Thursday, January 12, 2012


Before I leave the Slabs for good--I Share with you a potpourri of mini Dramas I witnessed.

An elderly gentleman Lee Horning-- skilled at carving but suffering from Carpel Tunnel syndrome,  put forth heroic effort to create one last work of art---- then gave it away to be raffled off by the LOW (Loners on Wheels) organization to raise money for a needy family of 7.  Seemingly, the entire Slabs community bought chances for it.  Many hundreds of dollars were raised and the money purchased 14 pair of good shoes---36 pair of socks and 14 school shirts for the kids. 
One of our "neighbors" got mad and set this small trailer on fire.
Though he didn't call for it---the fire truck hurried in from Niland, Ca and put it out.
The fire setter unflinchingly took responsibility and was unapologetic---yelling at the firemen---"It's my trailer---I can burn it up if I want to."
Next day he's scraping away any inconvenient ash.
The incident gave me the opportunity to chat briefly with Vince----the now-famous father of those children receiving the shoes.  Two days after this meeting--he was featured on CBS nightly news as a dramatic example of a middle class family man losing his job and house---forced to retreat to this free campground.
This tiny drama touched me----a devoted believer---wishing to tell the world that he loves Jesus--lives in that tiny tent and arranges somehow to light up that cross at night. (battery power I presume)
This busy lady paints her pictures on whatever scraps of material she can scavenge---they sell for 3 to 5 dollars.  Do you weep with me? I can't exactly say why---but I do.  So many people give their heroic best to receive so little reward.  You are looking at a 99 % er.
This is sad too---but somehow--less so that the artist lady---These kids told me they had formed their own church..  They were enthusiastic and hopeful.  Born in an earlier time they might have gone on the children's crusade.
The famous RANGE night club---featured in the movie INTO THE WILD-----all solar powered---free to all comers---the vision and gift of an interesting Slab citizen called Builder Bill.
Here's where you sit to enjoy the performances.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: I Noticed these little dramas as I walked around. I intend to NOTICE my way to------(enlightenment? maturity? A fuller humanity? ) A tiny thing to do----to notice---yet it is a real experience---as opposed to a thought.  I think a few hundred "notices" a day keeps my brain alive.
I hope to report more mini-dramas tomorrow--to finish up with the Slabs.


The Good Luck Duck said...

This is great. I'm harboring a great longing to stay a while here, after reading your tales and those of the women at Where the Wind goes.

Grace said...

The "Hundreds" made from raffling the cane was $380. The shoes outfitted three families.

Desert Diva said...
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Desert Diva said...

I'm liking these latest posts by you Randy. They show a "softer side" that I was totally unaware of in you! ;-) Safe travels...

OK, if you must know I'm a "perfectionist" and deleted the prior post because of a spelling error!

Paxie said...

I call those little "notices" God whispers :)

Same result!