Friday, July 29, 2016


Eccleastes 11:1-6  Cast you bread upon the waters and after many days it will return to you.  So says the Bible.
Two days ago a car drove into our camp and this tall gentleman got out and approached my rig---said are you Randy Vining?  I said yes.  He said: 40 years ago you did me a big favor.

Meet Mark Shepherd---a real life philosopher from Denver.  I did not remember him or the favor till he gave me the details.
Turns out he was visiting New Orleans 40 years ago in his RV and needed a place to park while seeing the area.  He made his appeal at the local Unitarian Church and I granted his request.  He stayed 2 weeks or so and became intrigued with our Commune.  So much so that he started his own community back in Denver--which is still functioning.
He has read my blog for some time and decided to look me up.

(I remind you that gold for me is good information, ideas, inspiration, or hope)

1. He lifted my spirits with his personal life-adventure story--establishing a community--getting a masters in philosophy--confirming my belief that the self is fulfilled in community.

2. He reacquainted me with the philosophy of Haidt author of THE RIGHTEOUS MIND--why good people are so divided over politics and religion    Haidt has cleared up the mystery of why people hold such different opinions politically. Click here for a brief summary of his eye opening ideas. Or here   for a great TED talk on youtube.

3. He summarized for me the philosophy of  John Rawles Author of A THEORY OF JUSTICE.

4. He told me about a fascinating community nearby where people live in foam houses--a long time fascination of mine. Curious? click here.

5 He listened intelligently to my ideas about THE BAND OF BOONDOCKERS and the effort to pattern a new mobile culture.

6. He offered me a place to camp in the Denver area.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  YOU VERY LIKELY DO NOT KNOW HOW MUCH OF YOUR EVERYDAY DOINGS ARE GUIDED BY PHILOSOPHERS.  I have read that primitive tribes in the Amazon often have individuals of speculative mind and subtle thoughts that are for practical purposes philosophers.

A great visit and I consider myself well repaid for the bread I cast on the waters so long ago.


VtChris said...

What a wonderful story, thanks for sharing. Goes to show that are no ordinary individual. But I already knew that!

the rolling aluminum tent said...
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the rolling aluminum tent said...

"primitive tribes in the Amazon"


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