Sunday, April 08, 2012


"BOONIE" ( )  said come----it's beautiful and cool up here---and GLEN MORISSETTE ( is coming too.
And so I went!

Enroute, I saw this---a cactus anomaly--that occurs about once in a hundred thousands times.

Here's a close up

I'm sworn to secrecy about the location, but am allowed to tell you that the nearest town is Patagonia, AZ.  (stopped to admire this unusual white tree)

I topped a hill and BINGO---I'm there.
OOOOOH yes---this is paradise!!  Movie makers think so too----a scene from Oklahoma was filmed here.  Nary a soul within miles. Boonie won't camp anywhere----for long--- that is not beautiful.

I settle in--- a hundred yards distant---- on the edge of a box canyon.

And celebrate my view---and thank whatever Gods may be for this wonderful world.

And then---and then---from a far horizon---on a road most campers would avoid---spearheading a cloud of dust comes the famous Glenn Morissette---of National news fame---champion and spokesman for the simple life---the efficient, cheap and splendid life of freedom.

From atop his rig, he surveys his temporary kingdom----and joins me in declaring it paradise---and thanking Boonie for searching it out and sharing.

This is about all you will ever see of Boonie---he will not allow face shots---seeks no fame.  He won his freedom long ago with hard work and careful savings---and once, in a missionary impulse, he recruited me to begin blogging---assuring me that I had worthy things to say---literally driving me to the verison store to buy the equipment---and tutoring me for a few days to get me started.  For good or ill--credit him for unleashing me upon the cybersphere.
Note the separation of our rigs---about a hundred yards. Boonie's rig in the distance, mine on the right and Glenn's Chinook in the foreground. My friends know that I occasionally yell speeches and poetry to the cosmos.

Glenn, on the other hand, makes lovely music.

We go for an afternoon walk with "coffee girl" ---Boonie's dog.

And another great day closes.  The trinity of bloggers, however, sit on the canyon's edge---chatting into the night.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES; Even mavericks and loners yearn for good company---and this rare convergence pleases me greatly.  It is my intent to Squeeze some gold (insights) from Glenn and to recruit Boonie for my NM adventure. 
Dear readers---need I say it again: THE GOOD LIFE IS OBTAINABLE----and ridiculously cheap.
At least a million of you already have enough money to retire and live like the vagabond kings here assembled. 


Anonymous said...

My heart is yearning! Linda

Wandrin said...

The white barked tree is an Arizona sycamore.

Didn't know that Boonie was the inspiration for you to do a blog. Sounds like "pass it on". Boonie blames me for his blogging.

Wish I could have been there swapping stories with the trio. Of course, I would have made it a quartet.

heyduke50 said...


Aeagles said...

Amazing setting!

Bob said...

love the photos!

George said...

Randy, we just returned to our beloved wheeled home, Hardscribble House 2, and we are as amped up about the glorious evening at the top of the world as we are at the remarkable meeting of minds. Thanks for a great chat, and sorry if I monopolized it with my stories. I'm sorry, because I know you too are filled with insights and tales sufficient to hold back the cold of any winter night. George

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration Randy.

Randy said...

Thanks George for the visit and the picnic --what a nice surprise to find your group ( on our evening walk. Your round-the-world adventures make mine pale by comparison. I failed to ask whether you want the world to know what a cultural and literary hotbed Patagonia is. The cognoscenti may besiege your quaint town.

Anonymous: I deleted your comment because I want this place to remain a secret per Boonie's request.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see a pleasant posting, thanks!