Tuesday, December 15, 2015



We, non Muslims in the west are getting increasingly irritated at the whole lot of you.
Out of your 1.2 Billion have come millions of fanatics, intent on doing us harm.

We have been super patient with you---trying hard to separate in our minds—the fanatics from the moderates. Our president is doing his best to calm the building rage.

I want to speak bluntly to you.

To begin with, every one of you are responsible for your failure to question your indoctrination.
Children are gullible and will believe what they are told. Therefore all of us owes it to the world to question our indoctrination and find our personal truth.

If you had done so with an open mind, you would likely discover that Islam is just one more unprovable religion alongside Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism; each of which has had their extremist.

For the most part, however, they have “tweaked” their “interpretations” of their Holy book so that they can (usually) live peacefully with their neighbors. In short, they have learned to “cherry pick” their ethics from their holy book. YOU HAVE NOT LEARNED TO DO THAT AND THEREFORE YOU ARE IN DANGER OF CREATING A CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS.

DO IT NOW—BEFORE THE WORLD GETS TOO ANGRY AT YOU. Read Hunnington's book: THE CLASH OF CIVILIZATIONS and ponder the consequences if that happens.

I estimate that another 100 or so attacks like the twin towers, Paris and San Bernardino will enrage us to the point where a Hitler type leader will rise up and call for your extermination.

Keep in mind that we really do have the power to lay waste your entire culture.

History records times when an enraged society rose up against a fanatical society and exterminated it.
Google the Thugee sect in India and consider their fate.

I know whereof I speak: My own culture—Baptist in the South—once believed that God accepted Slavery:  Our Bible said it: "Slaves, be obediant to your masters." This noxious idea so irritated our northern countrymen that they waged a fierce war against us and 600,000 people were killed in the process. If need be, they (perhaps) would have killed us all to eradicate that idea from our mind.
A shattering conquest brought us, finally, to our senses, and eventually to the conviction that slavery was wrong DESPITE WHAT OUR HOLY BOOK SAID.

Now—Dear Muslim would-be-friends: You have ideas in your mind and in your holy book that are just as noxious and intolerable. Open your Koran and read the following chapters and verses: 2,6—2,15—2,24—2,85—2,89,90,98—2,105—2,14—2,122—2,126—2,142—2,154—2,162—2,168—2,172—2,175 “God has revealed the book....those that disagree about it are in extreme schism” (2,176)
“slay them wherever you find them"....(2,190,193)
I could list a hundred more—Perhaps this is enough to get the idea of the Koran's extreme intolerance.
Out of this book has emerged tyrannical sexist, intolerant, repressive, ignorant societies---and a few million fanatics who take the book seriously.

At a minimum I ask you to begin “cherry picking” your holy book and learn to tolerate other religions.

At a maximum, I ask you to re appraise the whole idea of a holy book and make common cause with us agnostics and atheist who live with the mystery of existence---generating whatever meaning and joy we can—NEVER CLAIMING TO HAVE ULTIMATE TRUTH.

It may be that the fate of the world is in the hands of moderate Muslims.

Take responsibility for the fanatics among you—expose them, correct them or kill them. If you will not do the job then we may have to do it for you—with blunt instruments and many unintended casualties. It is too much to ask of us to (painstakingly) ferret out the bad apples among you.

I say again: We are getting very very irritated with you.


David said...

So this is my first comment ever on a blog. I'm sorry it was this comment, but this has to be said.

When some idiot goes and shoots up a school or a theater or a church or a clinic or a hospital, I do not go blaming it on every one of that person's race, religion or gender. If I did I'd certainly have to hate all white males, and I happen to be a white male so that wouldn't work very well! No, I consider that person (or persons) to be a fool and/or a nutcase, but do not implicate another person that maybe looks like them or worships like them. Only the very stupid would make such an association.

These days war is always strategic or resource related. Sadly, some of the most strategically located and oil rich land happens to also be occupied by folks just trying to live their lives and get by and maybe make things a bit better for their kids if they can. Just like everybody else. Oh, and some of them happen go to Mosque on Fridays. Well, major powers want that strategic land and oil, so you guess how that ends up. Well don't guess, you can just read the news and see how the US squeezes Russia and Russia squeezes back. And then some guy in the US (that's you, Randy) blames the guy in the middle who's wife and kids got bombed in the process. How insightful!

I'm going to stop reading this blog. This makes me sad as you're doing cool things and most of the time have interesting things to say, but I will not read such intolerance as this. As an atheist I don't care if you knock one religion or another, but your comments on Muslims in general are so incredibly far off the mark, and frankly smell of racism.

Good bye, and I hope you can someday expand your horizons a bit.

Donnie said...

Randy, well said. I salute you sir. The time has come for the masses to stand up, and stop being passive towards Muslims.

David, You said, that this installment to Randy's blog, smells of racism. Would you take the time to explain to myself and any others reading this, what is the one thing ALL of the recent terrorist have in common. What other religious group is beheading people, stoning women, condoning child rape? Please, enlighten us with your highly evolved sense of tolerance.

Avid Camper said...

Thank you Randy for having the guts to wrote this. I am a peaceful hippy type guy, but these people and their insane ideas and ideologies bent on death have to be stopped. Since they are violent, they seem to have to met with violence. The concept of "heaven" has been taken to the extreme, to where they will blow themselves up to get "there". They make christians look like wimps...

Wayne Wirs said...

The Jihadist says, "Do what we say or die."

Randy (et al) says, "Do what we say or die."

When both sides think in black and white terms, Violence reigns and the World is suffers.

I propose an alternative: Say, "We hear you. You win." Give them their Caliphate. Then isolate them like North Korea. Say, "When you can act civilized like the rest of us, then we'll start trading with you. Until then, you're on your own. You made your bed."

North Korea won't survive another 100 years acting like spoiled children. Neither would a Caliphate.

Jim said...

Per Wayne's comment, I did a similar thing with my daughter when she was little. She would want to cry and throw a fit and I didn't want to listen to her or watch, but I didn't want her to think that crying wasn't okay. I'd send her to her little bedroom (just off the living room) and say, "When you're done crying and ready to have some company again, please come back out and join us." And then I'd close the door. The message I was hoping to teach her was "It's okay to cry and throw a fit but you can't make me listen or watch if I don't want to . . . nothing particularly wrong with what you're doing; I just don't want to be part of it."
Her Grandma (who would be the first to thrash her with a belt or something else) thought what I was doing with her was just the worst possible thing. But, FWIW, I never had to so much as swat my child. All I ever had to do was talk to her. If I said (sternly), "Jessica -- NO!" she would be absolutely crushed -- nothing could have made her feel any worse.
But I blame their leaders more than the commoners themselves. The little people have been so heavily indoctrinated . . . they were born into it . . . they don't know anything else. So I would favor so-called surgical strikes to take out the handful at the top of the pyramid . . . and keep taking it out until the moderates prevail. Unfortunately, our history as a country has been just the opposite: we support monsters like Saddam Hussein for decades . . . and only arrange to have them taken out when they seem to have forgotten who they work for. There's plenty of evidence that Osama Bin Laden was on the CIA payroll for many years as well . . . we empowered his group as part of our proxy war against Russia. I don't think the masses should have to suffer for the political ambitions of their leaders. I also agree with many others that all "wars" these days are resource wars conducted under ideological pretext. The US is an empire in decline and we've become increasingly dependent on these resources (primarily oil) from other countries. And our military will do whatever it takes to secure these resources for their benefit.

Kevin said...

Somehow I think there is too much cultural memory at this point to ever consider an extermination of another culture as possible. In WW2 we just started having cameras. Since then we have cameras everywhere. We also now have books that can be written and sold by anyone, without being controlled on a closed market process. This is really criminal action controlling of a gang structure, in this hijacked Islamic excuse machine. Culturally the world is getting smarter at filtering the noise of rhetoric, if given enough time.

Stuart said...

I too am frustrated that Islamic terrorism doesn't seem to be going away. But crime in America is disproportionately committed by Blacks. Do we tell Black people we are frustrated with them and they should control their criminal Blacks (apologies to those who want to be called African-American, I don't have the patience right now)? Do we threaten to wipe them out?

We have to control our own tendency to lash out indiscriminately at a Muslim community that is 99% law-abiding, even if a large minority of them may have some sympathies for extremism. What should we do? There is no perfect defense against terrorism, especially in America where every Tom, Dick, and Harry can get assault rifles. There isn't a perfect defense in Europe where just about no one can get those weapons.

We should do our best. That means increase the police state to where it is more effective at stopping attacks. It means more, not less, surveillance by the authorities. It means basically doing what we do now: attack the terrorists wherever they can be identified. On another level, atheists need to redouble their efforts to argue against Islam and other religions.

Things we shouldn't do: do like so-called Progressives and make excuses or defend Islam and Islamic terrorists ("They're really just fighting against Western economic and cultural imperialism"). We shouldn't allow any abridgment of our rights as a sop to religious diversity, no accommodation of Sharia Law.

The worst thing we can do is try to make Muslim Americans feel they are being unfairly thrown in with the extremist few. It's just not right. It's un-American.

Anonymous said...

Living in Southeast Asia and seeing how the Muslims move into an area and are very friendly at first with the locals until they have a large enough population of their own to start dictating how the locals should change their life or pay the consequences and then expand their territory through terror and fear-----I couldn't agree more with you, Randy.

Anonymous said...

None of us know any thing about what is realy going on. we only know what they wont us to know.The powers that be have plans for us and our land and we wont know there intentions till it's to late. How dare me or you tell any body what to do.

Sooper Edd said...

Well said Randy; missed you but you came back strong.

We allow these people in this country, they get on ALL the freebie government programs and then proceed to kill us?

And some are calling for tolerance for these murderers? Newsflash, we are at war with these people. Maybe you have forgotten but they murdered almost 3,000 Americans on 9/11.

The government can't vet these murderers, that is a fact. They bring NOTHING good wherever they are. These people don't think like you or me and those calling for tolerance are naive, because quite simply your tolerance is a sign of weakness and surrender to these people. While you're lighting your candles and singing "Imagine" by John Lennon with your peace symbol t-shirts just know given the opportunity they would do the same to you that they did in San Bernardino or Boston or on 9/11, just ask Neville Chamberlain.

Anonymous said...

Integration into the American mainstream usually happened within 2 to 3 generations of what used to be the Ellis Island threshold. It seems remaining secular is the intent of most muslim emigrants to date,... a deadly consequence of brainwashing and loyality to senseless antiquity, might as well call ourselves hairless apes instead of humans I suppose.
Hey boys, lets go to the junk yard and buy a new car... haaaa.

Colvin Goree said...

I get your frustration, but I like what Malala Yousafzai said better:

"If your intention is to stop terrorism, do not try to blame to whole population of Muslims for it because it cannot stop terrorism. It will radicalize more terrorists."

Anonymous said...

Anyway, for better or worse is a problem we leave to our children to solve...

Jim said...

Per Colvin, many would argue (me among them) that the current (and growing) numbers of terrorists in the world are the direct consequence of our own terrorist actions abroad. I would argue the U.S. is the largest -- and easily best funded -- terrorist group in the world. We've known for a long time that we're creating Islamic enemies faster than we can kill them. And, unlike the Western world, their culture doesn't have any statutes of limitation. If we kill one of them, it isn't over until they kill one of us. They don't care how long it takes . . . and why should they? WE are the agressors and occupiers in this conflict of wills. WE are the ones who toss our so-called "smart bombs" into neighborhoods -- missing intended targets more often than we hit them. WE are the ones who terrorize neighborhoods 24/7/365 with the constant assault of our deadly drones overhead -- completely at OUR discretion -- whether we have officially invaded the country yet or not. WE are the ones who fire thousands of rounds into a residential compound until nothing moves . . . simply because we *think* there might be a bad guy in there . . . or we *think* we took fire from that location. And WE are the arrogant ones -- personified by the military general who stated, "We don't count civilian casualties."
As a Nam vet, it all makes me profoundly sad because it's daily PROOF we didn't learn a damn thing from Vietnam. All those boys (mostly poor and people of color as it always is) died for nothing. I'm glad I got out of the U.S. military as soon as I possibly could. We had posters in our offices even then which proclaimed, "Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out!" It's some seriously sick shit, brothers and sisters, and I'll never again be beholden to any "God" so impotent and incompetent that he would allow it. Like George Carlin, I agree that if there is a God, he must surely be male. No woman ever could or would screw things up this bad.

Dan Arnold said...

Randy, I agree that collectively we are getting tired of Muslims. We are more than irritated. But is that justified? This is a time for fairness and American principles. I am not only not a fan of any religion, I'm anti religion to the extent that religion puts its superstition and false beliefs ahead of truth. I am an enemy of religion when it substitutes the irrational for the rational. But I do not blame all Christians for the KKK, neo Nazis and terrorists who murder doctors and blow up abortion clinics.
If it can be proved that a basic tenet of Islam is the establishment of an Islamic State thru undemocratic means then I am opposed to Islam. Many Christians in this country want a theocracy, but should all Christians be denied entry to the U.S. based on their faith?
I'm increasingly irritated with the nonsense, science denial and general superstition of Christians, but please, let's stop far short of making general negative and rights denying statements against anyone simply because of his or her religion.

Anita said...

I am afraid I am with the first poster david. I have enjoyed reading your blog and some of the very cool things you do and interesting insights you provide. However, blaming a whole group for that same groups more fanatical members' actions the way you have is flat out wrong as well as dangerous. As someone who has Muslim friends I can assure you that not all of them are like this or agree with this. In fact, they are very troubled by it.

Good luck to you in your future travels.

Randy said...

to Anita and others---I am an unabashed liberal and so it is painful to be chided by my own kind. Yes, I hold all Muslims TO SOME EXTENT responsible for our current violence---for the same reason that I hold all Christians TO SOME EXTENT responsible for abortion clinic violence. Each religion claims to be the only true one--each believes in messages from god--each indoctrinates their children--each has pretensions to certainty.
All Muslims have the responsibility to deal with the excesses of its ardent believers.
All Christians have the responsibility to deal with the excesses of its ardent believers.
The crazies in both religions come out of a culture--and I am saying that each culture should clean up its own messes. In that sense each is responsible for its craziest members.

Musicandy said...

Sooper Edd said...
Well said Randy; missed you but you came back strong.

We allow these people in this country, they get on ALL the freebie government programs and then proceed to kill us?

And some are calling for tolerance for these murderers? Newsflash, we are at war with these people. Maybe you have forgotten but they murdered almost 3,000 Americans on 9/11.

The government can't vet these murderers, that is a fact. They bring NOTHING good wherever they are. These people don't think like you or me and those calling for tolerance are naive, because quite simply your tolerance is a sign of weakness and surrender to these people. While you're lighting your candles and singing "Imagine" by John Lennon with your peace symbol t-shirts just know given the opportunity they would do the same to you that they did in San Bernardino or Boston or on 9/11, just ask Neville Chamberlain."


If not, you're just another ignorant bigot.

Jims said...

I read several blogs and have noted a pattern where I get the impression that the posts are intentionally, yet indirectly, provative, with a stimulated volume of comments as a result. Perhaps there's a new monetary incentive to do so. And this post certainly provokes, working on myself as well.

You say that all "believers" to some extent share the blame for their particular religion. Perhaps I missed it, but I don't remember such a rant against Christians within the context of a recent mass shooting. (Insert opportunity for Randy to provide links to past posts, adding to further monetizing. Ca-Ching!).

I've read your blog for a few years now, and you've consistently presented a moderate profile (Did someone hijack your blog?). But moderate peace lovers aren't prolific commenters, are they. It takes hate to provoke, and grow.

With this post, you have encouraged every redneck with a gun to go a-huntin. I BLAME PEOPLE LIKE YOU who incite such violence against innocent civilians. You are a tea-bagger in disguise. You accept what American media tells you which gives you a convenient outlet for your frustrations.

Well done, Randy. Good luck with Donald Trump. The right-wing media blesses you.

Steven C. Di Pietro said...

Calling Muslims Terrorists for the actions of a few is just like calling Southern Baptists Terrorists because afew bombed Abortion Clinics. Stop Being Stupid.

Randy said...

Stephen: Please read my post again and note that I do not call moderate Muslims terrorist---I say that they have a SPECIAL RESPONSIBILITY in the fight against Islamic terrorist--BECAUSE THE TERRORIST ARE COMING OUT OF THEIR RANKS.

And Yes, I say that Fundamentalist Christians have a SPECIAL RESPONSIBILITY to help ferret out and stop abortion clinic terrorist BECAUSE THEY COME OUT OF THEIR RANKS.

Fine distinctions like this are lost on extremist of the right and the left. It especially saddens me to see my people--progressives--people of the left--socialist--react with the mentality of a mob. We are usually smarter than the right wing nuts.

Now Stephen: Redeem yourself by rereading the post and notice my careful wording and pull out the words or sentence that you disagree with and post it. Don't be stupid--can't you see that I'm on your side? I WANT MUSLIMS TO MODERATE. That means they are going to have to begin to "cherry pick" their Holy book just like the Christians "cherry pick" theirs.
Great minds like Fareed Zakaria are saying the same thing.

An apology is in order---show me a more thoughtful side of you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Randy. So sad.

Anonymous said...

This post demonstrates one doesn't have to be religious in order to be holier than thou.

Sooper Edd said...

Coming soon to a town near YOU.


Hope none of those that have posted on here are women. YIKES!!

cyclerob said...

Randy and all, a more balanced approach.


Randy said...

Cyclerob: You're right--he said it nicer: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/dec/16/muslims-faith-isis-religion-islam
Thanks for the reference.

Andy Milberg said...

Sooper Edd said...
Coming soon to a town near YOU.


Hope none of those that have posted on here are women. YIKES!!

And you believe this, Edd ?????

You're even more ignorant than I thought.....


Ron Sinor said...

Randy, I know you to be more accepting of others than this writing makes you appear. To become what you are suggesting here is to become the very ones you are wanting to rid our world of. Reminds me of the POGO comic that said: " I have met the enemy and he is me!"
To ask the tolerant/accepting Muslims to rid the world of the intolerant Muslims is asking them to become mirror images of the "bad" ones.
So... the question remains... How do we deal with this threat? One thought is to continue allowing Muslim immigrants but investigate them (and any other "radicals) more before allowing them in and insist that Trump (or you) doesn't become president. LOL
Other ideas?

Anonymous said...

It’s a little late to comment on this blog entry, but I’ve only just seen it.

The alarm bell that Randy is ringing, the warning that he is desperately shouting, is, in my judgment an important sound to be added to our society’s cacophony of insincere assurances, defensive denials, and…deafening silences.

Being the generous-spirited person he is, I’m confident that Randy intended his post not as a threat of violence on his part, or as a wish for violence on anyone’s part, but as a pained warning and prediction of what may well come to pass if the current trajectory of how Islamic extremism is addressed is not corrected.

Knowing human nature, and the flimsy veneer of civilization which at any time is all that separates neighborliness from barbarism and chaos, he is presumably alarmed at the pervasive nonchalance [or worse] with which too many Muslims react to terrorism against the West, and the pacifist, avoidant intellectualizing engaged in by the greatest part of our elites—the ‘teachers and opinion-makers’ in the halls of academia, in the newsrooms of the major press outlets, and among the political and government class at all levels—whose only lecturing and shaming seems to be reserved for those among their own people who are deeply concerned about their nation’s, and their family’s, safety and welfare.

Meanwhile, beneath the surface smiles and hollow mantras of the only ‘acceptable’ opinion on these matters, many—presumably including Randy—have sensed the growing frustration of the masses, those who haven’t been so over-educated and indoctrinated as to believe liberal ideology, on such issues, more than their own eyes and straightforward common sense.

...to be continued

Anonymous said...

‘Nice’ people can cause more mayhem with their ignoring danger, even shouting down those who warn of danger, than blunt and tough-minded people ever do. In every painful and destructive crisis—from the personal drama of a rotted tooth to the global calamity of the rise of Nazi Germany’s military might—it was, in large measure, avoidance and denial that allowed the problem to reach its full ferocity. And then it was too late for anything but great suffering. Had we heeded the warnings, of Churchill and others…or early pangs of pain, warnings sometimes pleaded gently and at other times stated bluntly and dramatically, the tooth could have been saved…and tens of millions of lives.

But in our contemporary ‘enlightened’ society, being ‘nice’ is equated with being compassionate and moral and educated and ‘in the know.’ In reality, though, being ‘nice’ can lead to disaster—and be irresponsible and reckless and unloving—just as often as can a tougher stance. If you are ‘nice’ and open your home to hundreds of homeless strangers, and have them share bedrooms with your children, and the inevitable happens, you are complicit in their molestation. The fact that you were motivated by being ‘nice’ does not change the evil consequences.

Government is, in large measure, the individual ceding his or her rights to certain aspects of self-management and self-defense to the group, more specifically, to the leaders designated by the group. But individuals can only lose so much faith in the competence and judgment of their leaders—can only become so fearful or enraged at what is allowed to go on—before they reassert their own rights to what they perceive as self-defense. And when enough frustration builds within enough individuals, they coalesce into movements and mobs. Remember: Even in 1933 Germany, a heavy majority of Germans did not vote for Hitler. But an energized minority did. That’s all that is required for major upheavals—an energized minority. [And as some know, even the American Revolution was supported by only a minority of colonists. But it carried the day, because its supporters were passionate.] Those who dismiss and sneer at and lecture at the passionate concerns of an energetic and growing minority of their countrymen do so at their own peril.

And many of our countrymen are beginning to feel in their bones that being too ‘nice’ stands a very good chance of destroying the West—that we are civilizing ourselves out of a civilization. I say to all well-meaning liberals: Stop being condescending to them. Their concerns are real, and will only grow in intensity as they continue to encounter what they perceive as the maddening condescension, and dangerous, arguably traitorous, complacency of progressives.

...to be continued

Anonymous said...

And how rich it is that most of these same self-appointed ‘enlightened’ lecturers and wheedlers, who wag their fingers and roll their eyes, and stalk off in righteous superiority, at the ‘benighted and barbaric’ warnings of their more conservative-minded fellow-citizens, on this issue, men such as Randy—who can point to every era of human history, and on every continent and every land, for multiple examples of dominant populations lashing out at the perceived sources of danger and hostility among minorities—how rich it is that many of these same self-appointed geniuses and saints, who flippantly dismiss such concerns, also insist with passionate certainty, that they know that unimaginable tragedies are coming because of speculations and predictions about human-caused climate change.

So, speculation and prediction about something that has never happened in the history of our planet—climate-related cataclysms caused by human activity—is, in the eyes of these dogmatic do-gooders, to be treated with a confidence and certainty rivaled only by fanatical religious faith…to the extent that if anyone expresses the mildest caution or agnosticism about signing on with certainty to such dire predictions, he or she is to be mocked, ridiculed, shunned, lose all credibility, equated with Holocaust deniers…and some have suggested a lot worse. But speculation and prediction and warning about a phenomenon that has occurred repeatedly in every period of history and in every part of the world, is not only to be dismissed, but to be reviled. How intelligent, consistent, superior, and enlightened.

About the stability of society, three aphorisms:

• “Most human beings have an almost infinite capacity for taking things for granted.” –Aldous Huxley

• “How is the world ruled, and how do wars start? Diplomats tell lies to journalists, and then believe what they read.” –Karl Kraus

• “A healthy nation is as unconscious of its nationality as a healthy man of his bones. But if you break a nation’s nationality it will think of nothing else but getting it set again.” –George Bernard Shaw

Anonymous said...

[continued, and conclusion]

I hope, and I’m confident Randy does too, that our nation never descends into mob vengeance, violent chaos or rebellion, or into the authoritarianism which generally follows. Indeed, perhaps centuries hence, future generations will look back at long centuries of uninterrupted social harmony and civic stability stretching back to this very Christmas. But this would be an anomaly in history. Long hypocrisy and passivity, on the part of leadership; and denial, dishonesty, and avoidance of growing threats and corruption; and the loyalty to ideology and special interests instead of true focus on the people’s concerns…usually hasten the erosion of the people’s confidence in their leaders and supposed elites, and have, historically, often led to unfortunate, unstable outcomes.

So, in my view, there is much room for worry, and much cause for sounding the alarm. I can’t speak for Randy, but I believe his intent was not to threaten, but to awaken…so as to avoid the outcome he hopes does not take place.

And, again, don’t mistake your gentle and ‘enlightened’ ‘virtues’ of passivity and inclusion and unending tolerance...for the instincts of the people whose sometimes primal energies make and break the fortunes of the state, that small but vigorous minority who are ‘men of action,’ and the instincts of the much larger group who will at least stand on the sidelines with at least a modicum of approval as the entrenched interests of corruption and denial are swept away… Did any ‘sane’ person predict the sudden fall and dissolution of the only other superpower, the Soviet Union?

As an educated intellectual myself, and of ethnic-minority extraction, great social instability would likely claim me as one of its victims. I am well aware that although I would not take part in any instability that might develop, various possible ‘teams’ might lump me in with their enemies and do away with me or cause me great suffering. So I do not wish for instability.

But I am not blind to the growing sense of powerlessness and frustration of the masses…many of whom sense that the strength and values and character of their nation are being corroded, either intentionally or through gross selfishness and negligence of their leaders, and that threats to their very lives are being ignored, effortfully denied and intentionally not even named...and allowed to grow...out of the fear of dogmatic enforcers of political correctness. So, along with Randy, I worry.

Michael in Tornado Alley

Randy said...

Thank you Michael for this super thoughtful essay. I'm thinking it belongs in Huffington Post or the New York Times. Perhaps I can find a way to call more attention to it. Personally, it feels very very good to be understood--reminds me of a poem I read somewhere:

"there was a man with a tongue of wood
who essayed to sing.
Indeed it was lamentable.
But there was one who heard the clip clatter
of this tongue of wood
and understood what it was the man wished to say.
With that, the man was content."

michael graham said...

This is really sad. Unfollow

Anonymous said...

Ah, I see some have learned well the final evasion of the merely sentimental: Instead of addressing the substance of the other person's position--simply express pity or contempt...and stalk off.

As if a smirk deployed with an air of moral superiority is an opinion, much less a compelling argument.

And if Randy is half the man I think he is, he wouldn't much grieve the loss of blog follower who thinks it proper adult discourse to call a post 'sad' and stalk off--or employ other such attempts at conformist bullying and shaming into silence or 'repentance'...in place of effortful and substantive discussion.


Sooper Edd said...

Well said Michael.

Anonymous said...

...And now, weeks after this blog post was written, comes word of the mass sexual abuse by Arab and North African men of German girls and women in the streets of Cologne--attacks the police and government officials and mainstream press tried to sweep under the rug...for fear of seeming racist, or for fear of contributing to the growing realization among Europeans of how abysmally naive was Frau Merkel in throwing open Germany's borders to over a million people from cultures steeped in violence, and in scorn for the West, and with no concept of equal rights for women.

The attacks on the World Trade Center, killing nearly 3,000, by Arab immigrants to Europe was not enough to change naive minds to change naive minds about the nature of the hordes they were welcoming as sympathetic "refugees"; bombings of Spanish trains or British airports by Muslim immigrants or their home-grown second generation wasn't enough to impress naive minds either; mass murder in Paris wasn't enough ; a husband-wife team who murdered social service workers indiscriminately in San Bernadino, the husband a home-grown child of Muslim immigrants, and the wife a foreign-born Muslim and recent "vetted" immigrant to the USA, also was not enough to change naive 'progressive' minds. Likely these episodes of mass sexual abuse in Germany will not be enough either.

In fact, some of our 'enlightened' naive and condescending do-gooders would probably not be swayed even if their own mothers, sisters, wives, or daughters were raped or murdered by these 'regufees' and 'migrants.' Indeed, the females among the naive would probably question themselves and feel guilty if they felt at all uneasy about being raped themselves. After all, it's long ago been settled by our self-hating 'intellectual elites' that white people and European culture are bad and guilty, and that every other culture and people are not only equally good, but morally superior...and that all disapproval of anyone from a non-white culture is racist.

Yes, the do-gooders would probably apologize to their daughter's, or their own, rapists and ask how they failed them, and how else they might atone for the sins of the West--and point out to these "poor immigrants who are no different from our parents and grandparents, the immigrants that have always made this country great" that the next-door neighbor has a wife and daughter they may have missed. After all, who are we to judge different cultures and their norms? And who are we to impose upon others our 'white-privilege' ideas of right and wrong?

Also, they remind us, there is no reason for any private citizen to own a gun.


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Every ethnic/cultural/religious group starts to throw its weight around as it grows. My Dad once told me to choose a diverse community in which to live or be prepared to conform.

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You poor mixed up man