Saturday, October 01, 2016


it interferes with our individual styles of sightseeing and adventuring. (I stop often--to look at anything or anybody that interest me.  My companions likewise stop for whatever interest them)
As I'm idling along,  it comforts me to know that my friends will join me at our pre-designated site.

So we decided to leave Colorado and slowly make our way south to the Albuquerque balloon festival.
Here's how the adventure unfolded:

Image result for rio grande gorge

Image result for rio grande gorge

We decide to follow the Rio Grande canyon south to Santa Fe.  Few people know its amazing geological history.  Unlike the Grand Canyon WHERE THE RIVER CREATED THE CANYON.  Here, the shift of tectonic plates opened up a gigantic fault extending from Leadville, Co to Socorro, NM AND THE CANYON CREATED THE RIVER.  The origional canyon was 2 miles deep---twice the depth of Grand Canyon.  Then the Rio Grand river began to flow south and in time FILLED IN THE CANYON to its current depth of 800 ft maximum. Click here for details.
The rift averages 10 miles in width and is obvious once you know the story and glance left and right as you drive south.
We agreed to spend our first night at Alimosa, Co Wal-Mart.

We agreed to meet on the canyon's edge at the Rio Grande National Monument. We split up and each made their way there.  I note as I'm leaving Colorado that "border stores" selling Marajuana have sprung up  to service NM clients.

Many New Mexico areas have a sky phenomenon called Angel Fire.  Wondered if this was it.
Anyway, we assembled at the designated place just steps from the canyon's edge and stayed the night.
Great campsites with views like this.

Then on to Taos across impressive dips like this.  

To the artsy city of Taos.
Where the local Indians have joined the protest against the proposed Pipeline from Canada.

Here in the town square they fed a busload on their way to the pipeline site. (I don't get the bomb sign)
We split here in Taos because my Truck needed repair.  Kathy and I managed to camp right here in the heart of town.
During my stay I met this terrific couple--Mike and Barbara--an Anthropologist and a Philosopher.
They invited me out to their place for lunch and a great conversation.

Recognize this Church?  Georgia Okeeffe added to its fame with a painting.  This is the backside. The front was sealed off for making the movie Galileo.

Back downtown, big things were happening:  A trashy fashion show.  Entrants were challenged to use trash to make a fashion statement.
Here's an example. Her skirt is made of newspapers.
Here's a recycled shower curtain.
South of town 6 miles is Forestry road 438 where the bold can make their way into the forest.
Feeling the need for some solitude, I went there. Kathy and Barb moved on to Santa Fe.  CB stayed to comfort me in my truck repair. (Cost $375 to fix my driveline)
And then we all reassembled here at Bushrod's place south of town.

Here is our camera shy host and a golden sunset he sees often.  Ours is a 50 year friendship.

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES: The Philosopher William James once asked why two robbers can successfully rob a rail car with 40 people, when everyone knows that the 40 could easily overpower the 2.  What the robbers have that the 40 lack is an AGREEMENT.  None of the 40 can be assured that others would join him if he resisted.  SUCH IS THE POWER OF AGREEMENT.  

Our little BAND OF BOONDOCKERS have about an 8 month history now and we have quietly bonded.  We like each other! WE HAVE EACH OTHERS BACK AND WE HAVE EACH OTHERS HEART.  You are invited to join us at any of our stops---we just might be the merry band you're looking for.


Anonymous said...

Love what you're doing and hope you're still at it when I can join in a few years down the road! I have an answer to your question about "Food not Bombs". My son, now 30 and a bit more settled, used to work with the group in his rambles around the country by thumb and freight train. They are (or at least were) a loose affiliation of anarchists protesting government military spending by providing no cost vegetarian/vegan meals to other protesters and anyone else wanting to eat with them. May your travels be interesting and extended!


Looks beautiful, Randy! I'll be in AZ beginning of November. Will you be around?

Randy said...

Hi Johnny: We are slowly drifting toward Arizona. We've heard there may be music happening in the Camp Verde area. Two of our group are interested---maybe we'll cross paths there.

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of 'bomb 'em with chocolate". If we had done that (in the M.E.) it would have demonstrated we could bomb where ever we wanted, and also, we preferred to befriend them.
What do you think? Chocolate is in some food group, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Love your posts, as always, Randy. Great combo of travelogue, people of interest and IDEAS.
We are working or way down thru gorgeous Utah into Az. Maybe we can cross paths in Nov or Jan.

Randy said...

Bushman: "Bomb them with chocolate"---what a great Idea--not unlike the proposal to explode a nuclear device OFF the coast of Japan to persuade them to surrender---but perhaps more like the American Indian practice of "counting coup" where a warrior would just tap the enemy on the back of his head instead of killing him.

Roxy said...

I'm so looking forward to catching up with you...I miss you all ~ Roxy ~

Randy said...

AAAH Roxy---we miss you too---look forward to connecting. We have been following your adventures.

sally said...

Hello, My husband and I met you in Missoula, MT near the rv place...We would like to extend an invitation to stop by our place in Arizona sometime this winter if you happen to be in the area, not too far from the exit to Stanfield off 8...We have plenty of room for a small can email me at be fun to sit around the campfire and jaw

Kat said...

Hello, my friend. It's always a pleasure to see where you've been and who you've met. I just got back from Lake Powell in Utah and heard from one monthly resident that one may camp at Lone Rock on the beach for $69 a month. However, I have not confirmed the price quote. I thought your followers may want to explore that as an option.
I look forward to meeting up with you and your band of travelers when you work your way down to Arizona. Let's all make some more memories soon.

kaBLOOnie boonster said...

I think the answer to the title cannot come from idleness, goofing off "creatively", or putting chairs in a circle and preaching to each other.

Maybe you can learn something from history. Early Christianity went through its "hermit of the desert" phase first; then it transitioned to a community-based approach in monasteries.

After the Rule of Benedict, WORK was a big part of the monks' daily routine. For them, work was largely agricultural.

For your band, the natural fit may be converting/improving the rigs of newcomers to the group. Perhaps they would give a donation at the end, and you could use that money to advertise/reach out to the RVing public.

Randy said...

I think you're right Kabloonie--that a group needs an identity/purpose/ --focusing task.
The one I have in mind is this: THE THRILL OF PERSONAL EVOLUTION.
I hope everyone who joins us adopts the challenge of "POLISHING" themselves---which is more likely accomplished in the context of a caring community.

SD Gunner said...

Hey Randy,

Sounds like your travelling band is coming along just fine! 3 more years of lacing up my boots for my local community then it will be my time to hit the road and to leave my hometown of San Diego. Something tells me I will find my way just fine! Hope to see you along the Rio Grande someday! I will have my 4 piece drum set with me just in case I come across a codger with a geetar! Music is my therapy :)


Laura S. said...

Hi Randy, I really have enjoyed your presence on Bob's videos and your thoughtful narration otherwise. I do hope that you will be at the winter RTR, I'd love to share a campfire with you and your friends. Fondly, Laura