Thursday, April 16, 2015


THINK I'LL EXPERIMENT A BIT.  FIRST, I'LL JOIN A SOCIAL SWIRL---MY MOBILE TRIBE/FRIENDS---THE WINs. (Wandering Individual's Network: I know where they are. And after that I'll go do some solitude.
My mobile tribe is down there---Lake Roosevelt, Az.

I arrive about 4pm when they gather for "circle"---share the events of the day--discuss anything that needs discussing.
Then, this night at 7 we gather for a movie---courtesy of Joanne who'se rig contains a pop out movie/TV  screen.
One of our people is demonstrating his latest toy--an electric scooter.
One day I went sightseeing with a companion.  This bridge is famous for something---I forget what.
The Lake is the main water supply for Phoenix.
That's Roosevelt Dam.

often we gather around a fire and chat.

Sometimes plan a pot luck.

Eat together.These are wonderful people and good friends.
A private gathering for a special interest.

THEN ONE DAY----DRAMA.  A rattler wandered to the doorsteps of a nice lady.
Some brave guy put a pot over it.  Some insecure lady put a heavy stone on the pot.
Then someone called for a hero.
He came
He conquered---compassionately---walking the creature a quarter mile away--releasing it unharmed.
My friend Jon showed up with his new super compact camper---a Ford Transit cargo truck--beautifully engineered for comfortable, stealthy, economical travel.  I fell in love---I want one--I could span the nation--sleep almost anywhere--undetected.  (Inspiration --one of the benefits of the social swirl)
From the rear --pull out stove on the left --fold down work space

looking in the side door --bed on top--etc

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  All in All---this is the finest RV  travel group in America. (maybe you can join them.  Google and inquire for details)  For more than 20 years they have polished their culture---discovering where to go--how to relate.  And it is very inexpensive to camp with them.  This beautiful campground cost only $3 per night.  Many of their camping places are free.  I have camped with them on and off for 20 years.  Members are free to come and go at will.  Their 6 month circuits stops are published on the internet.
The downside to the social swirl is burnout.  The attraction of group activity is strong and ----not wishing to miss anything---you push yourself----until---you begin to crave downtime---even solitude..  

NEXT UP:  I'LL TRY A SPELL OF SOLITUDE IN THE MOUNTAINS.---see  what that does to me and discover my personal balance.


Anonymous said...

Any possibility of seeing the inside of Jon's Ford Transit? Just curious. I don't see any solar panels on the roof so I'm curious about that. Maybe he doesn't require any?

nimba100 said...

Yeah I would like o see the layout of Jon's van too!!!

Randy said...

I've included 2 more shots. He's got the essentials covered but I would do mine differently--maybe I'll get the chance to show you.

bayrider said...

Check out the new full size Transit vans that are recently available. They come in 3 different lengths and roof heights, comparable to the Mercedes Sprinter. Much more livable yet compact enough to street park and stealth camp.

edlfrey said...

The Roosevelt Lake Bridge was named one of the top 12 bridges in the nation in November 1995. The American Consulting Engineers Council cited the bridge for overall design, size, eye-appeal and design challenge. Other bridges cited were the Golden Gate Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge.

It is the longest two-lane, single-span, steel-arch bridge in North America. The bridge, spans 1,080 feet across Roosevelt Lake providing two-way traffic.

Yodude said...

Randy, I haven't been here in a while but .....did you trade in your cargo trailer for a "store-bought" trailer ?
Kin in Anaheim

Randy said...

I did Dude: And not without some wistful moments----explaining----as thoreau did when asked why he left Walden Pond after only 2 years: "I left for as good a reason as I came: Because I have many more lives to lead, and couldn't spare any more time for this one."

Ramin Rohani said...

The Ford Transit is a great size and is perfect for stealth camping. I have considered it along with Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey. I think the minivans have more space and could be as stealthy.