Tuesday, November 06, 2012


SOMEONE IS SOON GOING TO GIVE YOU A BIG CHECK---$200,000 or so---for the damage to your house.  DON'T FIX THE HOUSE---TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN---OUT HERE---where your spirit wants to be.  $200,000 is enough money to live on for the rest of your life.   About $20,000 will get you on the road in a comfortable rig.  $180,000 will let you live in great comfort---without working---for the rest of your life.  I have less than that---and have not worked for 38 years. 

You can join the million of us already out here----consuming little---living large.  We wake up each morning doing only what we feel like doing.  We greet our companions---walk if we feel like it---eat what we want---work on projects we enjoy----travel wherever our instincts call.

I am living proof that you need not live in drudgery.  But for greed and fear--- The industrial revolution could have freed us all--- from more than a few years of labor.  But most of us have been seduced into consumerism and debt---living hamster-wheel lives that do not satisfy.

NOW IS YOUR CHANCE-----shuck it all and join me in the West.  Rent-- out here-- in beautiful places can be less than a dollar a day. 

You suspect there is more to you than fodder for corporate cannons.  You have something to contribute to the world----something that requires freedom----and time---and creativity.



Neil said...
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Anonymous said...


Always enjoying reading your blog. You have talked about your visits to Mexico for dental work but what do you do about health care / health insurance?