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Leaving my oldest friend's place in Santa Fe, I head to a conference near Flagstaff to pull together plans for caravans to begin  November 1st.
Called it a day at exit 346 in Az and drove into the desert for the night.  I liked it so well I stayed 3 days. There are thousands and thousands of beautiful and free places like this to camp.

Here's one of my favorite.  I've camped in this meadow several times over the years
 with a splendid view of Mt Humphrey (12, 600+ feet), the highest point in Arizona
Those cones are new--they protect freshly planted trees.  Enough sunlite comes through the cone to keep the tree growing.

I've come to confer with this man and his support team. Soon, he's seated in my trailer and sharing his vision of how we can set in motion a process to welcome the next million people into a new lifestyle of liberty and frugality. If you think that he is an unlikely guru---consider that he once lived in a van on the streets of Anchorage, Alaska--working full time to support his family.  When that was done, he came south and began to gather folks around him in an annual gathering called RTR (rubber tramp rendezvous)  From a beginning of 8, it grew to about 4000 last January and was featured in the New York Times.
Now he has taken his message of mobility, frugality, efficiency and friendly connection to millions in the form of youtube talks and internet information.


He reminds me in some ways of this guy who lived in the 5th century BC who came out of nowhere and said valuable things to the world.

 Here's the full crew in conference including KC, Sueanne, Steve and myself with Bob Wells.

We took long walks to refresh our minds.

To see the re3sults of our planning click here

RANDY PHILOSOPHIZES:  I believe that we lose a lot of joy in life by refusing to play other people's games.  I'll happily play Bob's game by leading one of the caravans.  I also embrace his larger vision  that  will provide dollars for larger projects to teach a million people what we already know:
1. That one can live a wonderful life on very little money.
2. That  we can have friends and community while being mobile.
3. That drudgery, stress and waste can be sharply reduced in the mobile lifestyle.
4. That leisure can promote self discovery and creativity.


Rob said...

Good luck!

Jennie said...

Nicely writ. Warmest regards Jennie

Seven Streams Retreat Center said...

It's a wonderful game to play along with. Away we go.

kaBLOOnie boonster said...

Have you ever wondered about the effect such statements as "thousands and thousands of free and beautiful places to camp" will have on naive young people? It is possible that they are being turned on by the romantic escapism, and are trying to build a lifestyle that simply will not work for THEM when they are your present age.

If they 'play your game' they will find the game shut down by the authorities as they age.(A lot of it HAS already been shut down.)

If you really wanted to help them, give them practical information that will extend into THEIR future, not to YOUR PAST

VtChris said...

Sounds interesting. I am never sure what I will be doing, but I will definitely be out west this winter. Which group are you leading Randy?

ABZ Minimalist RV Life said...

🌸Very profound Randy. Wonderful and amazing philosophy🌸

Tammy Dunlap said...

I Randy! I would like to introduce myself. I am a married, teacher who is VERY NEAR to retirement, and for a few years, I have been dreaming about traveling in a van to national, state, and public lands, living in a van.

I found you through Nomad Living You-tube channel, where I do not think I have ever commented, but I have subscribed and enjoyed immensely. I am VERY BUSY in the conventional life, with a few more years to go before my husband and I can fly as empty nesters, and I expect to be ready, thanks to all that I am learning from those that have flown into their freedom before me.

I am a Christian, and a writer,and a writer and poet as well, and so I just ADORED your play with words on one of the videos that I watched. Then to find your blog- I feel excited like I have opened a gift box.

My blog and poetry are scattered through out two blogs: Grandma Mary Martha, and Telling Hearts. One of the blog connections that I made, named Stacey, have connected over our love for Jesus and our dream of being a nomad. We just started a facebook group called HIPPY CHRISTIAN DREAMERS, but it is secret (un-searchable, and will not show up) until we adjust the settings after we properly set it all up. Please e-mail me in answer to this message. Would you like to join our Hippy Christian Dreamer facebook group, to post in our group? Is this something that you would be comfortable with?

God bless you on the road, and in heavenly Father's beautiful world. from Tammy Dunlap

David Atkins, Jr. said...

kaBLOOnie boonster said...
" It is possible that they are being turned on by the romantic escapism, and are trying to build a lifestyle that simply will not work for THEM when they are your present age."

First, I must agree that anything is in-fact possible, but I have to say that I fail to understand why the nomadic lifestyle will not work in the future. True, it's not for everyone but that's true for anything and everyone. To me, that's part of living as in making choices. Having said that, if one chooses a nomadic lifestyle they make a choice and it may or may not work out.
Also, I have to admit when I first started watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, looking at pictures of nomads living on the road I too was "turned on by the romantic escapism." I think that's how most things start though, right? Whatever it is, jobs, hobbies, games, fresh relationships:) etc... People really get into it at first, of course until the newness wears off. My point I guess, is I believe folks like Randy Vining and Bob Wells do offer a tremendous service and "practical information" to people who have made, are making and/or who will make the CHOICE to live on the road.


Tammy Dunlap -- You might want to think twice about posting your Email addy in a public forum -- especially if you're inclined to get all woo-woo about your precious Jesus. These forums are read by people from all around the world -- most of whom will not be impressed by your thumping accolades. :(

Anonymous said...

Jim Peterson .she's just sharing her love and her interests. U must be an atheist.

Brad Maybury said...

Hi Randy!

I continue to check in on your blog from time to time. I love your sage wisdom on these topics (and many others).

I've acquired another RV and will be joining the RTR in January, and hopefully joining / helping with some of the carvans.

Have you read Beyond Civilization: Humanity's Next Great Adventure? If not, I suspect you would love it. Your caravan model has all of the hallmarks of a viable way to pursue this adventure of freedom - as you know. This book could help many people answer questions in their mind about the viability of living this way sooner rather than later.

Hope to see you in January. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Randy, was this the new thing you had found to do, that you mentioned about 2 months ago? If so I'm underwhelmed. I was hoping for an actual new idea, for I am getting tired of van-dwelling. I can't come up with something new to do and I've been trying to come up with something for 2 years.

Brew said...

Hi, I'm in the process of determining the layout for a Cargo Trailer. How do you'll control bugs and such? I have been fighting Gnats and questioning videos of ants invading interiors of RV's? Thanks for any help! I hope this is one place to get answers.

Website Designing Company in Meeru said...
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Anonymous said...

I fear that when too many nomads start caravanning that negative attention will be drawn to you because it becomes so visual. Groups draw attention and scrutiny from the general public and the government. When public lands were made free I don't think they anticipated large groups congregating but more about families or small groups camping.

I appreciate your stated intentions but it could backfire and make free camping a thing of the past. I have this notion of nomads wanting to be free of authority and convention. The caravan seems to be in conflict with that notion. I am retired and I suppose I could live the nomadic life because I have SS retirement and some savings. What about young people who have no marketable skills who will be drawn in, how will they live ? How many you tube videos about pooping in buckets are needed ? Too many e beggars and soon fewer people will care.

I follow you Randy because you contribute great writings and your poems are entertaining. In my mind you were different, a more refined nomad if you will.

Syed Mehmood said...
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