Thursday, June 14, 2012


WE CAN ESCAPE TOGETHER----ON THE LOW ROAD---WITH COMFORT---FRUGALITY.                                                                HERE'S PROOF
The current view from my front window---a meadow of 1000 plus acres at an elevation of 9000 feet---wonderfully cool and beautiful.  ITS ALL YOURS---YOU OWN IT---YOU CAN USE IT---FREE OF CHARGE. 
Two more meadows of equal size await you just beyond my trailer.

Can you see the rigs of my companions tucked in those trees.  They've been here awhile---I just rolled in.

A morning walk through an aspen grove.

Giant christmas trees--Super healthy
Lyn's Pleasureway van---I show it for the benefit of her concerned daughter Lexie -your mother is ok
So is the puppy Rain

Three of us walk the dogs together at 6 pm
Took this shot on the way in---see those cell towers---Boonie finds spots that have service--so I can send this to you.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  Millions are needlessly suffering.   "Grunting and sweating under a weary life" ---casualties perhaps of the economic downturn---(but more likely of bad choices).  At least a million of you already have enough money to retire if you will join the million of us on the Free Road---the low road of simplicity, frugality, mobility and connection.  The above is a real world example of freedom.  If you can shake loose of the traps you are ensnared in: 1. The identity trap (trying to be what somebody else wants you to be) 2. The Previous Investment trap (in too deep) and 8 other common traps: (See Harry Browne: "HOW I FOUND FREEDOM IN AN UNFREE WORLD")
Then you can have the freedom to follow your dream.  Six to Eight hundred dollars a month of income or savings can lift you out of the rat race.  (No--wait---I've reconsidered: Once you get a vehicle to live in---you can live well on half that amount---$300 to $400 if you carefully limit your travels)

Caravan Update: The Quest for community caravan is coming along nicely---a social organism inventing itself---now converging on Bluewater St Park, NM. 


Maria Meiners said...

I read this post just after sitting here stymied as I try to figure out how to make that $600-$800 a month.

If I could I'd be out on the road with you all by the end of summer. Without it I'm stuck here wishing and getting more frustrated.

You'd think it would be easy and maybe it is and I just can't see the forest for the trees. I wonder how many others feel like me, frozen because they can't figure out how to survive without a sticks and bricks job?

Brad said...

Wow! I sure like the scenery and the solitude. It looks very peaceful! I can't wait till I can visit some government land for a lengthy period.


Tom said...

Another in a long line of beautiful spots. I may have missed it, how are you finding them? Word of mouth, google earth? Spectacular..

BlackSheep said...

Life on the road is sweet, whether you're boondocking in a tent or a million dollar motorhome or a 6 x 12 converted cargo trailer!! I've never regretted the decision to minimalize, to simplify, and see where the road would lead me....and indeed it has lead me to some beautiful places!! As soon as the travel fund gets built up again, I will be out there once more!

armando said...


Just take Maria with you, she is ready to go

Maria Meiners said...

Lol armando... BlackSheep and I are friends so who knows.

I'll be out there by the end of this year one way or another. If my regular business isn't enough then I can always workcamp for a while huh?

Anonymous said...

Wow that's beautiful. I know you can't give away all your secret spots, but do you think you could post some GPS coordinates sometimes so we can see where some of these places are located?


Jim said...

Thanks for the prop for Harry Browne; read that book when it first came out -- wanted to memorize it. I was convinced all the answers to life's endless queries were in there.
But just yesterday, I was reading an article in National Geographic (believe it was May 2012) titled 'Cheating Death'. The author attributes his 20+ years of survival beyond the death his doctors keep predicting to TRAVEL and the lessons which traveling continue to teach him. Inspirational reading; I believe you'll LOVE it.

Jim said...

Whoops! Went to their site and it's the National Geographic *TRAVELER* Magazine. The cover features "50 Tours of a Lifetime" -- you can see the cover
by googling "national geographic" and the first hit should be the official site of the mag . . . image is to the lower right on the first page. If you can't track it down, let me now. I'll snag my barber's copy & textify the mutha'.

Boonie said...

John, All you need to do is spend $20 on a Benchmark (or DeLorme) state atlas. It tells you where public land is, and where the 3 digit dirt/gravel roads are. All rigs can handle them.

Then you can try your luck at the lighter dashed roads in Benchmark. (Usually 4 digit roads.) They require higher clearance, etc. Probe it first with your "towed" or a mountain bike.

It's as simple as that. A list of such places would be out-of-date in no time.

Rob said...


Anonymous said...

Maria, I'm sympathetic to your position. I can remember a time when $600-800 a month wasn't available to me. I felt I was on the killing floor, and had to work 'twice as hard for half as much'.
The best one can say is 'this too will pass' and it will because nothing stays the same (even if the currently rich would like it to).
PS: I'm currently rich. Relatively.

Sondra said...

I guess we all have to figure out just HOW we will get our lives to the point of no return, or where we dont HAVE TO return...time takes care of its Children!!
Lovely spots for sure...BUT please I dont want to share with a million others so keep it on the QT...

coupe2u said...

I agree with Sondra - do not post the GPS coordinates - the joys of boondocking are to have a clear vista/view - not be surrounded by a million other RV'ers and the resultant Forest Service Rangers who will come to count and keep track of all those RV's. Stealth, consideration and movement are key to the success of the mobile life. It is always a bummer to come upon a "free" campsite and have it littered with the trash of the previous occupants - it happens way too often.

As to how much it takes to live a month... Remember, when you read Randy's numbers that he does not pay health insurance. Many do not have the benefit of the government taking care of their healthcare needs. Those who need health insurance, will require a minimum of $200 - $300/month unless you are really young or have partial healthcare from some other source - and - this is without a preexisting condition and a very high ($10K) deductible. Also, this assumes not having to pay for any prescription drugs.
Another aspect of the "economic slump." I am seeing more families traveling with children in these spots - that too is going to create issues with the mobile millions.

hatman said...

Another point about publishing GPS coordinates - it lets people know exactly where you are - which can be dangerous. There was a woman in Ajo who had a blog and published her GPS coordinates and in her enthusiasm invited everyone to join the free lifestyle. She then received an unwelcome visitor in the middle of the night.

Also, if you do manage to live on $400/month - hope that nothing breaks down or you need something unexpected.