Monday, November 14, 2011


THIS IS ME---BENEATH MY SKIN (an MRI)---and it must be obvious I've had extensive dental work. I've decided that I want ALL MY TEETH BACK---not partials and bridges--but individually anchored teeth---a mouth full of them---solid and beautiful---AND I'M GOING TO HAVE IT---thanks to a super dentist utilizing a wonderful new technique for growing bone.

Look closely at this side view---can you see that titanium implant? It was placed there  Sat the 12th of November--two days ago. Note the precision of its placement with computer assisted horizonal and vertical axes.  It is implanted in solid bone which grew there in the past few months.  In about 4 months it will firmly integrate itself and serve as the "root" of a lovely new tooth.
See how it distracts from my otherwise charming smile. I lost it due to an accident.

The problem---as seen on x-ray before the implant proceedure.  I appreciate the high-tech gadgetry that lets me see what's going on.

Meet Dr Carlos Rubio---a super dentist.
And two members of his team who will assist.

But first I am sent to this team member---an MRI specialist---He provided the images posted above.

Dr Rubio studied those images to certify bone density and thickness and to pinpoint drill position and angle.
And an impression specialist does his work.

Then on Saturday--all is prepared for the doctor.  An assistant suits him up.  I noted the drama as he entered the room---He commands the respect of a general---and it does not seem to be fear based.  They know that he has risen from the ranks of ordinary dentist by his learning, expertise, vision and leadership.
He began in a tiny one man cubby hole--doing such excellent work that word spread and he soon needed more space and personnel.  In 15 years he has assembled what amounts to a dental empire--with several buildings---a staff of at least 20---and a coterie of specialty dentist---oral surgeons--orthodontist, root canal etc.  He focuses on implants.
The operation is over---I felt no pain---Dr Rubio shares the glory with his assistant.
It feels very good to have a dentist you can trust.  He guarantees all work done in his offices for 3 years.
He took the time afterwards to give me a power point presentation of the new discovery that will give me all my teeth back.  Can you see the writing on this document: ADVANCED BONE GRAFTING.  Here in essence is the new discovery/technique:  No longer must bone be "harvested" from the patient.  Instead, a specially prepared cow bone aggregate is positioned into place with temporary screws and a membrane that covers the area to prevent contamination.  BINGO---in 4 months or so your bone embraces, infuses, integrates with the cow bone claiming it as its own---AND NOW YOU HAVE SUPPORT FOR IMPLANTS. I begin the process after Thanksgiving----Should be ready for implants  by April---and I'll get my new teeth by autum.  I'll also get the missing tooth noted above this april.

Some months of every year is given to advanced studies in dentistry.  His walls are covered with such as this.

The waiting room of his main office.
The reception desk. Yes--they all speak English.  Dr Rubio is very fluent in English.

He has an assistant show me around.  This is his seminar room where he instructs staff and other dentist in the latest techniques.

 Rubio's main office. or  phone 928-255-0897

There are at least a hundred dentist in Algodones, Mexico--(just across the border from Yuma, Az)-here is a string of them---I do not demean any of them..  Many are cheaper than Rubio and easier to see.  I will wait my turn and pay the few extra dollars because he's earned my trust. (Rubio estimates that he is 40% cheaper than American Dentists)
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: I've known Dr. Rubio for about 17 years----watched him rise from cubby hole to Kingpin.  I feel I have participated in his success by recommending him so often.  I write this because I admire excellence----and vision and effective organization. Also to acquaint my readers who may not know----of  the savings possible in Mexico.  For the easy stuff, I'm sure many Algodones Dentists are competent---and many of my friends have ones they like.
The new bone graft breakthrough can make a huge difference in the quality of life.    
Finally, It has crossed my mind to write the President of Mexico---calling attention---to the genius of  Dr. Rubio--suggesting that he draft his visionary skills in the service of dental health for the whole nation.  I think he could do it.  



Thanks Randy, very informative... will keep this for future use.

The Good Luck Duck said...

Wow, that sounds really impressive. In the states that is probably a new coach or a bachelor's degree. Do you mind revealing, in discreetly-couched terms, the neighborhood of the expense?


Tesaje said...

Interesting. I am blessed with good teeth so any dentist works for me. How does he keep your body's immune system from attacking the cow bone as a foreign invader?

Randy said...

Good Luck Duck: The bone graft--if needed along with the implant and later the new tooth will cost in the neighborhood of $2000---perhaps a bit less. A recently lost tooth often does not need the graft part.
Tesaje: I don't know why the body doesn't reject the cow bone. Previously they used Cadaver bone which wasn't normally rejected. I think your body simply uses the cow stuff as a stimulus and a framework for rebuilding your own jawbone. The titanium implant is easily accepted by the body. (I will ask when next I see him)

Ash said...

whoooaaa, too cool.

Anonymous said...

Well Randy..someone has to be the guinea might as well be you.

Maria said...

Every time I see that first picture I think of Halloween and here it is almost the end of November :)

I know there are things you can do nutritionally to not only preserve but repair teeth.

I suppose that there comes a time though that stronger measures must be taken. Best of luck and here's hoping for a successful result.