Sunday, April 03, 2011


DENTAL APPOINTMENT IN ALGODONES, MEXICO---Begins in Yuma, AZ parking lot--- Taking note of the labor busses that bring Mexican braceros to the nearby vegetable fields. Note that each bus tows behind it two porta johns-----and something more----
Sanitation facilities for handwashing. Farmers really want to prevent contamination of their harvest.
Dr Fernando Dominguez works on me. I've used this dentist for years---a root canal specialist affiliated with the Rubio team.
Afterwards I bike the back streets of Algodones catching glimpses of the impressive steel wall separating two nations.
I'll follow it to the edge of town.
Until it disappears into the sand dunes west of town.---Keep in mind that it's 14 feet high.
Mexican Cemetery also out there.
Struck me as curious--a gloved guy--seemingly de-fleing his pet. Surprising because dogs are generally not pampered over here.
Broad dirt streets on the south end of town.
On the very fringes of town---shacks like these.
and this one in a salt-crusted field.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: Robert Frost's poem Mending Wall comes to mind. "Something there is that doesn't love a wall"---He challenges his neighbor to consider why there's a wall separating them. His neighbor's classic reply: "GOOD FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS". I agree with this sentiment----and more!!!---walls help define us---create managable environments--give us a bit of security--(like the Israeli wall)--keep out the unwanted (like gated communities or rabbit fences in Australia)--provide cozy comfort like the walls of my trailer----but, most subtley and important, are the walls of our personal armor (those behaviors---projections and deflections to ward off painful and scary others)---a scowling face and defensive manner will keep the gentle world outside--but condemn the defensive scowler to loneliness. I guess I'm arguing for useful walls and aginst useless ones.

The wall we put in Mexico's face is deservedly offensive. It says to them we do not wish to absorb your surplus population---we regard you as an irresponsible neighbor forcing US to defend ourselves against what amounts to national theft. Have you noticed that no such "in your face" wall is necessary with responsible neighbors like Canada?


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

We were just in Los Algodones a few weeks ago for dental work. Amazing prices compared to what our dentist in the US wanted for the same work!

I found the town to be clean and friendly and I didn't fear for anything while I walked around the touristy areas. I did not go out as far as you did to the residential zones due to time.

I find many of the mexican folks are so willing to come here and do the jobs that so many of US citizens won't do, nor will the US businesses pay good enough wages for. Someone has to do the work, such as harvesting, repairs and cleanup in that agricultural area of our country.

I just wish they would make a kind of temporary green card to let them work here, but deduct part of their wages to help pay for the overburdened services that are being used by them such as health, education and and food programs.

I guess there is no single answer, but some times fences do not make it any better.

dwmac71 said...

Mesilla Valley Transportation has 1150 or so truck drivers working for them, 950 are from Mexico.
So is that the work Americans will not do?

Sondra said...

HI Randy!--As long as the wealthy Americans continue to want to keep even MORE money for themselves workers will continue to be paid less and less--while the quality of the job done becomes worthless--the problem is NOT at the bottom of the pile its at the TOP!

Anonymous said...

BINGO SONDRA!!! Never have I heard it more succinctly expressed.

JimBob and Miss Bette said...

Randy, thanks for your observation vis a vis the circumstances of the fence in Mexico vs the non fence in Canada. The difference is in the cultures I suppose between the two countries, given that both populations have the "same" opportunity to come to America and give it their best-
My Vet is from Canada, as is my wife's neurosurgeon. Our mom's gardner in California is from Mexico... is there a pattern here?

Jim Bob in St Augustine

Jim said...

I've posted comments here many times -- both while at home and at work -- but recently (while trying to copy & paste from NotePad) it's a no go. I get some nonsense about cookies being disabled. So this is a TEST to see if typing content in direct works or not. If it does, then I'll know that copy & paste from NotePad is NOT an option.

Jim said...

Why -- sho nuff' -- typing in direct works like a charm.

Boonie said...

Sometimes it seems that Mexican dentistas get more praise than they deserve. Perhaps it's true that major operations cost less in Mexico, assuming that you are comparing apples with apples.

But there is a tendency to lure you in with inexpensive teeth-cleaning, and then try to suck you into replacing fillings, jerking wisdom teeth, etc.

My American dentist has told me that such things DON'T NEED TO BE DONE, although if they did, he would no doubt charge more than in Mexico.