Tuesday, October 14, 2014



She lives in Bishop, California
Was a contestant in the Miss California Beauty contest.  Voted Miss Congeniality.

I read about her here---voted citizen of the year for Inyo county.
So where did I find her?  Volunteering of course --I make an appointment and bring my questions the next day to the visitor center.  
She gave me an overview of the community:  Bishop has 3,500 citizens--a harmonious blend of Anglo, Native American and Latino. with an economy based on Agriculture, mining and now mostly tourism.  She talks up the town but I'm interested primarily in personal stuff and surprisingly she opened up with ease. Is in her early 20's-- is an albino and does not consider it a handicap. Her eyesight has stabilized so that she leads a normal life.  Was home schooled --learned very early the satisfactions of community service.  (Her first service to me was to arrange for a friend to cut my shaggy hair)
Kristina is a fellow poet---an especial fan of Robert Burns---(whom she can quote verbatim)

BUT HERE'S A BIG NEW IDEA we discussed:  A town with a splendid view positively affects the mood of its citizens.  Add clean air, clean streets and scenic parks and you will get a more centered citizenry.  I reflected on some of the sordid places I've visited and the sorry personalities frequently found there and concluded that there's merit to this assertion.  Bishop, Ca looks at inspiring mountains --east and west--has the best tasting water in the US-- perhaps the cleanest air---and sure enough---delightful people to mingle with.  Go find out for yourself!
   Thank you Kristina for a memorable interview. 

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