own citizens before . . . yet we want to empower them all the more?
How shall we justify the killing of innocents who seek only an opportunity to better their economic condition? We are a nation of immigrants! I wish there were some way to magically remove EVERY Mexican from the U.S. in an instant and stand by as our economy implodes in on itself. Would even that be a lesson the isolationists could remember for more than a week or two?

Randy said...

Thanks Jim for your input. Enlighten us as to the steps you would take to control our border and what you would recommend if each in turn failed. Where would you draw the line? Are you advocating open borders? Mexico no doubt remembers the open border policy they allowed with their Texas province: More and more Americans came in and soon-----well you know the story.
I believe violence OFTEN solves problems (defeated the Nazis--liberated US from British rule and before the week is out will have gotten rid of Gaddafi) I urge you to read the plight of Pennsylvania Quakers in the French and Indian War---a real world test of your philosophy. Intelligent violence is probably the MOST humane way to solve many problems. The thugs, thieves, and pirates of the world would soon overwhelm us if we were as afraid of violence as you.