Saturday, August 10, 2013


BIRTHDAYS ARE A BIG DEAL TO LAURIE----and she carries everyone along with her enthusiasm  regardless of whose it is.  This day it was mine.

Monsoon rains are upon us nearly every afternoon.  I love it!

Laurie begins my special day with a delicious breakfast. 
 Eggs, potatoes, sausage, OJ
 Then three of us are off adventuring to the foothills of those mountains--the highest in Arizona.
 7 miles into the forest to visit this cave.
 We've decided to go a mile underground without a guide.  That's the entrance.
Tricky--but do-able--nearly straight down.
 CB about half way to the bottom
 Laurie's found something that glitters
 Mostly one can walk upright
 occasionally a little bending and crawling
 To the very end---about a mile from the entrance
 Laurie finally emerges---she sat alone in the dark --- played flute music--- meditated
Evening Back at home---they surprise me with gifts, cake and Ice cream

And for a super special treat she sings the song she wrote for me:
Here's the first verse:
Between the highway and the wind
I'm taking to the road to reclaim my life again.
Though you may not understand
Why I'm leaving my friend
My heart lies between the highway and the wind.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  Isolation is a dead end--The self is fulfilled in community.  (Teilard de Chardin) 
A community committed to CHAMPION you is an incredible delight.
With the turning of this page I'm beginning to think of my END GAME----I hope to envision a new project for my final days, months, years.  I'm open to suggestion. 



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Randy! Wish I could be there with you. Say hi to CB, Laurie, and Bob for me! Hope to camp again with you soon....

Brad Maybury said...

Randy - A very happy birthday to you! I'm glad that you have great friends like Laurie & CB to celebrate with.

I'll likely be seeing you all in the not to distant future - probably October.

All the best!


Wayne (Wirs) said...

Happy Birthday and Happy End Game Randy!

Looking forward to what your End Game reveals. So many people repress the fact that our End could be tomorrow and live as if it is a long way off. Can't wait to see what you come up with and how you chose to play it. :)

VtChris said...

Happy Birthday Randy! What a wonderful day your friends Laurie and CB planned for you. End game huh? Sounds like an interesting challenge.

Tesaje said...

Happy birthday. I don't worry about the end game because it is the journey that is the thing that matters. None of us ever know when the end comes unless it is by our own hand. Glad you have found what works for you.