Monday, October 21, 2013


IT'S LOCATED JUST OUTSIDE COTTONWOOD, ARIZONA----5 miles from a super Wal-Mart---and close to an inexpensive gym, swimming pool and rec center.
Camping is free---my fellow campers are interesting---and longtime friends are within earshot.  The temperature is near perfect---the scenery magnificent.  What more could a full-timer ask.
The view from my door.  That cliff is 2,500 feet higher than here----and 10 degrees colder.  It's the famous Mogollon rim---7000 ft high---Flagstaff is up there.

Some of my fellow campers----one day I counted 30 total.  There are no official campsites---folks just find a spot that suits them.  No water or garbage or electricity-----NO PROBLEM for campers like this---we are all self contained or know how to deal with our necessities. 
 Having tea with my nearest neighbor---meet Nicole--a professional anthropologist---terrifically knowledgable about world cultures--fun to chat with.
Dave and his best friend. He lets it fly free around the campground---it comes back when hungry, thirsty or lonely. 
 Bob Parker (left) and helper---long time friend---re-engineering his automatic pop up solar panel array.
 Meet Bunny---new to the world of camping---and yes that's a Corvette she's driving.
Stan----he built his little home on the back of his truck---loves his splendid simplicity---thinks he's still too complicated---wants to sell the truck and go backpacking through Mexico and Central America.
Bob---a cowboy poet.  I asked for a poem--he delivered one on the spot---Invited me to perform for his group. 
 That's his group---"PHOENIX PHUN PHOLKS" having dinner together.  They have camped together---once a month---for 40 years.
 Meet Melvin----bought his pop up home for $200---has no vehicle to pull it with---gets his son to move him when he must---works at odd jobs for minimum wage.
 And you all know my favorite neighbor Laurie---here engaged in an interesting experiment:  Moved out of her rig into this tent for a month to reacquaint herself with the earth and the joys of simplicity.
RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: I say temporarily happy--because  be-cause that is about the best anyone can do.  This wonderful place and these wonderful people are the best argument against settling down on a piece of land.  Traveling folks crossing paths are a hundred times richer experience that laboring away on your private nest.  YES, I KNOW----WE HAVE TO KEEP ON MOVING---EVERY 2 WEEKS OR SO.  I accept that inconvenience to reap the joys of ever-fresh scenery and personalities flowing through my life. With Thoreau I say "ENJOY THE LAND----BUT OWN IT NOT."


Curtis Carper said...

Nothing beats good conversation around the campfire. That was the best part of my visit to you and those at the Grand Canyon

Sondra said...
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Sondra said...

Good times Randy...I finally googled the pronunciation of Mogollon Rim...nothing as i audio player says Mu gee yun...vey interesting word. I loved the area when I was traveling around AZ.

Leigh said...

It looks like you're getting cell service there too. Can't beat that! (Is it Thousand Trails Road?)