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My regular readers will instantly recognize Laurie Theodorou---singer/songwriter---co-founder with me of the Quest-for-Community Caravan.
She shows up at my door "looking better than a body has a right to."

Her car is spiffied up a bit---and this message:
proclaims to all--- that she considers them amazing---and suggests they ponder their "amazingness."

Invites me to her hide-a-way home parked in an obscure corner of a fancy resort.

Don't be deceived by its humble exterior---her Casbah's interior is an elegant and cozy sanctuary while she is on her "Ambassador of love" tour.

Shows a favorite yoga posture on her 'yoga launch pad'.

and her latest toy----a stereo rocking chair

that lends itself to many positions as the music plays on.
 Walks me along the nearby Verde river showing me her 'sacred' meditation spot

where she assumes the lotus position.

Takes me to Cottonwood--- Hams it up on a 200mph motorcycle

en route to her favorite Chinese buffet

While Laurie has been in Sedona she has earned her Masters Degree in Reiki Healing and regularly attends the Reiki share at the Peace Place. She offers her 'Self Sufficient Reiki Healer' training classes in Sedona where she also offers "Reiki Love Gong Sound Healing Heart Expansion Sessions
and Life Purpose Attunements.

 On Sunday she takes me to the Sedona Unity church where she has become a member and will next month be qualified to serve as a Chaplain.

 I prepared myself to roll my eyes at superstitious chatter; But to my amazement this Jesus look-a-like Minister, Michael Mirdad, preached the best sermon I've ever heard. I left dazzled at the profundity of his insights. Emerson would have applauded.( it was a useful/spiritual talk about relationships--send for a copy--4/6/14-- click here you'll be dazzled too)

Then later she took me to a Hindu Kirtan-- where 30 devotees chanted for an hour  accompanied by loud music and drums and shakers and tamborines.  Laurie danced while playing the maracas! (A Kirtan is a session of "chanting the holy names to deepen your connection with Spirit")

Yesterday I dropped her off a few miles up the Verde River for a run through it's rapids. She inflated this marvelous, super-lite raft

and paddled off downstream on her expedition.  Didn't see her for an anxious 4 hours.

Laurie Theodorou in concert
(photo courtesy of Ms. Fredly Antosh)

 Giving an inspirational concert for
'A Course in Miracles' group in Sedona last week.

She also has been teaching people how to share their Heart Song by playing the Kokopelli Flute. If you can blow on a hot spoonful of soup and cool it off, in a one hr. class she can teach you how to play the Native American Flute. I know because even with no musical experience I learned how to play in one session!

Laurie seemingly feels at home everywhere---finds a way to participate--and make a difference.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: If you were dropped off in a wholly new situation---could you make a life for yourself?  Find worthwhile friends?  Meaningful challenges? Enjoy life? Laurie does it all---with flair! I speculate that rich, adaptive personalities like hers are "grown" bit by bit as they playfully, courageously engage others----absorbing aspects of them that they admire----- and that is how a feedback loop of character growth is set in motion---- Rich personalities getting even richer.

I think Laurie has found her heart's home here!


VtChris said...

Nice. Glad to see Laurie so very happy.

Laurie Theodorou said...

Randy, I realize even after traveling together for two years as co-founders of 'The Quest for Community Caravan' and you have included our antics in many of your blogs this is the first time that you've shared a slice of my life with your readers in a feature article.

I am humbled by the thoughts, insights and affection you have shared here.

What you need to know is that my life has been enriched by our travels and I would not be the same person today if I had not experienced the trials and the triumphs...the lessons and the blessings...the love and joy of traveling with you and the many characters who we connected with as we explored the Nation with 'The Quest for community Caravan'.

I will always embrace fondly our adventure in championing one another to live our best lives now authentically with the members of our soulful intentional community on wheels.

You are the most extraordinary 'Renaissance man' I have ever met and I am grateful for the heart space we continue to share.

I feel honored to be your friend and to have such a clear mirror to call me to remember who I am and who I am becoming.

I delight in who you are and my life would not be as rich if I had not met you for the first time, that fateful day in Quartzsite, Az upon the first 5 minutes of my arrival after a harrowing journey from california...5 minutes before you were leaving.

Kismet at it's best and I feel blessed.

I love you my friend always and in all ways!

Laurie Theodorou

Laurie Theodorou said...

Thanks Chris!

You can also listen to the song that I wrote for Randy for his birthday while we were traveling together which was later filmed for the 'No Boundaries' Movie. You can see the behind the scenes filming here on youtube:

Gloria said...

This is so neat to read, Randy and Laurie! What a great life! You've found your niche in Sedona, Laurie, with the spiritual community there! I'm very happy for you! Wonderful photos! The river trip looked so adventurous too LOL....4 HOURS! You go girl!

Laurie said...

Gloria, I appreciate the endearing comment you left on my facebook page!

I really wish I could stay here in Sedona for the summer because it will be difficult to leave my family of friends here. Yet I don't think I can navigate the summer heat since I do not have air conditioning in my rig. I trust I will be guided on how I can best make a difference and enjoy the summer.

Possibly tour the Oregon coast and I have some business I need to take care of in calif. I do know I will be in Flagstaff for the month of june and possibly the entire summer if I could find an affordable spot for my RV because I prefer not to have to move every 14 days.

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