Thursday, August 23, 2012


The contrast of these two meetings in two days with our friends---set me thinking.

This meeting was about fun.  A party with crab legs, lobster tails and all the fixings.  Also light,lively
conversation with lots of laughter.
Next day, this group (plus me) gathered to exchange ideas--to enrich ourselves. We had focused conversation where everyone participated.  I think we all went away feeling enlarged.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  Conversations are of 4 kinds:
1. Ritual---(hello how are you etc)
2. Pastime-----cars, sports, gossip,trivia.
3. Work talk
4. Intimate talk----what you really feel---want---think--have done.
I think that intimate talk is the only kind that can stimulate personal growth---the elevation of our being.  I think we all want more than fun---even more than happiness.  We want the satisfaction that comes from personal growth and making a contribution.   


Richard said...

Randy, I'd add a 5th kind, Informational talk. "Roosters don't usually lay eggs." is an example. See you, Richard. Ps. Who paid for the lobster?

castello said...

Where is the wine. You can't eat that good without some good white wine. Preferably sparkling wine.

Randy said...

Richard: the host brought the crab legs and the lobster---we furnished the rest. believe it or not this was the first time in my life I had eaten either.---delicious.

temo said...


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Don said...

Nice post. I'd add another kind of talk: drivel. Some people just have to make noise with their mouths but that's all it is: noise.