Monday, August 27, 2018



I dangled at the end of my heritage chart,
a childless uncle, adrift and apart;
wandering home from time to time,
just living my life; no reason or rhyme.

The world would end if the likes of me
were counted on for posterity;
a curious drifter who'se life's a mystery;
would somewhere die and vanish from history.

Such was I, plodding about,
intent-fuzzy, aimless of route,
when out of the blue an email came
that rocked my world and changed my game.

I think you are my father it said.
I knew it was true the moment I read:
Judith's my mother, long years remote
you and she sowed a wild oat.

Nine months later I arrived.
Now all grown up age twenty five.
Last week mom gave me your name.
You were easy to find, you've a bit of fame.

I don't wish to bring trouble or bother;
I just want to know my genetic father.
Some of my feelings and manner collide
with Spanish culture where I reside.

Perhaps knowing you could help me make sense
as I seek to shape my providence.
My heart surged, I thanked stars above;
I have a descendent— someone to love.

Genetics quickly proved—all was true:
you really were me, I really am you.
My soul can hardly contain my joy
and I promise my wit and will to deploy

to be the best father and faithful friend
that I can be to the very end.

Meeting her aunts for the first time

A very proud and happy father embraces his daughter from out of the blue.


Anonymous said...

You do have a gift with words, Randy. Something I wish I had. Well said!

Did your daughter inherit your gift?


Gloria Brooks said...

What a beautiful story! A found treasure for the both of you! May you share many wonderful and happy years together!

Mary Matzek said...

Nicely said. You are a lucky guy. MaryMatzek

sid said...

So happy for you. We all need a purpose.