Thursday, March 09, 2017


I FIND IT HARD TO BELIEVE WHAT I JUST DID.  I bought 2 paintbrushes in a hardware store--said thank you and goodbye---turned to go.  But then I stopped---some mysterious impulse turned me  around.  I looked into the lady's eyes,moved closer took her head in my hands---AND KISSED HER GENTLY ON THE LIPS.  She stood speechless for a moment, glanced left and right, saw there was no one else in the store--put her arms around me and kissed me again with some passion. Then we both smiled---knowing it was the right thing to do.  The Gods  had inspired us both to share a deeper moment of intimacy.

THIS IS A TRUE STORY AND IT HAS ROOTS-- SIX YEARS DEEP.  HAVE A LOOK:  Please note the last two lines I wrote.

One of her buildings serves as storage space for her motel.

I watched her relate with townfolk--they seemed to hold her in reverance.  She was sweet and gentle to all.

I watched a few business transactions.  They call her Rosie--she called them by their first name.

Right there is where I kissed her. She gave me permission to share this story with you.
As I left she smiled and said playfully: "please come again."

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  "There is a time for every purpose under heaven." (Eccleastes) This was the time for this man to kiss this lady.  I felt it strongly and I did it--hoped for the best.  It was the kiss of KOKOPELLI for Indian maidens.  It was the kiss the lady gave to the grocery boy in the SUMMER OF 42.  It was the farewell kiss given to the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.  It wasn't Romantic. Perhaps it was a wake up kiss--like that of a prince who encounters a sleeping princess.  I wished to wake her up to a new dimention of life. I see sleeping princesses everywhere.  This lady has not had a kiss in 20 years.
 I think every one of us (male and female) can be a prince on occasion.
I see sleeping princesses wherever I go--in need of an awakening kiss from an (appropriate) prince at an (appropriate) time.


Wayne Wirs said...

An excellent story Randy. Wish there were more stories like this in the world (and I certainly wish more were reported).

While the key to kindness is to be pro-active, the reason there is so little kindness in the world today is because of FEAR. Most people are too afraid of "what if" or "what will they think" thoughts.

I'm glad you had both the courage to act and the courage to share. Keep it up, please. The world certainly needs more acts of kindness.

Linda Duncan said...

Randy...You Are A Prince!! This story gave me the biggest smile!! Lucky Rosie!

freetasman said...

I understand your impulse Randy, it never happens to me but I cannot help myself to touch people with the palm of my hands.
It is something inexplicable and I do it with people that i have never meet.
Once, many years ago, and old man spontaneously looked my hands and say" You have the hands of a healer"
I do not if that it is the case but I cannot stop it.
Thank you for sharing

Jim said...

What an inspiration Rose is! I was surprised to see that I had responded to your original post about her -- six years ago. Anyone can get knocked down. What separates the goats from the sheep is how many of us get back up and continue on no matter what. Because of what happened to Rosie it's understandable why she might easily shy away from intimacy for the rest of her days. Heck I know of girls who started batting for the other team (as they say -- crossed over to the other side and went gay) for less! That said, you're a lot more courageous than I will ever be. :) Keep up the good work you Ambassador of Love!

allan burrows said...

What wonderful story Randy. Glad to hear also that you get to spend time with your daughter!

Randy said...

Thank you sweet people for your kind comments. They keep me going--searching out new stories and emboldening me to do such things as this. I am blessed to have an audience that encourages me. When Bloggers post a new entry-- they hurriedly check the next day to see if their story has moved anyone to comment. We all feel, I think, like Dylan Thomas who said: "I not only want to be loved, I want to be TOLD that I am loved. The realm of silence is vast enough beyond the grave."

BrewedJourney said...

For every time you check to see if your story has moved anyone to comment, remember that a bunch of us are checking your blog to see if you have a new blog entry. Thanks for keeping up the blog.
Yours is one of my favorite and unique blogs to read.

Nancy1340 said...

It seems as though you always know when to do the right thing for that moment.
A year or so I made a statement about the kind of intimate man you would be and I stand by that.
But it starts with you being a truely good man.

Travis said...

Randy, I love you!

Wonderful story. I was left wondering if she remembered you from before. I'd imagine so.

VWHED said...

Unfortunately some peoples selfish evil acts turns some people into unfeeling, fearfull, crass, and careless ones who perpetuate unkindness and worse. Thank yiu so much for your truth inspiring stories of love, strength and compassion.